Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Dreyfest is just 3 days away and it’s about damn time we made a few announcements!

Firstly, to anyone who is wondering:
Wristbands will be available at the doors of all 6 venues. You buy one wristband for $10 and it’s good for entry to all Richard Dreyfest shows. Yep- all venues, BOTH DAYS.

If you only want to see one show in particular or don’t have time to make it to all of them, you can get entry to any single show for $6. Obviously, the wristband is the best deal, but it’s up to you... 

Which brings us to our third announcement: 
There’s one show where the $6 at the door thing doesn’t apply. The Yellowstone Valley Brewing Company show is FREE. You heard right, suckas! One of the 6 shows that is a part of Richard Dreyfest is absolutely, no-foolin’, 100% FREE. Here’s the flyer for that show, specifically, that you can view as proof positive that we are not trying to pull one over on ya!
Thanks to Nolee Anderson for the truly excellent American Graffiti-styled flyer!

As for additional activities that are Dreyfest-related:

On Saturday, shake off the grogginess from the night before and come out to Pioneer Park at 12:30pm for a POTLUCK! That’s right- we are feeding the bands AND the attendees. It costs nothing, but, of course, it would be really cool if you wanted to bring some food to share. Any and all food is welcome, and vegan-friendly food will be available.

After the potluck, stick around and burn off all the carbs you just ingested with some KICKBALL and ULTIMATE FRISBEE! We’re thinking it will start around 1pm-ish so we have enough time for a game or two before everyone heads down to the show at Harper & Madison at 3pm. Not into athletics? The park has a ton of shade so you can always just hang out with friends, too.

"huff huff...too...huff...many...puff...mashed...huff...potatoes."

Is this still not enough radness for you?! Then maybe you should know about the raffle we’re holding. RAFFLE TICKETS will be sold at all shows (on the cheap!) and will culminate in a drawing on Saturday night after The Budgets set at Tumbleweed (around 9:30pm). The big winner receives a TON of donated band merch from all the great artists you’ve been watching all weekend!

Lastly, every venue will have free programs that list all of this info as well as the schedules and a map to all the venues for any out-of-towners. 

Join us this Friday and Saturday for Richard Dreyfest 2013. 

See you at Dreyfest!

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