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Idaho Green. I didn’t get it at first. I still don’t. But other people who have seen him live (with the cAPS lOCK bOYS) have attested to his/their arcane weirdness, his/their tendency for contagiously energetic live shows, and most of all, his/their passionate dedication to the promotion of the historical Normandy (the vegetable mix, not the WWII-embattled geographical region of France). At this point I feel should also mention that “Idaho Green” is actually the band’s name (which was apparently shortened at some point from the original moniker “Idaho Green and the cAPS lOCK bOYS”), and not the name of the singer...It’s confusing, I know, but I had already written much of the interview/article before he corrected me, so it was way too late to turn back. What follows is a question/answer session with The Perplexing and Ever-Kinetic Idaho Green (the man, not the band, even though the man’s name is not actually Idaho Green) conducted via email while said subject was farming in Serbia, just prior to being accused of pocketing Euros and nearly being arrested/kicked out of the country.

Hello to The Indefatigably Excitable Idaho Green (the man, not the band). Let me ask you: why Idaho?
Idaho Green was actually a character in an O. Henry short story I read (present tense) I think in my sophomore year of high school. He was a total mountaineering badass, although I forgot what the story was about. It was one of those "let's come up with a band name" days, so there it was and, 26 years later, here we are.

What motivates The Illustriously Puzzling Idaho Green (the man and/or the band)?
Going hard and holding hands. Also, we enjoy challenging ourselves to see how much energy we can exert within the 18-22 minute set we have without blacking out. I've never really been able to replicate the feeling I get from playing shows/touring from doing any other activity, which tells me that this is what I want to do with my life. Either that or hard drugs. Maybe both?

Does The Confoundingly Inscrutable Idaho Green (the man, not the band) wear the green jacket while doing daily tasks? Shopping at Albertson’s? Sleeping?
I recently started to wear the green jacket to family events, without real occasion. I went to dinner a few years ago with my family at Famous Dave's, and since I didn't eat meat or anything, the stipulation I made to myself was that I would wear the green jacket and bow tie and the lot. Then I sort of started to wear it whenever I had to do something I didn't want to do, or go somewhere boring. I'm really not sure why, to be honest.

The band has a revolving cast of players, with many re-joiners and also with several one-time-only-ers. Is it difficult to have a group with an such an open-door style of membership? Is this inclusiveness actually helpful in some ways? I address these questions to you, The Excessively Active and Increasingly Abtruse Idaho Green (the man, not the band).
I think having an open door policy keeps it from getting too serious, which is good, since there's no real pressure on any one band member to do a show, but it also makes it a bit more difficult to create chemistry or internal knowledge within the band. Plus it's pretty annoying to teach someone new the set every few months or so, especially since I'm an awful teacher. The lineup's been getting more and more consistent recently, which is awesome. The squad we have these days seems to be the squad to stay.

The Feverishly Impetuous and Hopelessly Bizarre Idaho Green’s (the man, as well as the band) seven-inch record was recently put out on Schmodiak Records. Talk about that (or else).
The seven inch was recorded mainly in New Orleans and Nashville, which was a lot a fun. I think that was actually the first time Jordan and I ever really drank together. We sort of self-released our favorite songs from the recording session and put it on a 7 inch. 
"How was I supposed to know I was yelling into an
electric razor- I can't see with my eyes closed!"
The Impossibly, Frustratingly Esoteric and Irritatingly High-Spirited Idaho Green (the man and/or the band): I know that Jakeo called, but WHY did Jakeo call? 
Jakeo is our friend from high school that used to (maybe still does?) a lot of drugs. And since no one at senior high seems to know who he is anymore, we felt it was our responsibility to write a song about him. So to answer the question, he probably called to sell you drugs. 

Where will the future find The Questionably Likable Idaho Green (the man and/or the band)?
Hiding under our bed. We all share the same bed. It's a king size, though. Don't worry, we're not into dudes or anything.

...Are there any final thoughts or statements The Understandably Annoyed Idaho Green (the man, not the band) would like to add?
"Climb every mountain, fjord every stream, chase every rainbow, till you find Idaho Green."

...And that was as good a place as any to end the questions. I figure if I had let it go on any further, it probably would have devolved into a weird masquerade party where everyone is wearing turtle outfits and jumping around like they just snorted a buncha Lemonberry Kool-Aid packets.
Thanks to Idaho Green (the man (who does not view himself as Idaho Green, but as a member of Idaho Green)), the actual band Idaho Green (even though only one member took part in the interview), and the O. Henry character Idaho Green (who, if he were an actual man, and was aware of the man (who does not view himself as Idaho Green)/the band Idaho Green, would certainly not wish to be included in this thank you because of the unbelievable levels of convolution involved in explaining such a ridiculous premise).

I’m tired.
See you at Dreyfest!

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