Monday, August 3, 2015


Halfway Killed is primed to pounce upon Dreyfest. They are from San Francisco-by-way-of-Billings. As such, we have put together an informative list of things that both locales have contributed to the greater culture:

San Francisco:
home to the late 60's "Summer of Love"
sourdough bread
The Dead Kennedys
Halfway Killed

home to the late 60's "Summer of General Apathy"
Lots of Town Pumps
More Town Pumps
Halfway Killed

You see? The common factor between these two powerhouse locales guessed it...Frank Stallone. 

Thanks, Norm.

And now, Halfway Killed:

Seems odd that the little guy has the hat...until you realize that's the real life Benjamin Button.

Hey HK, you guys always seem to pull the "last show" card this time of year. Can we expect more of the same?

HK:At this point, we're done pulling the heartstrings. At its core, HK is Taylor and Caleb. Two brothers. Until one of them dies, Halfway Killed will live on.

You recorded and released an EP recently. You dubbed it, "Father-Son, Holy Special". Taking a turn toward the cloth, eh?

Caleb: Not exactly. When I was younger, Taylor and I were walking through the Tenderloin in SF. A strip club promoter saw us walking toward him. To coax us in, he simply said, "father son special?"  It stuck with us ever since.

Casio or Roland?

HK: Roland has the beats. Casio has the textures.

If the moon were made of Drum machines, would ya play it?

HK: ...

It's a simple question, HK.

HK: ....

Any future plans?

HK: Continue doing the same five songs we've played for the last two years...for the next twenty five years.

It's working for legions of classic rock, country, and alternative bands, so we can't fault ya for the formula! Get ready to dance kids, HK is comin'!


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