Thursday, July 23, 2015


Hi folks, Rich R. Dreyfest here. When I'm not filming movies or putting on community-oriented concerts, I like to spend time bear wrestling, eating nachos, and crying while looking at pictures of my father. 
Ok. Now here's an interview with someone:

Putting the "sin" in "Sinclair"

Hi Tyranoraptor! Who are you? What do you do? What IS Tyranoraptor? The twelve people I know refer to me as Kiddo. I'm also known as Dikko, Fukko, and Sippy, depending on my level of sobriety. I'm mostly a hapless daydreamer and a hopeless daydrinker, but I manage to get by as a chef and a voracious music junkie. Tyranoraptor is a one-boy disaster with a pickupped acoustic guitar and kazoo. There are two modes to Tyranoraptor: self-concious folk punk songs about getting the fuck over things, and a concept project telling a loose, angry narrative about the Apocalypse. I have been told I have no sense of timing and need to learn to sing into a mic. Dreyfest will my my third show in three years.
Is it hard to kazoo? Yes and no. I have had trouble nailing down that traditional ragtime kazoo sound that made me love them, so I use the kazoo in different directions. Kazoos are surprisingly versatile instruments. With an electric pickup and some knob-manipulating, I can make the kazoo sound like it is possessed by the angry spirit of a euthanized cat. You know, if I wanted to.
I know you like a lot of socially conscious music, do you deal with social issues in your lyrics? I try to stay away from the accusatory nature of most of the angry music I love, and recognize bigger, outer problems as inside problems that can be dealt with at a personal level. Basically, forgive yourself and wake up from illusions before you can affect change to the rest of the world. I also sing about wealthy CEOs being burnt alive and crushed by bricks.
Aside from the music, you also run a zine distro (that will hopefully be a part of Dreyfest). What can you tell the readers about it? Distros take time and money, two things I've learned I'm terrible at. Gravel Alley Zines was an attempt to give myself something postive to focus on and hopefully spread a culture to Billings that I was used to seeing in other cities, with an emphasis on DIY, Punk, and Queer literature. I started the distro with student loans and originally hefted a heavy box around to shows and bars. I had terrible business ethic, though. Since my student loans were finite and I was near broke with 1,200 dollars worth of zines, I often ate and drank the income as I sold them. Eventually the rad couple running Discontent lent me some shelf space so the zines would be safe from my habits. Going to school full-time put the distro and my own zine projects on the backburner for a while. Gravel Alley Zines won't stay is stasis forever, though. It will follow me wherever I end up, and will be on display as it is at Dreyfest.
I know you like to bike...are you a gearhead at all? Like, do you have an ideal bike or small modifications/purchases you'd really like to do? Biking has been a major part of my life since I wrecked my first Huffy, and I even made a living off biking for four years. I've taken to the revolutionary mindset of bicycling, and I adore following the rat-bike-building, counter-culture side of bicycling, such as Critical Mass and the annual BIKE KILL gathering in Brooklyn (watch B.I.K.E.: The Movie). I probably look at newly engineered biking innovations and home-constructed freak bikes more than I looked at porn when I was a teenager. Alas, I can barely change a fucking tube though! I currently ride a Peugot and am planning a cross-country tour with my partner in 2017.
You enjoy travel a bit; have you been anywhere yet this year? If I'm not tied down emotionally, I'll drop everything to go hitchhiking somewhere, for as long as I can stand it. I've done this almost every other summer to maintain my sanity and see what I can learn about myself outside of any comfort zone. I call these trips Happy Fuck-Offs. Happy Fuck-Off 2014 last summer saw me hitchhiking through the South and Midwest, fending off conversion to Jesus every few exits up the road. I caught Maryland Deathfest and Farmaggeddon Records Festival and got frantically lost in the woods a few times. I nearly died when a trainhopper kicked an air conditioner to shit in an abandoned house and engulfed us in a blinding cloud of freon doom before I could flee my sleeping bag. I slept under overpasses and for a few nights, under a rollercoaster! I temporarily grew an eleventh toe. No adventures of that scale have unfurled this year, but I have been engaged to a lovely woman since January, which is sure to be my weirdest adventure yet.
When not traveling, playing music, biking, or reading, what do you do with your time? I started my first garden this summer, which is more time-consuming than one would think. I try to catch as many shows as I can, especially the ones at Aesthetic Agony Tattoo. Almost every week that downtown shop hosts amazing folk-punk and country-punk acts that play in front of the same six people. I'm obsessed with listening to the Savage Lovecast and playing those old point-and-click PC adventure games.
What is a newer musical discovery you've made that you'd love for more people to hear? There needs to be more fun concept bands, such as Time Crashers from Nevada. The song A Coward's Lament by Stufy the Sidekick is my new favorite song ever. The album Broken Glass Party by Cousin Boneless is a new costant in my life. These bands called Twin from Winnipeg and Pachow Kabang! from Minneapolis played in town recently, and blew me away.

Got any good jokes? Naw, I never remember the ones I hear. I can pun with the worst of 'em, though.

Anything else you'd like the readers to know? Just the words of The Desperate Bicycles: "It was easy, it was cheap, go and do it!"

You know, it just occurred to me that I probably should have clarified why I mentioned the bear wrestling, nachos, and crying earlier...


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