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When initial planning for Dreyfest was going on, I think all the folks involved were into the idea that it should be an event with many different types of artists and not be geared solely toward one demographic or style of music. We’ve got punk bands, indie bands, jazz bands, metal bands, ska bands, solo acoustic acts, hip hop artists, stuff that skirts into the arenas of country and folk, and we’re certainly open to being inclusive of other styles too. If you like a lot of different musical styles or enjoy the diversity of having so many varied acts playing the same event, you might be of the same mind as us and you’re probably as happy as us that Bedlam Saints are on the bill.
Woah...someone on this blog made it through an entire paragraph without being silly or snarky. ...We’re growing as people.

The Bedlam Saints are Dean’o Hill on the turn-tables and Nick Miles on drums. We’re from Billings, MT and we like to party.

You are the first DJ/drum duo in our area, as far as I know- was there a specific inspiration to start this project or was it just an experiment-and-see-what-happens sort of thing?
N- It just sort of happened. I guess I got the idea in my head and started scouting around for good DJ’s. Dean’o happened to peak my interest. We talked it out and I think maybe did one “practice”. Ever since then we have never rehearsed, we just sort of wing it every time. Deano’s mixes are always evolving and I improvise with my drums over the top. We really just like to have fun and liven up a party.

On your Facebook profile, you give an artist description to the effect of "bar mitzvah hipster disco shit". Have you had that negative of a reaction from some people or is that just some good-natured self-deprecating stuff?
N- Dean’o put that in when we first made that page. I thought it was funny and never changed it. The Bedlam Saints are really more of a word of mouth kind of thing. Our Facebook is not properly maintained nor are we really on any other social media. We have more stickers around town than Facebook followers. We have our own chemistry going on where we just like have fun and party for 1 to 3 hours at 120db.

Would you be down for a real Bar Mitzvah? ...My nephew Saul Herschel Mendelbaum is almost of age.
N- We’re down! 120db cool?

Dean'o- How long have you been messing with the turntables? Are you one of those guys that's constantly on the lookout for new gear or are you pretty happy with your setup?
D- I've been on the turntables seriously about 8 years I've always kept my set up simple and haven't really changed it in 5 years. I rock 2X Technics 1200s and a Rane TTM-57 2 Channel Scratch Mixer. I don't rely on effects and bells & whistles, I rely on my skills as a turntablist.

"Yeah, I'm having a blast! ...It's just...Don't we need some sort
of clearance to play in an airplane hangar?"
Nick- you've been part of a lot of groups with a wide variety of styles in the past and present- from sort of post-rock stuff to punk bands to this dance-oriented stuff. I'm curious as to what you think the plusses and negatives are of being in your current projects.
N- I feel super grateful that I got the chances I’ve had in life. When I played in The-Front I fulfilled part of my weird adolescent fantasy, same thing when I played with members of CS-9 down in AZ. Same thing again when I got to play in the Photo Atlas for three years, and tour 200 days a year on average. It’s been one hell of a ride and I feel like I’ve been given a lot of opportunity through all my experiences. Right now I love playing drums with a DJ in my spare time and putting all of my excess energy into my newest project, No Cigar.

Your tonque-in-cheek description aside, how would you describe your sound to someone who has no concept of what this duo is about?
N- We are a DJ/Drum Duo. Dean’o plays his own eclectic mix of underground hip hop, good hits, and whatever he wants, and I play drums as hard as I can for as long as I can. I usually drive myself to the point of heat exhaustion and come close to throwing up, if not actually throwing up every time. Come party!

And party we will! Let’s ALL voluntary drive ourselves to the point of heat exhaustion and get sick TOGETHER!

p.s. check out some videos of them live over this-a-way: 


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