Tuesday, July 22, 2014


You might remember Duchovny last year as the band that tore up the Brew Co. at Dreyfest 2013. Remember? They were the band that made you say, "Woah! These guys are like... really good... yeah. Jeez. I really like this band. They're... rad." No? Nothing? 

Well then, here's your second chance to mumble incoherently about how awesome Duchovny is! They're playing on Friday this year, and they answered some questions whilst on tour!  

It's been a year since you guys have played Billings. What's new in your lives?
Donovan got deported so we have a new white bassist. Also, we are now a four piece and we have a lot of new songs.

Since we last spoke, recreational marijuana became legal in your neck of the woods. How has that changed every day life for you guys?
Meth is still illegal so our everyday lives are still a struggle.

This band? Anything yet? Anything?

If I had to try and explain your sound by comparing you guys to other bands, I'd probably say it's somewhere between The Dandy Warhols, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, and Grizzly Bear. How accurate is that?
That's a really cool comparison and a good one! We'd say that's pretty accurate. Although, we're a little bit heavier now.

I really like Greeley, it always seemed to be more of a blue-collar interpretation of western and central Colorado, without being too stifling. How do you guys feel about it?
Yeah, we say that's pretty accurate. The people and the campus really make Greeley fun. Without that, it's pretty plain.

I understand you guys will be playing the fest during a tour! Where are you guys going?
Fort Collins, CO; Greeley, CO; Denver, CO; Dallas, TX; Austin, TX; Missoula, MT; DREYFEST; Guantanamo Bay 

Andy- you spent the last academic year studying abroad in France. Any hilarious misunderstandings or anecdotes you'd like to share?
It was an affair.

I love every pixel of this. Every dang one.
If Duchovny had to either relocate to Fez, Morocco or Phnom Phen, Cambodia, where would you guys go?
Phnom Phen, Cambodia because Dylan has never been to Asia. Actually, none of us have.

What type of food do you think you guys will eat the most of on your tour? Pizza doesn't count because pizza.
PB&J and rice. Together. As one.

Anything else you'd like to say to the Dreyfest citizenry? 

Excellent! Missoula friends- go see Duchovny! Austin friends! DON'T see Duchovny. I'll tell you about it later.

Check out Duchovny at the Yellowstone Valley Brewing Company at 4:30 on Friday! See you there (By there, of course, I mean Dreyfest)!

Friday, July 18, 2014


Guys- If you haven't been paying attention, this here fest was partially inspired by a long-running fest annually held in Missoula, MT. It's run by an all-volunteer crew and they invite all kinds of great bands/artists to play. On top of that, they organize cool and fun activities for everyone to do during the days the fest is held. If you have the time, we highly suggest you show up and hang out; it's held just 2 weeks after Dreyfest!

See you at Totalfest!


In this age of texts, Facebook posts, and Twitter quips, I've come to realize the importance of conveying only the most important information in the smallest amount of space. For instance, "Oh my god! I just remembered I have to do something; I have to go, but I will return shortly!" can be shortened to "OMG! BRB". Likewise, "Oh man- Jerome just slipped and fell, dropping his stack of papers all over the floor. What a complete imbecile." can be shortened to "Jerry! EPIC FAIL! HAHA!" And if you want to say "OMG! EPIC FAIL! ROGLMFAO! WTF?! TTLY PWND!!! LAWL!!!", you can change it to: "I'm a fucking moron, please punch me in the face". ...At least I think that's shorter.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because Billings' I've Had Better is a pretty simple what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of outfit, and they, too, understand the importance of brevity. Without further wasted space and words, here they are:

I don't know what is going here, but I don't like it!

What are most of IHB's songs about?
Josh Keele- The Western Meadowlark, Montana's state bird.
Joe Stockburger- Richard Greico's uncontrollable type 2 diabetes.
Zach Flynn- Songs are supposed to be about something?

You have a song with the great title "Critique My Death". Is that a reaction to/swipe at over-analytical negativity?
Josh- Possibly.
Joe- Yes.
Zach- Critique my death, please!

You guys have been involved in the local scene/going to shows around town for a long time here in Billings. Do you have an all-time favorite show memory?
Josh- Opening for Continental.
Joe- Getting to see Camarosmith for a dollar at the old Eleven. Still the best show I've seen.
Zach- I'd say when we opened for mxpx at the garage pub...fav show memory.

I might be wrong, but I think you guys all enjoy the occasional drink. What is your beer of choice and why?
Josh- All of them. Because.
Joe- Billy beer. Look it up.
Zach- Lately High Life bottles have been my go-to because it's the champagne of beers!

Describe your current life in 3 words:
Josh- Really really good.
Joe- feta cheese enema.
Zach- Busy, Stressed, Drunk

Rogers or Loggins?
Josh- Rogers.
Joe- Loggins.
Zach- Loggins for sure.

Rogers or Hammerstein?
Josh- Is this another beer question?
Joe- Hammerstein.
Zach- Hammerstein.

MC Hammer or Vanilla Ice?
Josh- DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, of course!
Joe- Take em' to the hole hamma!!!!
Zach- Thats a toss up Hammer had the moves and Vanilla Ice was too cool for school.

HAVE you had better?
Josh- Once.
Joe- Is this a rhetorical question?
Zach- I'l take the 5th.
What else should the Dreyfest attendees know?
Josh- The Western Meadowlarks binomial name is Sturnella Neglecta.
Joe- Richard Greico had in his possession the cure for cancer. Then he got horrible type 2 diabetes. End of Story.
Zach- It took us over a month to get this interview done!

Dreyfest is very near, now. I can sense it. Oh wait- it's a different Richard I'm perceiving:

But Richard Dreyfest is also near...

See you at Dreyfest!

Thursday, July 17, 2014


We played a few dates with Laramie, Wyoming's Caged Bird Songs last winter on tour, I remember they were really good and reminded me of a Mastodon a show I went to, although I'm sure that's way off. They were definitely one of the the nicest, scary band we played with all tour. Or maybe that's scariest, nice band. I'm not sure. Either way, they are very nice. And scary, if you think Mastodon is scary, I guess. I asked them a bunch of annoying questions that they graciously answered. BEHOLD!

You guys are probably one the youngest bands in the general area that I know of that tours regularly. What's the motivation? Do you guys ever feel like you're wasting your time? (I'm projecting here, obviously)
Actually, this is something that we've intentionally tried to do. CBS has only been a band for around 10 months but we've never seen the point of waiting around to take this band the places we want to take it. We wrote and recorded our first full-length this year, Dead Pursuits, and we will have done two tours before we hit the one year mark. We think that touring/writing at a breakneck pace is the only way to go. In a sense, I think we're trying to foster a tireless work ethic as quickly as we can because this is all any of us have ever wanted to do. Sometimes it can feel like we're wasting our time, just because we are a young band with a lot of room to grow, but anytime we connect with someone out there that genuinely seems to enjoy what we're doing, it instantly becomes worth it. 

I couldn't help but notice all the homages to Dale Earnhardt on your equipment when we played with you guys in Denver. I don't follow NASCAR at all but I've always sort of admired Dale. What does The Intimidator mean to you?
Dale "The Intimidator" Earnhardt is more than just someone we admire at this point. He's become our deity as well as a major inspiration for our lifestyles. Dale is the light and the one true way. #3 forever. 

What's the Laramie music scene like these days?
To me, the scene is thriving. One of the reasons for that is that kids are not picky about who they support. Heavier shows, like our upcoming tour kickoff with Cult Leader, have seen as much support as shows that maybe aren't as heavy, like when Medicine Bow or justinedrugs play. I think the reason for that, is that kids here know that the scene can't survive if they don't support every single band, which is great because its made the scene diverse, and something that I'm constantly proud to be a part of. 

I'd try and explain in deeper terms what your music sounds like, but I'd probably butcher it and humiliate myself. Could you explain your music to me in a few ways? First, try to explain it as if I were-
(a) a third grader with Attention Deficit Disorder
(b) an angsty high school freshman that casually listens to the Insane Clown Posse.
(c) a 30-something female professional that has tried online dating
(d) Kevin's grandmother
a. Our music sounds like how you felt when your parents split up. It'll make more sense when you're an angst-ridden teen, though.     
b. Are music is how you felt when loaf and jug ran out of faygo and you realized that your parents "just don't get it".
c. Our music sounds like the feeling you get when you realize your career, friends and lifestyle don't fulfill you. 
d. Our music is the devil himself yelling into a microphone. 
Hardstylin... Vegas style

If a contractual obligation forced Caged Bird Songs to add a 
(a) Accordion Player
(b) backup dancers
(c) hype-man
or a
(d) children's choir
to the live show, what would you guys add, and why? (And only one! Because obviously you'd add all four)
In a perfect world, the hype man. Because who the fuck doesn't want one of those? In reality, probably the children's choir, because 14-year-old me was stoked on the Chariot record that had a children's choir in the background. 

Anything you'd like to say to any intrigued Dreyfest attendees?
Bring us Dale Earnhardt memorabilia, and be sure to watch justinedrugs and Medicine Bow. 

There it is! They've got plenty of Dale Earnhardt memorabilia at the antique store in Laurel. Just saying.

See you at Dreyfest!


Yes, sirs and madams! The rest of the comp. is here for your ears and the funny taste in your mouth! Behold, TRYFEST!

Click on the link to hear that sugar beet! ...or is it "beat"? 



It seems like every region has a small stronghold of people who are active in their musical community and put a lot of their time and effort into doing something that's either fun, of a certain quality, or both. ...Like, not just "I'm in a band", but "I'm in 3 bands and I run a distro and make screen print posters for shows and also book shows for out of town bands and am currently recording a solo artist in my bedroom". If you're looking at Northern Colorado/Southern Wyoming, it kinda seems like these guys- justinedrugs- and their friends are a big part of the stronghold for that area. These motivated, creative guys are making shit happen and that's pretty fucking cool to us!

On an important side note: today, I went to fold a piece of paper with my mouth (because I was holding something in my other hand), and I missed my teeth, and the paper slid upward, and I got a paper cut on my gums. 
How is that pertinent to this introduction? 
Well, I guess I just thought you might care
We never talk anymore.
You know you can be kind of inssensi-
I'm a WHAT?
I would totally yell something at you right now, but I can barely move my cut-up mouth. Plus I'm crying.

Here's justinedrugs: 

They went and pulled a Cusack!

Members of justinedrugs: you are active motherfuckers and we love you for it. Please tell us your names and make an exhaustive list of your current projects, musical and music-related: (feel free to send site addresses/links if you want us to advertise!) Amos (Guitar/Vocals): I'm in another band called Old Sport (http://oldsportco.bandcamp.com) I was in this band with my friend Gabe who is gonna be doing stuff in Boise now and the other members are gonna do Fort Collins stuff in different capacities (http://hallowedoak.bandcamp.com) Solo music sometimes. There are also these Californian cats I heard about that play in Fort Collins sometime but they have nothing to do with me. Evan (Bass): I run the band's label called No Direction Records! I just put out our new EP on cassette and our best buddies Medicine Bow's new EP on a 7". Besides that I don't have any current projects besides jamming with some 40 year old dudes every Friday. Which is awesome.
Since you have so many other irons in the fire, what is the main focus/motivation/purpose of this particular band? Evan: We love to have fun and play shows and drink beer and stuff. Also we want to be able to tour as much as possible eventually. Amos: Be yourself and have fun. 
Netflix binge or youtube binge? And what's the best thing you've seen recently on whichever one you favor? Amos: Jesus Lizard live vids on youtube. Evan: Aqua Teen Hunger Force on Netflix. 
What do you all think of Fort Collins, where you are currently residing? Amos: There are a lot of cool people and the main gripes I have are that weed and beer culture can get annoying. But those things are not even that bad in the greater scheme of things. Evan: I think it is the shit honestly. Not many complaints on my end. I've grown up in Wyoming (I still live there) and ever since I've been playing shows in bands, I've only usually played a couple Colorado shows every year. This year, I've played more shows in Colorado than I can count, most of which were in Fort Collins, and they all have decent turnouts and cool people. But yeah weed culture sux
I know a lot of folks were/are excited about the legalized pot thing in CO...any feelings one way or the other? Amos: A+ Evan: I'm pretty indifferent on the subject as I don't smoke too much anymore these days...
Maybe not all the readers are aware, but Dreyfest is a part of a larger national trend where regional punk/indie festivals are a pretty common thing now. We heard that it's gonna happen in your area too! What's with the fest that you guys are going to be hosting? Amos: Have our friends' bands play and it'll be fun.
Evan: Yeah what he said. 

Best lyric sung by this band:
Amos: "My friends try to cheer me up, we meet up at the Pizza Hut, I didn't have the heart to tell them that was our place" Evan: "Why won't you wait for me when we're shotgunning beers?"
Best lyric sung by any other band: Amos: Same as above. Evan: Anything by Neutral Milk Hotel.

Best Coast: Amos: Wyoming Evan: So-cal livin aint easy 
Best friends: Amos: Y'all 

Evan: My bandmates
Best buy:
Amos: Danelectro FAB delay pedal. Evan: Booze.
Best Bye Bye: Amos: Bye Bye Bye by The Justin Timberlake Band Evan: Smell ya later!

My choice? C U on the flippityflop, dudes!
That's stupid and I should never say that?
Flippity flop flippity flop flippity-flo-
You think I should post this: justinedrugs.bandcamp.com?
You'll see me where?


Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Wow! Chicago's Spooky Action Space Captain! Holy geez! Imagine if The Smashing Pumpkins really dug bands like Cap'n Jazz (wow- how often do you get to read the word "cap'n" in two consecutive blog posts? Dreyfest for the win!) and The Promise Ring, and instead of writing 7 minute opuses that are a huge drain on your attention span that actually succeed in putting you to sleep when you listen to them (true story- I fell asleep when I first heard Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness...Didn't even make it to tape 2!), they wrote consistently catchy melodies and had interesting instrumentation. Now imagine that that description doesn't suck and in it's place you read something like: strange jazzy chords playing to odd timing and a singer that sounds like the Placebo guy if he didn't sound dumb! ....Damn, that's not any better. 

Uh...while I try to get my shit together, here's this:

In space, no one can hear you ask for your goofy hat collection back.

Who/what is Spooky Action Space Captain? The Science Alliance and/or PB, BMO, IK, and LSP.
Browsing through your Facebook photos, it looks like your practice space is a shed next to a lake. Could that be true? What lake? How often do you swim after a sweaty practice? Can I come? Hahaha. A lake of cat puke. We practice in a basement, we record in paradise. You're welcome to join us, but we'll have to blindfold you for the car ride.
How much do you think the region you live in/grew up in affects your band's sound?
A lot. We're from everywhere, so we draw our influences from a lot of different sources, and each of us brings something different to the table. For instance, Graham brings P Sal.
From a non-musician's perspective, a lot of bands must seem like totally self-sufficient entities (and maybe some bands are), but you guys look like you have a lot of supportive, cool people around to help with things. Care to tell us about the connections you have with your support system? We get coffee deliveries and we have like 15 chickens. It's true. We have Joe. Football pizza, Grumfather. We're gonna need a pizza...
If you had to live without one of your 5 senses, which one would you choose to go without? What if you had to choose 2? Karla: Sense of smell...sense of self. Luc: Sense of smell... Tj: Sense of smell...Al Pacino's Scent of a Woman. Graham: Sense of self smell...sense of remorse.
When you go to a coffee kiosk, do you have a drink you regularly order? Large-ass dirty-ass iced-ass chai.
Something about yourself people wouldn't readily guess about you: As a group? We're pretty good at math.
If you weren't playing the style of music you are now, is there another type of music you think you might try your hand at? Sludge metal. Sea of Keef.
Tour is coming up for you and Hundred Heads (also on Dreyfest). What are some of the cities you are excited about visiting? Hundred Heads everywhere. In the trees, in the creeks, in your backyard.
Please give our readers a good bit of general advice: 1. Don't buy Honda stock. 2. Quit rollerblading sooner. 3. Learn about the birds in or near your local bodies of water. 4. Respect the couch boat. Oh my glob. 5. SMOHKE. 6. "You wouldn't want to put it into a tube." - Dr. H. Donna Gust

Sound advice. I only wish I would have known to quit rollerblading sooner; then I wouldn't have broken my collar bone. Or injured my pride when those 7th graders made fun of my neon wheels. Thirty-one is an awkward age.

Thanks, SASC! 

Also, I never did think of a better description, so here's this: http://spookyactionspacecaptain.bandcamp.com

See you at Dreyfest!