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Too Many Teeth is a project headed by Coleman Mummery, a subdued but funny guy from northern Wyoming who moved down to Colorado recently. He plays with his friends in Weather-Control (also playing Dreyfest) when he can, but his own music isn’t as rock-based. Sometimes it comes off like upbeat indiefolk, and at others, it almost sounds similar to 1980s new wave or post-punk. In both cases, you can only make out about half of what he’s actually singing...which makes the listener have to concentrate on the melody rather than the message, making his wavering voice more like an instrument than a device for literal communication. It’s that much more interesting because of it. Here’s a quick q&a with him:

Pictured (l-r): Shyguy Shoelookquist, Coleman Mummery, Yawny Blazersen

How many teeth is too many? 

Are you influenced by a lot of current folky indie and folkpunk, or do your influences extend further back than that?
Yeah, I like a lot of current stuff. I’m a really big Animal Collective fan. I steal chord progressions from jazz standards a lot, so I guess that's pretty far back.

You went to school for music, correct? What was your major/focus?
I studied jazz guitar performance, but I didn't do very well.

Now that you are done with school, you have moved from WY to Fort Collins, CO. What are you doing there/how do you like it?
Ft. Collins is a pretty cool town. I like to go to good times burger. I always have a good time.

Three non-musical things you could not do without:
Fuck it dood. I don't need anything but your loving.

The Rat.

What's in it for you?
hand stuff

Having lived in Northern Wyoming, I'm assuming you've made it up to Billings once or twice. Any fond memories you'd like to share?
Heck yeah! The last Weather-Control show I got to play was at a badass house party in Billings. It was so much fun! The dude who's house it was at got drunk and smashed a floor tom to use it as a donation receptacle.

What should future Dreyfest attendees know about Too Many Teeth?
Watch out! Wah-bam!

At that point, Coleman kicked me directly in the chops. Blood flew from my maw. Saliva dripped from my gob. My kisser ached. I promptly shut my piehole and left without opening my trap. I should have listened to him when he said, "Watch out!" and I really should have listened to him when he said, "Wah-bam!", but I thought he was just being figurative and had no idea that "Wah-bam" was the noise that his shoe would actually make as it connected with my puss. As I slunk off, clutching my jaw, he gave me one last word of warning, "Go to the fest." This time, Coleman, I promise I will listen. ...Also, I may start a project called Too Few Teeth thanks to that boot to the word hole.

See you at - ouch my friggin muzzle! - Dreyfest!

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