Saturday, July 6, 2013


Sometimes there’s a lil’ gem right under your foot. ...or’s like: you smell some fumes but you have no idea where the odor is coming from. ...No, scratch that.....more like: there’s this haystack in front of you, right? And, like, your mom was sewing something and she was sitting right next to the haystack. And then she had to stop sewing ‘cause the way you were reading out loud while you were typing was annoying her. And then she had to correct your sentence structure ‘cause you kept starting your sentences with “And” and you used variations of the word “sentence” in a sentence four you switched from present tense to past tense...and added “sentence” in one more time for good measure. And then you told her to get off your back and that started an argument. And after a heated interaction, she realized she had lost something, so she couldn’t sew anymore. And she blamed you for it ‘cause you were “getting smart” with her (apparently she dislikes Don Adams), so she made you search in that haystack for the thing she lost. And you were so busy griping and acting the fool while searching, you forgot to ask what it was, exactly, that she lost. You assumed that it was a needle, ‘cause that would make a perfect analogy for the piece that you were being forced to write for these dorks and their dumb website, but as it turns out, after searching for what seemed like hours, you stumbled upon a spool of thread. And, funny enough, that’s exactly what Show For Nobody is like: a fictitious argument with your mom.

Here’s an interview with them:

Honorary titles, names, ages, what you do in the band:
Michael Siebert - Diet Folk. 18. Bass.
Jordan Perkic - Deadliest Catch. 17. Vocals and guitar.
Henry Goodridge - Goopy Goebbels. 17. Drums

West Philadelphia born and raised, or are you life-long Billings dwellers?
M: Billings. Shout-out to the wonderful staff at St. Vincent's for doing the Lord's work.
H: I was born inside of a clam in Vancouver. It's why I'm such a pearl.
J: I was born on a warm winter's morning in California. Then moved to the Big MT on my 10th birthday. I've had three arms ever since.

You guys have a different approach than many local bands in your age range. What do you attribute that to?
M: Digital copyright violations.
H: We don't have butts. And the only kind of music you can play without a butt is what we play.
J: Hatred of power chords.

Dreyfest is hosting some bands coming from out of town. What would you suggest they do around the area to keep themselves entertained in-between the shows?
H: Hobby Lobby all day long.
M: Kohls has a pretty clean bathroom that affords a decent amount of privacy, so you can be sure that you'll have a pleasant experience.
J: Mow my lawn. It won't take long if we all help out.

Sour, bitter, sweet, salty, or umami?
H: Soaring Sour.
M: Umami for days.
J: I actually don't have a tongue or taste buds, so I can't properly answer that.

The Watermelon Crawl or the Boot Scoot Boogie?
J: I know a guy who is allergic to watermelons.
M: Boot Scoot Boogie. Come on, is that even a fucking question?
H: Booter scooter'.

If you were in the position to change things at your work/school, what would you do differently?
H: I want the school to sprout wings. I don't want it to fly, I just want it to have wings.
J: Everyone has to fold shirts that they picked up or they will be vaporized.
M: Separate bathrooms for boys and girls would be nice.

"We briefly considered calling ourselves Show For One Guy,
but he left really quickly."

Describe your sound without using other bands as references.
J: All our riffs come to me in a dream and are played by a wizard in a velvet robe on the ceiling. So imagine that, because that's what we sound like, minus the wizard on the ceiling part.

M: It's like a blazing sunset at the end of a beautiful Tampa day. A day spent with friends, a day in the sun. Standing on a bridge, overlooking the vast coastline ahead, you think to yourself, "This is it. I am minuscule, yet I am infinite." Show For Nobody is a Cuban corn dog vendor just barely making enough money to get by, but doing what he loves. Show For Nobody is a child recovering from leukemia. Show For Nobody is the world, and all of the crazy, mixed up beauty in it. So, like, prog.

H: Fletcher went shopping at Albysons. Fletcher needed some green beans and maybe a squash. Fletcher found what he needed and went up to the cashier. Fletcher had some coupons for his green beans. Fletcher handed his green beans coupons to the cashier. The cashier looked at the coupons and said "These coupons are all for Wellmut. Not Albysons." Fletcher looked at the coupons and saw the cashier was right. Fletcher was sad. He didn't have enough money to buy his green beans without the coupons. Fletcher walked towards the door empty handed. Next to the door was the gummyball machine. "At least I can get a gummyball," thought Fletcher. Fletcher put his quarter in the machine and twisted. No gummyballs came out. Fletcher grew sadder. And that's us.

Woah. And I thought the introduction was ridiculous. Thanks for beating me at my own game, Show For Nobody. In all seriousness, catch these guys when you get the opportunity; their post-punk bass-reliant approach is unique to our area...and it may be that the only thing better than their wit is their music. See (them and) you at Dreyfest!

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