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"We're the two guys guarding the crowd from Idaho Green"

Hello, Wrecks Goliath! Who are you and what do you do and where do you get off?!

JSB: A.) We are JSB and Big Billy. B.) I play Guitar and Big Billy plays drums. C.) Just let me off a block from my house, I can walk from there.
BB: ...

Is there some chicken significance to your name? A species maybe? I ask because of the chicken logo.

JSB: I think I was in Boise and I was drinking Rex Goliath, and then thought that would be a cool band name, and then thought that I should tweak it a little to avoid a Cease and Desist letter.
BB: ...

What happened two Dreyfests ago? You guys were going to play, but as Armaund Hammer, is that right?

JSB: Our drummers are kind of like Spinal Tap drummers. I think that one spontaneously combusted the day before the show. Big Billy is the longest surviving drummer, but I think that's because he has the right amount of big-heartedness and comic timing that the fans would riot if he was killed off.
BB: ...

You guys have a Billings connection, right? I think some of the other organizers know you, but I (still) have no clue...

JSB: I grew up there, and I went to high school with most of them. I Specifically had art class with Dan and passed Austin in the hall enough to learn his social security number.
BB: ...

Who would play you in a movie about your life, why?

JSB: Luke Wilson. He's the correct amount more handsome than me and seems like a quitter. I should only be played by a quitter.
BB: Tyler Labine. Why? Watch Sons of Tucson and/or Tucker and Dale vs evil.

Who would play us in a movie about our lives? ...ahem....Rrrrriiiccchhhaarr...

JSB. Attenborough. definitely Richard Attenborough. But I really think that Albert Brooks should play Richard Dreyfuss.
BB: ...

Damnit. ...Favorite holiday:

JSB: Captain Picard Day.
BB: ...

A catastrophic natural disaster strikes. What do you do?

JSB: Finally give up on my dream of becoming a musician.
BB: ...

Worst purchase you've ever made:

JSB: Van Morrison's Common One. I feel impolite throwing it away, but no one will buy it from me. I'll pay you two dollars to take it. 
BB:White Noise on DVD

Any plugs you'd like to throw out here?

JSB: In terms of Thin Lizzy albums, We're not as poppy as Jailbreak but not as story-heavy as Johnny the Fox. I'd say we're most like The Black Rose.
Also, the new Holy Lands record rules.
BB: ...Ghost B.C.

And in the words of Ghost B.C.: "If you have ghosts, then you have everything". Actually, that was a Roky Erickson cover, so they were actually his words. ...And really, I'm not confident that that is the best way to end an interview; I mean, is that suggesting that Wrecks Goliath has "ghosts", so they have "everything"? I mean, everything seems so extreme as to be hyperbolic, right? If I had ghosts, would that really be all I needed? It seems like food and water and air to breathe and shelter would be other things one might necessitate... Who writes this shit, anyway? And who writes this shit?! This is terrible! Why are you even reading this?! Actually, no one else is probably reading this at all; in all likelihood, I'll just read this in like 5 years when I'm going over old projects and feeling nostalgic and wonder why I spent so much time writing something that made so little sense. ...Hello, future me, great job being a dumbshit!


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