Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Hey Dreyfolk! 

Spokanne's Bad Hex are coming through for Dreyfest and have taken a few minutes to do an interview.

Their name is great, we think, and made us wonder what a "bad hex" might be...

Having your home permanently smell like sulfur-y eggs, always being hungry but never being satiated, hmm...

Let's ask them what they think:

Was he supposed to be there or is this a photobomb?

Bad Hex: please introduce yourself again!

I'm king of the swamp.

Before you started this interview, what were you doing?I just took a shower and brushed/flossed my teeth. #fresh

You are fresh off a tour- how was it, any good stories or highlights (or lowlights)? Tour was good, all things considered. Most of the shows went really well and we had a lot of fun. A few shows fell through last minute which is really disappointing, but another one came through last minute which made up for it a bit. So we ended up having 25 shows and went through 25 states. The whole point of tour was to go down to Orlando to go to Harry Potter World. We had 4 days there and it was amazing. Probably the worst thing that happened on tour is I got sick the last day and had to sit in the car with a fever all day. The best part was that we went to diners for breakfast every morning which is the best way to start the day. 

On the tour, you played here in Billings; how did it go?

The venue screwed the show up by changing it from 18+ to 21+ at the last second so a lot of people couldn't come. But it was great hanging out with/seeing Idaho Green again. That was my 25th time seeing them. It's good to be in the arms of friends after being away from home for so long.

Anyone that missed out on the show can just come see us at Dreyfest. Also, if you are bummed because you couldn't come, book us at your house next time.

If there was a witch and she were to curse you, what do you really think a bad hex would be?A hex that makes you not like the taste of pizza. Or to not be able to recognize your mother. A hex that makes you hear christmas music everywhere you go. A hex that makes one leg slightly shorter than the other. A hex that keeps you alive forever.

Since the last time you were here (before the most recent show in July), what have you been up to?Between last Dreyfest and now I have been working a ton. I worked two jobs and saved a lot of money to be able to do this huge tour to Florida and back. A day in the life of Jason went like this: Wake up at 10am. Eat breakfast and get ready for work. Walk to my first job and be there from 11-2. Walk home. Drive to my next job. Be there from 3-9, or usually later. Come home. Hang out with my girlfriend and send countless emails trying to book shows until 2am. Go to bed. repeat. 

Somewhere in there I managed to write, record, and release a new album and a new split. And start writing the next one. 

What is one interview question that you never get asked but would love to be asked? (and answer it!)

No one ever asks me about my musical influences, and I like talking about records, so here we go.

A lot of different music influences me. Some direct, some indirect. Let's talk about Florida death metal. Straight up, Obituary, Death, Hate Eternal, Morbid Angel, Deicide.. How did that scene get that good? And then we've got New York.. Immolation, fucking Incantation. Do you hear those breakdowns in Onward To Golgotha? And then there's Sweden. Unleashed, Nihilist, Entombed, not to mention Dismember! That tone! Those sounds of early death metal influenced me a lot. The rawness, the pure aggression.

Switching gears, then there's the MTV/Fuse rock of the early/mid 2000's. Most people are embarrassed by that phase of music, but I've never grown out of those bands. Saosin, Motion City Soundtrack, June, Underoath (Dallas era only), From First to Last, Hawthorne Heights, Armor For Sleep, My Chemical Romance... Those bands came around for me at a very formative age and got me more interested in songwriting. I was raised on classic rock like anyone else, and I get a lot of inspiration from Syd Barrett, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Grateful Dead, and especially Black Sabbath. Sabbath's first four records are probably the most important records of all time. Where would any of us be without them?

I have a lengthy background in punk which is how I got interested in emo. You could catch 15 year old Jason jamming anything Crass Records or Dischord Records related on any given day. I owe a lot of what I do to that scene in DC, in the mid 80's when bands started to be referred to as emocore. Rites of Spring, Embrace, Fire Party, and then later on elsewhere with Boilermaker, Garden Variety, Boys Life, Giants Chair. Those are the bands that I draw the most direct influence from. I started listening to them in high school and knew that was what I wanted to do. Most people involved in "emo revival" don't know anything about the history of emo, or they would know that what they listen to and what they play is NOT real emo. Posers.

In single sentence answers, what should we know:
a.) About Bad Hex
b.) About you as a person
c.) About soup
d.) About Spokane
e.) About curtains
f.) About touring

a.) People say we sound like Dinosaur Jr but I've never listened to them, so go figure.
b.) Most people grew out of their middle school emo phase, but I never did.
c.) Tomato soup is the fucking worst, and my babysitter forced me to eat it when I was a kid, and it made me vomit on multiple occasions.
d.) Pacific Northwest's best kept secret.
e.) Good for privacy.
f.) Don't do it.

Thank you for the interview, Jason. Before we sign off, what are your online presences?

Thanks for reading...readers. Other bad hexes we thought of: never-ending back-to-back family reunions, having all beverages taste like cough syrup, having to say "see you at Dreyfest" after every blog post you publish.



Monday, July 27, 2015


Son, sit down. Your mom and I have have something to tell you. It's not that we don't want to be a family anymore or that we don't love you... 





Well, we just think that Dreyfest would be better if you didn't attend. Yeah, see: you're kind of an asshole. 

Now I know this is hard, and no one wants this...Well, I mean, everyone wants it.....except you....you probably don't want it...but look, Dreyfest is inclusive and fun and everyone wants to have a good time, but you mostly make it a not-good time...because you're a jerk to everyone. So your mom and I have decided that maybe instead, you could sit at home alone or maybe go to an abandoned waterpark to sit by yourself or something.

Here's an interview with Byrgeau Noil for you to read...Maybe you could do that instead of actually going, huh? ...Sure, that's my champ. ...You go get 'em, slugger. ...By "get 'em" I mean "stay here", of course.

  • Byrgeau Noil: (l-r) Max, A guy who might be Coleman, Invisible Bassist

    Byrgeau Noil! Who are you and how do we pronounce your name phonetically?
    My name is Byrgeau Noil or Max or Burger Nail. Phonetically it's LINN-ERD-SKYN_ERD

    Bands/artists are often times products of their environments... Without stating the actual name of the place you are from, describe it to the best of your ability so we can see things from the vantage point you're at:
    I'm from a nice swamp where there are nice critters. Its moist and damp and dark but p chill.

  • Are you a pizza or taco kind of guy?

    Definitely a taco bell kinda guy. But I'm open to pizza. I can throw down on the 'za pretty hard

    I am a dog. Describe your music to me (as if I understood english).
    woof woof cry cry sad boy jams. (I Also speak dog, so I got you babe)

    Best thing to happen to you this year:
    I got arrested with the coolest cutest girl ever, Olivia from Oh, Rose last week and it was great and gnarly. I got tackled and handcuffed and kept asking the cop if he liked camping.

    Best thing to happen to the greater U.S. culture this year:


    You are stranded in a city larger than the one you live in and are looking for something to do. You only have enough cash to do one activity for the night. What do you choose to do?
    Inevitably drinking and hanging with cool hangers.

    What other bands or artists would you recommend to the Dreyfest attendees (as in: other bands that are playing)?

    Definitely not justinedrugs. I'd say BAD HEX (shout out to the super cool homies), white cat pink and lanedecay .

    What are your top three most visited websites?
    pornhub.com, bandcamp.com, and imgur.com. or really just Ashley Madison. And xvideos. Or youporn.com. or amoshelveyandalligatorporn.com

    Speaking of sites... Where can we hear your tunes?
    And we got some sick videos on the YouTube too! Heart u babies see you soon.

    Hey buddy, I was just kidding; your mom and I want you to go to Dreyfest!

    ...Just don't talk to anyone, 'cause whenever you do, you act like a prick! Ok, Bud? Alright, then.


Sunday, July 26, 2015


You know, Festafarians, sometimes you're in the middle of reading something intriguing- like, say, a National Georaphic magazine about the habits of living predatory carnivorous birds- when you remember that you have to interview a band for a blog site. It can be tough to switch gears in a hurry, but leave it to the professionals to do it with ease; it's a talon-t. 


Hey look- it's Snow Bored: Billings's premier surf/garage rock band! 

There is a serious lack of meat-eating birds in this photo


Jared: "Drinking game: take a shot every time Snow Bored becomes Snowbored, or vice versa." - Mia Soza
Hayden: We are who you think we are. I personally wanted the band to be called "Late for Lunch", and yes, you can call us that. As long as you're having a good time, words (and names) don't really matter. 
Carsten: Neither

Pretend I'm an owl: WHOOOOO are you?

Jared: Who who, who who! I'm Jared. I shred my throat up on vocals, play cliche solos on guitar, and try to compete with Nels on drums. 
Hayden: I am the wind. I am the rain. I am love and music. I am the curious gaze of an owl perched on a majestic, ancient tree. I am just a humble human being who loves creating things and learning as much as I can. 
Carsten: I'm Carsten and I slappa da bass. 

Now pretend I'm not an owl: I'm not an owl.

Jared: Okay, Pete Townshend. Whatever you say...
Hayden: Very clever, Jared. You are not an owl, Kelly, you are, in fact, the pure embodiment and essence of Pete Towshend's badass arm swing things. 
Carsten: Wut?

Aside from your musical contributions, what would you say you bring to the band?

Jared: My contributions go as follows but are not limited to: excitement about the X Files reboot, the occasional government conspiracy, socks and sandles, uniquely designed geometric ductape, and last but not least, the Bitch Squad (as that amazing hat so perfectly states). 
Hayden: The following vibes: Painting with Bob Ross, 80's work out videos, watching Jerry Springer re runs while eating pizza rolls and cuddling with your honey bear, baby bald eagles, and occasionally, a coronal mass ejection of nuclear energy. 
Carsten: I have no idea how to follow that up. 

In general terms, what are the bulk of your songs about?

Jared: They're mainly about me losing my mind over girls, depression, boredom, and wishing there was a better scene in Billings.
Hayden: Your guess is as good as mine. My songs just shoot out of me like bullets. I play music to try and express some of the tremendous amount of emotion inside of me, and most of it is just love and compassion. So I guess you could say that's what my songs are about. Appreciating beauty and loving unconditionally. 

What was the best moment of this past year for Snow Bored?

Jared: Wiener Records, a sub label of Burger Records, just asked us to release our album through their label. I pretty much couldn't speak for a good hour or so. We're still pretty stoked about that.
Hayden: Every single moment was beautiful and awesome. 
Carsten: Being asked to release our album through Wiener Records was really rad. 

Is it just me, or does Owl City suck?

Jared: Owl City is a close second to Smash Mouth in the category of "bands that I shouldn't like but somehow do". So hey, if that says something...
Hayden: I don't think I'm qualified to answer this question. Why don't you ask those 10 million fire flies? You might not believe your eyes....or your ears. 
Carsten: Yes, it's just you. 

If you weren't in this band, what other kind of band do you think you'd be in?

Jared: Hayden and I want to start a party band called Suburban Moms that sings really messed up nursery rhymes. 
Hayden: Yeah, what Jared said. Also, I really want to play more bluesy and funky stuff. Perhaps a Stevie Ray Vaughn cover band? I just want to be half as badass as he was. Also, a disco band.  
Carsten: Being in an '80s hair metal band has always been one of my dreams. 

What are your thoughts on owls?

Jared: Owls are p cool. There's that one emo band, Owls. Except, wait...remember that movie The Fourth Kind? Nevermind...
Hayden: Mysterious and beautiful creatures. I think the owl just may be my spirit animal. 
Carsten: I think it's cool that they can turn their heads 270 degrees around, but other than that they're just okay. 

How many questions about owls should an interviewer be limited to asking in any given interview, especially in light of the interview not being primarily owl-focused?

Jared: Honestly, every question should have to do with owls.The real question is when should an interviewer's questions not be owl focused?
Hayden: I think the standards on owl related questions have yet to be set. You're really setting the bar high, man. Pushing the envelope, as always. 
Carsten: I don't have a problem with questions about owls being asked. In fact, let's keep this going. 

Do you think I should throw in the tOWL?

Jared: These jokes hurt my bOWLs.
Hayden: Fuck throwing in the tOWL, we should smoke a bOWL and listen to bOWLing for Soup. 19....19.....1985. 
Carsten: These puns are way too much for me to handle. 

What does the coming year look like for you dudes?

Jared: Well, we're just finishing up an 8 track album that we recorded with Caleb Addy at Stella's Stakeout. So that should be out on Wiener Records soon. We also have written a whole new array of songs. I think about 10-15 new songs. We're hoping to start playing those songs live this Fall and hopefully record them later on.
Hayden: More living, more loving, and more music. We'll be releasing our first album and hopefully playing a lot of shows. 
Carsten: We're actually going to have a pet owl as a mascot that will be amongst our line up soon. So get stoked Billville!

Plug your site or projects or whatever else:

Thanks for your time dudes; that was a hoot.

Screech you at Dreyfest!

Saturday, July 25, 2015


Have you ever ordered something and then forgot you sent away for it; so when it came in the mail, for a second you were puzzled, but then became overjoyed when you remembered that a package full of high quality adult diapers was on the doorstep? And like, you were really really stoked because these were super-high absorbency, high-capacity, tab-style undergarments were only available in other countries for some weird reason, but they came to you because you had saved some extra cash on the side so you could get your hands on these puppies? Yeah, we've all been there. Well that feeling is kind of similar to what happened when I heard Tabor Mountain's songs. Not that they are comparable to diapers, but y'know...I was so excited when I heard the songs that I pissed myself, so of course I was reminded of the diapers. 

Here's an interview with Tabor Mountain:

I gotta get these glasses checked...

Woah...Tabor Mountain. What's up? Who are you? Where are you?  What are you? 

I am a male pop musician who is at this very moment recovering from a sweaty round of night golf in Conway, Arkansas, with 2 of my best friends. I saw a Toad. Before this, I played 6 shows across California and the southwest, and we're not even halfway through the "Wet & Wild" tour- also featuring Northern California's premier radical texture king Dropped Call.
My name is Patrick Tabor and I have been performing and releasing music as Tabor Mountain since 2012, and if scales are to be believed I can say objectively I've gotten pretty big over the last 3 years.

Your tunes are like catchy pop tunes from an alternate universe version of the 1980s, where punk kids and new romantic kids and pop kids all listened to the same thing. Where do your influences lie? What made you want to play in the style you do?

I'm not gonna deny the influence of that particular decade on my songwriting, but I think there is a universality to pop music that transcends narrower musical placeholders like punk, shoegaze, rap or even noise. I write the songs that I want to hear, and the little melodies and beats that form in my head just eventually become Tabor Mountain songs. I love pop music, I grew up on metal, and I absorb tons of radio pop when I can. I do this project live by triggering beats and key parts on my sampler, while singing and playing keyboard & guitar. Stylistically I describe myself as capital-P Pop because my songs have such structure, but I will meander all over the place from lo-fi synthpop to VHS R&B while borrowing chunks of hair metal and sprinkling in textural found sounds I've recorded.

How did you learn to program and create electronic music? Were you trained in any capacity? All self-taught?

I got a computer in high school for my 16th birthday that had Garageband on it, that is the extent of my capacity as an "electronic musician". Every single note on a Tabor Mountain album was physically played by me, I just happen to sample drum machines and use midi-brain keyboard sounds alongside guitar, bass, live percussion, analog keyboards and my own voice. I play every drum machine live without a click track, triggering every hit individually on my Roland SP-404. Before I made music on a computer I wrote songs and played drums, bass, guitar and hopscotch since I was a little kid.

What are you planning on doing before and after Dreyfest? Touring? Sightseeing? 

Sticking with the "Wet & Wild" theme of my tour, Quade (Dropped Call) and I are indulging in as many dips in various bodies of water around the United States as possible. This includes rivers, lakes, reservoirs, bayous, creeks, cricks, swimming holes, hotel pools and ponds.
Also we're definitely gonna check out Yellowstone National P after Dreyfest to get a good look at some serious beasts and water shooty things.

Favorite chip:

Purple potato chips.

Favorite dip:

Definitely gonna have to go with Grizzly Long-Cut Natural, it's got that smooth flavor that never leaves you hanging and keeps your mud jug full.

What's Eureka/Arcata like?

I guess someone didn't get the newsflash! I lived in Arcata and Eureka for a little over 3 years, but I moved to Oakland to get away from my damn kids. It's surrounded by ancient Redwood forests, windswept dunes, marshes and California's third-largest bay- so its okay I guess.

You do videos as well- they look super fun to make! Do you go into them with any ideas or do you just get a friend to film and mess around?

Before we go out into the field I prepare every scene on a storyboard that my producer approves or rejects before it gets the greenlight from the soulless bloodsuckers at my label.

Something people probably wouldn't guess about you if their only familiarity with you is your music and videos:

Despite my tough exterior I am sensitive and caring deep down, and I will eat almost anything for $20.

Favorite hour of the day:

10:31 because it corresponds to the date of my favorite holiday.

Least favorite hour of the day:

Whenever dinner rolls around, because of the shame that always follows when I eat the heinous things that constitute my diet.

What do you see Tabor Mountain doing with the rest of 2015?

Finishing the EP I've been working on since April, Finishing the "Wet & Wild" tour, and looking forward to figuring out what to do with my life after I get evicted (I'm a bad boy) on August 30th.

Please throw your plugs here:

A helpful video to illustrate my fun party guy lifestyle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CF9s3egem5Q

A website called bandcamp to showcase and sell my music: https://tabormountain.bandcamp.com/

My legendary facebook page which highlights my outrageous internet wit and is now accepting new likes: https://www.facebook.com/tabortabor?ref=hl

Alright folks, thank you for reading once again and thanks to Patrick for the interview. If anyone needs me, I'll be in the office ordering more incontinence aids!



Did you know that certain sharks can live until 100 years old? 

We're going to take that as a good omen for Dreyfest.

...Shit, maybe we'll all be like 87 and hosting bands of long-time friends!

And then we'll have a potluck consisting of creamed spinach and oatmeal! 

And then we'll have some fun activities planned; like, we'll all go swimming somewhere! And then a one-hundred year old shark will attack us and we'll all die! 

...That's what I was getting at...where did you think this was going?

Here's an interview with SENSORY!


SENSORY! How have ya been? Introduce yourselves for the readers:

Jared Benge: We've been weird. As always. I'm Jared and I destroy my voice and play guitar in the band.
Jared Farnsworth: Yo I'm the second Jared. I play synth and do all the onstage head banging.
Wyatt Farnsworth: I'm Wyatt, I guess I play drums, I guess I've been okay. 
Carsten Wright: Hey, I'm Carsten and I play bass.

Since you broke up last year, tell us all what you've been doing:

Jared B: Well, Carsten and I started a surfy garage punk band called Snow Bored with our friend Hayden. I tried doing an experimental project called Psyche Crisis that released a split with Wire Mother. Then my lo-fi acoustic project the Nostalgics put out two songs. I also had a crappy job at Pita Pit that lasted like 3 months.
Jared F: I've been experimenting with various other music projects by myself as of late.
Wyatt: Jared and I are working on a dark hardcore project called Bardo Thodol. Other than that, I've been making experimental music in my free time.
Carsten: Jared, Hayden Duncan and I started a band called Snow Bored. 

Is this a one-time-only thing, or are you guys reuniting for longer than a single show?

Jared F: To my knowledge there'll be more shows, but probably not very often. 
Jared B: This will probably be just a one time thing unless we decide to do it again. I don't know, it's not like we're yer ole dad's favorite classic rock band that reunites twice a year. We're definitely planning on starting a new band after high school or once we're like reunited somewhat permanently though!
Wyatt: Only time will tell but as of now, it's a one time thing.
Carsten: I'm pretty sure it's only a one time thing...

Twins! What's Spokane like? Enjoyable? How's the scene? Your school?

Jared F: Spokane's nice! I like living in a bigger city. The scene's really nice, because there's multiple venues that focus on all-ages shows. Transferring to a new school taught me that school just universally sucks.
Wyatt: It's pretty cool if you like a high homeless population and rednecks. There's a great music scene though, the Knitting Factory is pretty rad. Skool sux 

What can readers expect from SENSORY at Dreyfest?

Jared B: Expect me humiliating Nels. A lot. We've also got a few new sweet covers as well as some old ones we did when we first started that we plan to play. 
Jared F: I think I told someone that I'd bring some Taco Bell to our set.
Wyatt: A two hour long performance art piece filled with live art. Everyone in attendance must bring a blindfold and headphones though. 
Carsten: You can expect a roller coaster of emotions.

If for some reason, music did absolutely nothing for you when you woke up tomorrow, what do you think you might do instead?

Jared B: I've really been interested in the history of music and journalism a lot lately. I also sort of stumbled upon baseball recently and have been really getting into it, weirdly enough.
Jared F: I'd probably play video games (with the music off of course).
Wyatt: I'd probably just read 80's comics. But not DC, I really hate DC.
Carsten: I'd play baseball with Benge all day.

Cake or pie?

Jared B: Pie. The frosting on cake is absolutely disgusting.
Jared F: Definitely pie. Cream pie is basically just cheaper cake with ice cream.
Wyatt: Cake is superior. Pie would be better but I hate the crust.
Carsten: Cake

Best new music purchase/discovery you've made since last Dreyfest:

Jared B: Ty Segall was pretty prolific for me. He writes some killer stuff. I just recently found this garage punk band called Twin Peaks. And they are really rad. The new Wavves x Cloud Nothings album totally ripped too.
Jared F:  Shortly after we moved to Spokane, I found this band called Diet Cig and I became super obsessed with them. I now own their tape and I plan on buying their new 7" soon.
Wyatt: I bought a Missoula punk band compilation 7" with Humpy on it at a local record store. That's definitely my best purchase. My best discovery would either be Hop Along or Foxing. Both great bands.
Carsten: The Mind Spiders, FIDLAR, The Orwells. 

You have to lose one sense. Pick one sense to lose (and why), SENSORY!:

Wyatt: Smell because as modern humans, smell is pretty much useless. Plus there are some really foul smells I could go without.
Jared F: I think it's funny that we all want to lose smell. Does that mean smell just generally sucks?
Jared B: Everyone is saying smell and honestly I have to agree. It's not all that needed and it could be helpful not having it since when you have to visit your really old great grandparents you don't have to smell that really musty and bad smell that just follows them around. 
Carsten: I'd have to say taste, then eating vegetables wouldn't be torture.

Any last words?

Jared B: FUULS and justinedrugs will both be killer. Anthony Fantano sucks.
Wyatt: If you're not going to see Duchovny then you suck.

Before we finish, give us what we need to know about your projects (plugs):

Thanks for your time, SENSORY!, and thanks for your time, readers.

SEE YOU AT DREYFEST (in 100 years!)