Friday, July 19, 2013


We're hip. We're- "With It". We know you kids and your "E-mails" and "Googles" like to do stuff like "Surf the Web" and "Cruise the Chatrooms". So, next time you're chat rouletting with a half-naked Swedish death metal fan, check out our Ticketleap page we've put up. You can buy wristbands for 8.50 there, along with a weird dollar something fee, so it'll be cheaper than buying them at the door.
The PayPal account is in the name of our very own Dan Redinger, so don't be alarmed if Ticketleap tells you that you've "Successfully paid Dan Redinger 8 dollars and fifty cents". When you purchase your wristband(s), we'll receive confirmation of your name, so when the fest rolls around, just show up to any of the participating venues with a photo I.D. to pick up your actual wristband.
Here's a link to the page -
And- see you at Dreyfest!

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