Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Friends of Cesar Romero are a machine. They have released four albums and a 7" single since the project began a mere year and a half ago (and to my recollection, those were all released prior to the actual year mark being reached). Most bands don’t even crank out that much music before they break up! The band itself is truthfully only comprised of one member, Joseph Kerr, who plays all the instruments and records the tunes himself. The band that plays with him live is a rotating cast of friends from the reaches of Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, and elsewhere. Sonically, the songs are varied, though all within the frame of “rock” and frequently lean towards the sounds of the 60s. Watch Friends of Cesar Romero and you are guaranteed catchy melodies, a bit of guitar heroics, and the desire to eat Jack in the Box. ...It’s weird ‘cause normally they have such high standards in taste. Here’s five quick inquiries from us to FOCR, and out to you:

Who the fuck is Cesar Romero?
Just a friend.

How hot does it get in Phoenix, AZ? 
Hotter than the hinges of Helena.

Where do babies come from? 
Noise Noise Noise, Systems Victims, Posture, The Sweets, Weather-Control, Buddy Jackson, The Budgets, Greater Apes.

Have you ever been to Billings MT before? 
In a past life, I think I killed General Custer somewhere around there.

If you were to fight anyone, past or present who would it be?
The same bitch Ben Weasel punched.
Photo unavailable at presstime
There you are, festers- catch them now and you can say that you knew them before they released their hundredth record! And before your stomach started bleeding from too many Junior Jacks!

See you at Dreyfest!


  1. That showed ruled. Between, Weather-Control, Bummer Vacation, and FOCR we managed to clear out the entire bar... until two plastered, sweaty, over weight rednecks decided to forcefully slam each other repeatedly into the dart machine....FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!