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While growing up, many of us hate the place that we live. We swear we’re going to move away the first chance we get. “ANYwhere would have to be better than here!” Well, listen up, junior: no matter how culturally barren or uninteresting or your area is, rest assured that there’s at least one place that is worse than your ugly smear of a state, and you’re just lucky you don’t live there. It’s called Wyoming. It’s a godforsaken land of oil derricks and endless prairies that rival the mind-numbingly insipid flats of Kansas...only Kansas is better, because at least tornados want to be there.

Upon arriving in Wyoming, and having just traveled through the South Dakotan badlands, Lewis & Clark nicknamed the entire state The Worselands.

Their capital is called Casper because it was named after the only thing that could possibly inhabit such a festering pile of crap- a fucking ghost.

People from Montana are called Montanans. People from Colorado are called Coloradans. What are people from Wyoming called? Wyominginians? Wyomingites? It’s a trick question! People from Wyoming are only called one thing:

The only instance that the above statement “ANYwhere would have to be better than here” is actually true, is, in fact, if you are in Wyoming. And if you are from there, I pray that you die early (and have a town named after you) so you won’t have to spend much time standing alone in vast fields of horrible nothingness.


I kid! I kid!

...sort of... 

Actually, almost everyone I’ve personally met from Cody/Powell is an interesting person full of weird ideas and a surprising drive. Weather-Control is one such group of guys and, in an effort to prove myself wrong about the things I just said (and smooth things over with all the angry firearm-carrying Wyomingiteinians I just offended), I made sure to ask them about what there is to enjoy about their hometowns. Here’s an interview with WY’s Weather-Control:

Weather-Control on the cover of the newly released
photography collection "Ansel Adams Gets Drunk".

Who and what is Weather-Control?
Coleman- Four dudes.
Amos- Weather Control is a rock and roll band I play bass in with my brosephs.
Mike- Weather Control is the brain child of Weston Roemmich. It’s kinda like a more mature chilled out version of the Blokes (which was Wes and myself). The band now includes Wes (git fiddle), myself (drum handles), and Amos Helvey (bass master). We play original material that is all written by Wes, and a couple old Blokes songs if there is still anybody left in the room.
Wes- I came up with the name Weather-Control when I was living in Denver. I found an old comic that was called Magnus Robot Fighter... Your typical beefcake blond hair blue-eyed leotard wearing sci-fi super hero that fights to protect normal human life from advanced robots that run the world. Anyway, one of the volumes has a caption on the bottom of the front page that reads, "an ancient battle rob causes havoc at weather-control". I thought it was rad sounding... + it has a picture of Magnus punching the shit out of some stupid robot bitch!

You guys are sort of based in Cody/Powell, WY. ...What's something that not a lot of people know about that is cool about your home cities/state?
C- You can still be hung for stealing horses
W- One of the raddest parts about where we live is that it’s only 40 miles from the east entrance to Yellowstone. It can be shitty with tourists, but it’s a damn fine place to see. Everything within a 100 mile radius of Cody is so beautiful and diverse as far as landscape goes, which I'm really into. So if you’re into that, get on it! 
A- Cody is the rodeo capital of the world, Powell is the biggest shithole on the planet but has a lot of great people.
M- Cody, WY is the home of Buffalo Bill. I like to call it a cowboy hat town. Everyday my girlfriend and I have a competition to see who can point out the biggest truck of the day (nobody ever wins). There is a shit ton of awesome mountains/rivers/lakes around here and if you ever need alone time its a great vacation destination for your whole family situation.

Above, I say that you are "sort of" based there 'cause you guys have moved around quite a bit. Has traveling/living in different places effected your music at all?
C- Well, I don't get to jam with the buds very often
A- It's caused us to start and stop a lot. I thought this band was over until like 2 weeks ago.
M- Living in different places definitely effects the song writing I would say. Wes has a few songs about girls which had to have been written in Denver because we all know there ain't no women in Wyoming. 
W- I think I speak for everyone in the band by saying that its never really too troublesome with all of us moving around so much. It's always a pleasure when we have an opportunity to play for these brief stints of time. I mean, after all, it’s just a bunch of songs written and re-hashed by the hands of some real life down home Wyoming boys. 

Your new recordings sound damn hot! Hot damn!! What do you credit that to?
C- Gin and chronic.
A- Probably all the AC/DC influence. We refer to our sound as "high voltage”.
W- I have to give most of the credit to Mike.. That rad dad can keep some crazy tight tempo! Not to mention Mike was most adamant about its overall sound and completion, even though we mixed it while being far too inebriated, thus hindering it’s overall quality. Both Mike and myself have been playing together off and on for 6 years now. After completely loosing one full length that we recorded at northwest college in Powell, WY with Blokes, this album served as our comeback. Not that any one could give three shits ...
M- Our last record was recorded by ourselves in various locations and we tried really hard to make it sound tight and raw. The only post processing that is done is some EQ and reverb on the vocals. Every other instrument sounds like it did when we recorded it. The only shitty part is that we decided to mix the album at 2 in the morning under the influence and there are quite a few mistakes in the final mix. I was going to redo it, but my computer crashed the next day and we lost everything. So what you hear is what you get. I would recommend picking up a copy on cassette at Dreyfest because it sounds way fucking rattier than the digital copy, which in my opinion is refreshing.

Everyone seems to have a word or two that bugs them. What is your least favorite word? 
M- I hate all swear words. Actually no I don’t, but I'm trying to stop swearing because my 18 month old daughter started saying the "S" word the other day. We promptly turned it into "sit".
A- I hate when gamer kids (my brother, other friends of mine) refer to beating people at video games or getting beaten as "raping" or "getting raped'. I cringe every time, that is just really poor taste to me.
C- Swag.
W- I mostly just don't like the word Nels... It makes my skin crawl!

What do you do with a drunken sailor?
M- Don't ever take him to the Denver Detox, I can tell you from personal experience that it is similar to the "christian hell" we were taught to believe in as children. 
A- Have a drunken singalong. I would like to hope I'm drunk too in the scenario. Maybe he can teach me a shanty or two.
W- I'm going to have to go with Mike’s initial response on this: "Fuck him in the streets."
C- Put him on his side so he doesn't choke on his own vomit.

Wes, you recently did a tour playing guitar for Friends of Cesar Romero (who are also playing Dreyfest). How was it?
A- He was playing bass, ya dummy. I'll answer 'cuz I saw them play once, they sounded awesome and little Weston made me very proud.
W- I actually didn't play guitar but I did have the pleasure of being asked to play bass for the ever elusive Joseph Kerr... What an amazing tour to be a part of! I met so many awesome people along the way and also got to meet up with friends I hadn't seen in years. Its true when they that Johnny is one bad seed!! But seriously Mr. Miller showed me unspeakable things not fit for the faint of heart nor an interview for all of you. I miss the road already. 

What was the last artistic thing you did before answering these questions?
C- Recorded some jams for my other project, Too Many Teeth.
A- I had the first "band practice" with me and my keyboard player for my solo project "Oxen Free" which will also be playing Richard Dreyfest this summer.
M- I styled my hair. Wes gave me a gentlemans mowhawk the other day...
W- I made a leather case for one one my knives that was gifted to one of my brother-in-law’s groomsmen. 

Care to advertise for your new business? C'mon, plug dem knives!
A- Check out Wes' knives or he'll use em on ya!
M- My new business is a video/graphic design company called Ë media. We specialize in any type of video production and graphic design focused around advertising with an edgy look. You can check out our shit at (shameless self promotion).
W- The only real knife that a man or lady truly needs is a strong meat knife!

Is there anything you'd like to say to the potential attendees of Richard Dreyfest?
A- Wear a plastic covering like you're going to a Gallager performance. Shit is gonna get messy and beer and blood will be spilled.
C- ))><(( back and forth. Forever.
W- Don't get a mud hole stomped in your butt...even though you should probably expect it.
M- If you come to Richard Dreyfest expecting to see anything in particular, you will be let down thoroughly. That is unless you watch FOCR, or Posture, or Alex Nauman Organ Trio, or any of the other great bands playing. But if you watch Noise or Weather-Control I can guarantee sheer disappointment. That, and when you leave Dreyfest you will be a permanently changed individual.

Hear hear! 

...Or is it “here here”?.....Like “come Dreyfest”.....right?

...Or is it “hear hear” as in: “hear more of what these guys have to say because I agree with it”? 
...Considering it further, I’d like to think it’s “hear hear” as in: “come to Dreyfest and hear hear this this music music”. Wokka wokka! ...wokka.

Oh hell, I don’t know- I’m no English major. I can bearly even use a damn keybored!

Here's some Weather-Control tunes:

See hugh at Dreyfuss!

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