Wednesday, August 5, 2015



You may be innocently asking yourself: "Well, we finally have the schedules, but what other things are happening this year?"

Well, shut the fuck up, you whiner! Here's this year's extra curricular activities!

"Hold up, New York Dolls guy- listen to this radness:"
"My shirt is open because I'm hot hot hot."


The show at NOVA will be featuring a Richard Dreyfuss look-alike contest, the winner of which will be presented with a wondrous prize that will include a commemorative shirt, poster, possible Dreyfuss memorabilia, and maybe even an Awful Waffle! *if you got that Salute Your Shorts reference, you may be too old to attend these shows

Costumes will be judged on accuracy, originality, resourcefulness, and being Austin Finn's dad! 
Plus one point for for a good Richard impression! (yeah, we know the link's impression was not of Richard's character, but you get the damn drift!)

Think about it- you could look like him in JAWS, or in What About Bob, or American Graffiti, or anything your heart desires!


At the Railyard, there'll be a bingo-ball roller containing several balls; one has a Dreyfest face on it. For a small charge (all money goes to paying the traveling bands), you crank the roller. If you get the Dreyface, you win a prize! 


Potluck at North Park at 11am! Yeah, that's right, roll outta bed and bring some food to share! If you don't have any food to bring, then just come down and load up on free noms and hang! And then afterward...

Kickball at North Park sometime around noon (or a little later...just chill, Captain Punctual). After that, the show runs all day at North Park, so you don't even have to go anywhere! 


  • Be on the lookout for the yearly raffle- the winner gets a big tub of band merch! 
  • Gravel Alley Zine Distro will be featured at one or two of the shows, so if you want some punk reading material, check it out! 
  • This year, we are selling a limited amount of Richard Dreyfest shirts (again, ALL money goes to paying the out of town bands). Pick em up quick 'cuz they're sure to sell out!

Thanks for reading, friends. 


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