Thursday, July 18, 2013


Solo project. Dinner with the in-laws. Southern Wyoming. Cancer. Punk and emo. Spider-Man 3. Some of these things are descriptors that can be used for better understanding the one-man band called Medicine Bow. The others are things that we wish never existed. Which ones are which? You can make assumptions or you can read below:

Who is/what is Medicine Bow?
Well Medicine Bow is the Wyoming National Forest area I leave near; it's a wonderful and beautiful place. As far as the band it's just me! I have a drummer and a bassist to play live shows with me (Wes and Dennis), but all of my recordings and all the music writing is done by myself. I've been in way too many bands in my life and I don't want to have to end anymore.

I see that you live in Laramie, Wyoming. What brought you there and where did you move there from?
Oh well, that's not really special! I moved from Cheyenne two years ago to attend the University of Wyoming in Laramie. It's a great school and a blast! We pretty much have no music scene in Laramie right now and it's total bullshit. 

Have you ever been to the town of Medicine Bow?
Yeah it's a total shit hole. Thanks for reminding me. 

Tell us about a typical person who might come to a show where you are playing.
Anyone who likes to have fun!!! I'm super upbeat, but I'd say pretty catchy. My music is really weird punk with some emo influence. I know emo has a bad name (it depends on what kind of emo you're talking about) but I honestly think it would appeal to almost anyone who enjoys upbeat punk rock. 

photo credit: A. Goldfish
Most annoying sound in the world:
Wow this is a tough one. I'm gonna have to go with Nickelback on this one. No wait strike that, Creed.

Something that has not yet, but deserves to be, immortalized in sculpture:
Well I think that in California they should make another statue of liberty, but it would be Bill Murray as the sculpture. Seems legit.

For all the other guitar players out there, I saw on your fb page that you were showing off a new pedal you bought. What is it and how does it sound?
Yeah I'm really starting to delve into playing with pedals! They are fascinating and complex, but anyway I just bought a mouthbreather fuzz from totally ruined circuits. It's probably the coolest pedal I've played on. It's super crunchy and I feel will be a staple for some styles in a few years. You should check them out if you like playing with pedals. 

What do you envision your trip up here to Billings, MT being like (so we know exactly how to disappoint you)?
Well I drove through Billings last year. It looked really really really hot and kind of like a place in Wyoming called Rock Springs which I'm not too fond of. But honestly besides that I see a super rad show with tons of awesome bands. Just gonna be full of good times! I'm really excited.

So who is ready to tell him that the weekend is projected to be 12 degrees, all the other bands cancelled, and Billings just changed it’s name to Rock Springs? 


...It’s supposed to be 13 degrees.

And before we go, here’s another list for you to ponder: 40+ bands/artists. Didgeridoo music. Two days. Warts. Late-night Jaws showing. Spider-Man fucking 3.

See you at Dreyfest!

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