Sunday, August 2, 2015


I was in some deep thinking last night...
You remember those kids' shows with the adjective-laden titles: "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", "Biker Mice From Mars", Mighty Morphin Power Rangers"? Those are really evocative titles; they place an image in your mind when you hear them. I'm not sure, though, that the actual adjectives are really even you could throw anything in there, and of course, it would change the premise of the show, but it would still get kids pumped to watch. With that in mind, I thought I'd try my hand at creating similarly expressive titles:

"Middle-Aged Black-Metal Janitors"

"Touchy Underwater Cyborg Horses"

"Fatalistic Hippie Blue-Bloods in Heat"

Are there any gems in there? ...Anyone? ...Apparently, this is harder than it looks. 

Instead of dwelling more on that, let's read about an artist who has an adjective in her name that is not superfluous or gimmicky:

Waitaminute- Montana doesn't have beaches. MONTANA DOESN'T HAVE BEACHES!!!

  • Hello, Sweet Caroline! Some "who are you" stuff: a.) what is your name? Caroline JH Allen b.) what is your age? 20 b.) what do you play? vox c.) what do you do as an artist? I like singing songs!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where are you stationed and where are you hoping to be stationed in the future?
    currently I'm living in Missoula and will be here for a couple more years. Future stations may include Austin, New Orleans, Honolulu, and Tacoma.
    Current listenings? What's striking your fancy?
    Lil B, The Lemon of Pink, and "Dreams" by the Cranberries.

    Where's Waldo? bottom left corner

    Are you involved in any other artistic pursuits when not making music? How about non-artistic downtime?
    I like reading and writing poems and studying classical voice and cello. I like throwing parties and being around a lot of people and being nostalgic with my friends, and spending time outside or driving around in a car with windows open playing "feel-good" "summer anthems", or riding on a train, swinging, and laying on my back in the grass or going swimming in oceans, rivers, and lakes, and listening to languages.

    Do you a have a site online where we can check out your songs? If not, maybe type out noises so we can anticipate what we'll be hearing! (you can hear my own songs here, + some classical recordings.)

    Thanks for doing the interview, Caroline. Any messages you'd like to impart before we wrap it up?

    Thanks for sticking with us, Wary Subcultural Fest Attenders. ...Still no good? Damnit.


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