Sunday, August 2, 2015


Why, lookie here. This is an interview with Colorado's Dear Rabbit. He's on an extensive tour at the moment and was kind enough to take the time to answer some questions for us. 

...We mean that bit about being kind. Fur real.

...Did you catch that pun? ...Yeah, I figured you knew something was a-foot.

...I would have to say it Bugs me when people don't get them.


I'm out.

Okay, here it is:

Some dope shouted "Slayer" and this rabbit is PISSED.

Hello, Dear Rabbit! Who are you and what is your main mode of transportation (we are curious if it is "hopping")?

Hi!  My name is Rence.  I drive a 2003 Toyota Corolla and have traveled 325,000 miles so far.  Last year in late September, as I was driving towards Ohio, I noticed that my odometer had reached 299,999.  I motioned to my passenger friend from New York, who was accompanying me that week, to watch for the big 300K changeover moment we were anticipating.  So we watched.  And we watched.  And we watched, thinking that a mile can seem like awhile.  But it has been stuck at 299,999 ever since.

Fast forward to earlier this year in Athens, GA, late after a show, at the front porch of our buddy's house, as I shared this story with Little Sal, who was on tour from Chicago.  So Sal asked his iPhone, "How far is it to the moon?"  250,000 miles.  Blew my mind! I have driven to the moon. . . and I'm on my way back!

You are in the middle of a gigantic tour! How's it going, in general, and how often do you travel?

I recently took a couple months off from touring, my longest break in awhile, and almost forgot what it's like.  But I'm having a pretty good time on this one and am glad to be back at it.  I wanna name this tour The Pizza Tour.  For the first week or so, nearly every night someone was buying me a pizza or two!  I won't complain one bit if you wanna buy me a pizza too!  (I do try to eat healthier most of the time; I believe that is how I am able to continue touring.)

Folks ask me if I get lonely doing it on my own.  But nowadays I have even more and more great friends scattered across these lands; it's a greater challenge than ever to find alone time, which is critical for me to continue writing songs and booking more shows.  As the only member of my "monosemble" band, I am the only member available to accompany these friends; even if I had a full band, I'd still join them for FOMO.  It feels like we rage pretty hard most of these nights; I wonder when I even sleep anymore!  But somehow the next day in the next town, as it's turning to the evening, nearing the showtime, I am once again primed up and ready to sing some more songs!

I am on the road probably about 30 or 35 weeks out of the year.  So far I have performed in 45 states and 1 Canadian province, but by the time you see me,  I will have performed in 3 or 4 Candian provinces -- Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, as well as British Columbia right after the fest.  I hope to add Ontario and Quebec to the list in September.  I had to postpone Europe, but I hope to make it there in March next year.

I see that you were actually in Billings once this year already...Tuesday, April 7th. We're sorry to say that not all of the folks on the "Dreyfest commitee" were aware of the show. How was it?

Oh yeah.   That show was super last minute.  I'm thankful to my good friend in Missoula who connected me to Austin and that I got to meet him because he's super rad.  Due to the nature of it being so last minute (booked the same day), the show felt perhaps a little weird, but I was still pleased with it for my first Billings show ever; I felt like it was a great way for me to begin connecting to the town.  Plus Pub Station ran excellent sound too.

Does Dear Rabbit have any pets?

Although I no longer have one, I get to hang out with nice doggies many different nights of the week.  When I get back home to Colorado, I witness nice bunny rabbits happily hopping, and occasionally pretty deer prancing my front yard, as well as birds singing songs!

How can we learn more about you?

I am very, very slowly working on a real web site but should it up by September.  Until then, my domain forwards to my FB page.  If you go far enough back, you can find some cool stories (lately more sparse).  Some content on my future site will include past shows:  

Dear Dear Rabbit, 

Thank you for your time. You made us very hoppy. ...I hope I get a Paas for those puns. ...As in: I hope you don't carrot all that I did it. 

Oh, stop your groaning and get stoked!


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