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If you asked someone on the street in Billings, Montana who the "resident musician" of Billings was, they'd probably say, "Uhhh... You got a quarter?" Then if you asked the next person you saw, they'd probably say something like, "Hey bro, you got a dollar?" So, in order to save you some money, we'll spare you the trouble of asking strangers. Spare? Yeah? Anyone? No? Ok.
Alex Nauman could be considered one of the more prolific and visible musicians in town. There's always a flyer of his promoting an upcoming show in town, generally with his "Organ Trio", comprised of other equally talented musicians. Whether you see him after a show, shooting pool, or, as I first met him, in the Taco Bell drive thru (I was the employee, not him) he always has a smile on his face. I think his general pleasant demeanor is reflected in his music, which blends jazz and pop to create a very fun and exciting atmosphere, as well as make you proud (or at least less embarrassed) to live in a city that he calls home as well. You can pick up his semi-newly released LP "Too Damn Tight!" At Discontent Billings, his website:, and other stores around town.

Who you are, what you do:
Alex Nauman - Guitar 
Erik Olson - Hammond B3 organ, keyboards 
Brad Edwards - Drums

What brought you to/keeps you in Billings, MT?
Mongolian Grill on Central.

You have a song called “Last Call at the Bow”, which I assume is about Billings downtown drinking institution The Rainbow. Would you suggest that Dreyfest attendees/bands from out of town stop by the bar?
Correct! Our drummer Brad is a celebrity at the Rainbow. He’s practically a mascot. For out of town bands it should be the #1 priority.

Where else would you recommend they spend some time?
The Monte Carlo, Andy’s Bar, Club 90, the Squire, Buck’s Bar, Mongolian Grill.

I see on your bio that you went to UNC. A few current students from your alma mater will be coming up from Colorado (members of the band Duchovny, who are also playing). What would you suggest they do while in school? How’s about after graduating?
The best thing to do in Greeley is max out on dank Mexican food. After graduating I suggest they start a Big City Burrito delivery service that comes from Colorado straight to my house here in Billings.

We asked for fan photos. This one was sent in by
someone named "The Predator". Huh.
Cartoons: Disney, Warner Brothers, or Hanna Barbera?
Gonna have to go with Hanna Barbera. Only because of Space Ghost Coast to Coast which featured all music composed by legendary free jazz guitarist Sonny Sharrock!

Please tell us something about your band by composing a limerick.

In this band we drink while we play, We will till we’re old and grey.
Cheap beer, tequila, whiskey, and wine, but most of all IPA.

In improper promotion of Dreyfest, I thought it would be funny if I told people that your song Papa Shark is about the shark in Jaws, which featured Richard Dreyfuss. ...Then I felt bad for having considered lying. Would you have minded?
Actually, Yeah. Papa Shark is our drummer Brad’s nickname. It was partially inspired by the immortal album Frank Zappa & the Mothers Live at the Fillmore East 1971.

Is there anything you’re excited about coming up in the group’s near future?
We are keeping pretty busy this summer. After Dreyfest we are playing the Sweet Pea Festival up in Bozeman and Magic City Blues Festival here in town. We’ve also been working on mixing a series of live recordings for possible future release.

Do you have any last words?
Seriously, Duchovny, I will pay you to bring me a bag full of Big City Potato Burritos. Salsa tortillas, with the onions. Also, a case of 90 Shilling.

We'd like to thank Alex for his time. He plays at Yellowstone Valley Brewing Company at 7:00. Oh, and that other store I couldn't think of that's selling his record? Pretty sure it's Mongolian Grill on Central. 

See you at Dreyfest!

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