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Katy Kemmick is a young singer/guitarist known to play well-attended shows both as a solo artist and with the all-female indie band she’s a member of (Maxie Ford). What’s cool is that it wouldn’t be strange for her to play a large city-sponsored event that would appeal to families or folks in their 50s one night and a garage show featuring grubby metal dudes and stinky punks the next. Seemingly on the move, she received our questions and answered them via smartphone, possibly between coffee shop and bar room appearances or even an acting gig. ...You damn kids and your damn itexts!

What's been going on with you (musically) lately?
I've been playing a lot with Maxie Ford, a band I sing and play guitar for, but recently have been getting my solo act back up to par. I'm moving to Nashville in September to pursue a music degree at Belmont University after a year off spent there!

It's known around town that your pops is a music guy as well. Is your extended family also musical?
My dad is a total baller. My extended family is not musical. My uncle is but that's about it.

Do you think music is "in the blood" or is it more of a nurtured/learned thing?
I have absolutely no idea. I was raised around it but it was also in my blood. Almost anyone can learn so it's probably a combination of both I suppose!

Do you have a favorite song of yours to play live (and why)?
My newest favorite song to play is "Clementine" by Sarah Jafee. I really enjoy it because the catch line is, "I wish my, I wish my, I wish name, was Clementine." It's a fabulous hook and I totally wish my name was Clementine as well.

"Crap, man...I thought I had a great shot of the curtain, but I
didn't even notice this musician in the bottom corner!"

Why is the sky blue? 
The sky is blue because of science and stuff.

Do you have a favorite hangout? 
Favorite hangout is probably my basement. It's a fab nap time area and is accommodated with a TV that I can watch Scrubs or Seinfeld on.

Is there any style of music that you'd like to try your hand at that you haven't yet?
I would really love to be a blues singer. I grew up being in musical theatre so I was taught how to belt so dammit all if I can sing some Blues!

What can people expect if they watch your set at Dreyfest?
My set will be full of mostly sad, thoughtful songs with a couple of cheery songs. See you there!!

Thanks to Katy for the quick response time and to you folks who keep reading this blog. Watch Katy’s Dreyfest set at the YAM (Yellowstone Art Museum) at 4:30pm on Saturday, August 3rd.

See you at Dreyfest!

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