Tuesday, July 23, 2013


         Every time I’ve attended a Noise Noise Noise show, I’ve always been ridiculously disappointed with the turnout. For one of the most engagingly wild bands I’ve ever seen, coupled with the surprisingly meticulous songwriting they employ (and probably wouldn’t admit to), the fact that people aren’t lining up at the door to see Noise live or to support them in general is absolutely baffling to me. Then I remember that they’ve possibly made fun of everyone in the tri-state area, and Joe’s probably hit on your sister.
     All hurt feelings aside, there’s little doubt that Noise Noise Noise are one of the most important Billings punk bands of the last decade. They took the baton formerly held by 90’s punk bands like Rancid and Bad Religion and said, “Uhh…. this is fucking stupid.” Then they wrote insanely short, insanely fast, and insanely catchy songs, flipped you off and threw their guitars in the air and jumped into the drum set. And then Joe hit on your sister.
Who are you, what do each of you do in the band, and when did y'all start playing together?
Mat: Shut up.

Joe: Was it 2003 or was it earlier than that?
Mat: Which time? ...but mostly, “shut up”.

Kelly: Yeah, me and Joe started it in 2003. Nels joined in 2004 or 5. Mat, I think, in 2007 or 8.
Joe: Joe, guitar, and sing.
Kelly: Kelly, guitar, and sing.
Joe: Mat, beats.
Nels: I do the rhyme.

Mat: I’m Mat, I play bass.

I've heard that Noise has played their final show about a hundred times. Why did you decide to get together to play Dreyfest?

Nels: To play our final show.
Joe: ‘Cause it doesn’t involve travel.

Mat: We thought we were done, but now we figure this will be our huge break. ...Our one way ticket to-
Nels: Katmandu.
Kelly: We never really broke up. We lied to you. I’m so sorry. I wanted to tell you, but one thing led to another and it just spun out of our control... If there’s one lesson I’ve learned from this whole crazy mess, it’s that me and DJ should never play practical jokes on Aunt Becky.

What are you guys up to these days? Any new(ish/er) bands? New occupations?

Mat: We are the 99%. We occupy Wall Street. 
Kelly: Me and Nels have started like 3 other bands together. They all seem like occupations, working with that guy. 

Nels: Tour manager for The Farthest Edge.
Joe: I opened a coffee kiosk called Zach de la Mocha. When people order, I just make what I want and then scream at them. You can’t get milk.
Kelly: There’s a sign out front that reads “Aw, people come up!”
Joe: “Fuck you, I won’t brew what you tell me!”

Favorite historical dictator:

Kelly: Handsome Dick Manitoba isn’t that old.
Joe: “Who is your favorite South African double amputee/murderer?”

Noise Noise Noise: shortly after one of their frequent
Hot Topic gigs

How much wood would Noise Noise Noise chuck if Noise Noise Noise could chuck wood?
Joe: Kanye West.

When we announced the lineup for Richard Dreyfest, I read this response that someone posted: "How do they hold walkers and guitars in their hands at the same time?!?" I'm very interested in hearing your response.
Mat: Walker’s has delicious steamed mussels and other tapas which are easy to hold in your hand. 

Kelly: How does that person suck pacifiers and Dan from Farley Moore’s dick at the same time? ...Is that too "bro"?
Joe: We have a drummer too. ...I also play ukelele with my asshole.


Neo-punk or farmcore?
Nels: I only give responses to the third biggest promoter in town.
Mat: Neo-Geo punk.
Joe: King of Fighters.
Nels: “Neo” as in the guy from The Matrix?
Joe: Yeah, it’s a genre...everyone wears patent leather.

Nels: I heard a lot of good farmcore bands come through here but don’t play here...they play Fargo.
Joe: I did see One Man Farmy here.

What is the most memorable mishap/event that you've witnessed while on stage at a show in Billings?
Kelly: That pacifier/dick thing was pretty awesome.
Joe: Maybe Max throwing the chair at that guy.
Kelly: I usually wear a blindfold at all shows because I want it be solely about the music.
How many times has Noise Noise Noise gone on tour? Who's your favorite band that you've toured with? Favorite place to play shows?
Kelly: I think we did maybe five out-of-state-2-or-3-week jaunts. NOT BUST!. Missoula has always been kind to us. Rapid City on a good night. Spokane was cool. Olympia. Redding/Chico.
Joe: Dave Jagels. The Dave Jageltorium, Jagelfornia.

Mat: The Pharmacy. Somebody’s kitchen...”what a mindfuck!” ...Milwaukee was definitely my favorite place to play.
Nels: Less Than Jake. Gainesville.
Kelly: I thought they didn’t fucking like us anymore.

"Wasabe? I thought it was guacamole! Get it
 outta my mouth! Hothothot!" (Photo: Erik Hess)

I'm running out of ideas, so I'm gonna resort to the island scenario. If Noise Noise Noise was stranded on an island with only one electrical outlet available, who would get to plug-in, and why? No power strips allowed. P.S. Everyone who has ever seen a Noise show is stranded on the island as well, and they're looking forward to seeing a kick-ass show.

Joe: NOW you’re running out of ideas? As opposed to yesterday? As opposed to when you’re parents decided to have sex?! NOW YOU’RE OUT OF IDEAS???
Kelly: Nels would get to plug in.

Joe: ’Cause he looks really weird if he doesn’t shave his head.
Kelly: You haven’t heard drums until you’ve heard drums plugged in.
Mat: If by “plug-in” you mean “put a key in an outlet and kill myself”...
Nels: If they were looking for a kickass show, I would make a boat out of the outlet and sail to Gainesville.
Joe: hahahahah!
Nels: Was my response shocking?
Kelly: ...That was revolting.
Joe: ...I was amped
Nels: ...Wire we still doing this?

Which band are you most looking forward to seeing play at Richard Dreyfest?
Joe: I’m the 4th biggest promoter in Billings. I’ve seen every band worth fucking seeing.
Kelly: I’m the 5th and I only promote ranchcore. It’s similar to farmcore, but they don’t deal with vegetables. Also: Mat promotes hydroponiccore.
Joe: We only promote bands with one dead member, and only if that’s the only member who shows up. 
Kelly: Like Tupac, only the hologram lies on the floor and doesn’t move either.

I, Dan Redinger, will now ask you several more questions which were definitely not penned by you to be used as propaganda, but were written by me, Daniel Redinger, who does some of the interviews for this blog. Here is one such question:
Seeing as how this is the last interview you might ever do, would you like to set the record straight on anything?
Kelly: Yeah- the notion that you can’t fuck around and screw with your audience while simultaneously being sincere about your music is fucking ridiculous. If we didn’t care about it, why would we bother writing songs, touring, recording, spending money on releases, merchandise, and taking time away from our families and occupations?
Joe: Also, Dave Jagels IS music.

Because I, Daniel Redinger, conducted this interview and made you, Noise Noise Noise, answer these questions (wasting so much of your free time (that would have been more wisely spent watching The Naked Gun and/or doing nothing)), how many times is Noise Noise Noise planning on heckling me, Dan Redinger, the tall blonde haired sax player from the local Billings, Montana ska band Farley Moore, in retribution for said time-wasting during Farley Moore’s Dreyfest set? Nels: You’re fucked.
Mat: Wait, wait, wait- who are you?

Dan from Farley Moore. I enjoy it when people heckle me.

NoiseNoiseNoise: What else do you enjoy fans doing during Farley Moore’s set?

Dan: When people punch me, Dan from Farley Moore, in the throat as I attempt to play sax for the band I’m in, Farley Moore. Did I mention that my name is Dan?

If I were interested in Noise merch, who would I contact?
Nels: It’s free up until Dreyfest if you call this number: 406-839-7581.

Final thoughts:
Joe: I recommend Joe Pesci’s album
“Vincent LaGuardia Gambini Sings Just For You”.

Kelly: Thanks Dan. We were in no way screwing with you during this interview.
Joe: Don’t forget to come to our next show. Dimebag Darrell is playing. It’ll be at the fourth largest venue in town.
Kelly: Unless I derail it and host it at the fifth largest venue in town.
Nels: Johnny Quest thinks we’re sellouts.
Thar she blows. Dan sort of got strange there at the end, but understandably so. Interviewing the 19th biggest band in the biggest city in the 44th biggest state probably takes its toll on you. Catch Noise at 10:00 on Friday, the 2nd at NOVA Center for the Performing Arts (Formerly Venture Theatre).

See you at Dreyfest!!!