Saturday, August 8, 2015


Hello again, Festfolk! 

Yesterday was another set of kickass shows and hangs, but we do want to take a minute to pull our tongues out of their usual positions (of being planted in our cheeks), to say something that we feel is of high importance: 

We are all part of a scene, and the purpose of this fest- or ANY show- is for people have a good time; to alleviate some of the bad feelings we have to deal with in our daily lives; to create a better scene. It is selfish, and ultimately destructive to the scene, for any member of our larger group to purposefully ruin another person's good time and to cause more of the shitty feelings that we're all trying to ward off. 
Please be good to each other; not in the name of the fest or of any one specific person, but because we are all in the same boat- 
we ALL want to have a good time.

That said, let's put our money where our mouths are and start having a blast! Here's today's schedule:

Potluck at North Park at 11am! Yeah, that's right, roll outta bed and bring some food to share! If you don't have any food to bring, then just come down and load up on free noms and hang! And then afterward...

Kickball is at the same park, around noon. After that, the show runs all day at North Park, so you don't even have to go anywhere! 


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