Monday, July 27, 2015


Son, sit down. Your mom and I have have something to tell you. It's not that we don't want to be a family anymore or that we don't love you... 





Well, we just think that Dreyfest would be better if you didn't attend. Yeah, see: you're kind of an asshole. 

Now I know this is hard, and no one wants this...Well, I mean, everyone wants it.....except probably don't want it...but look, Dreyfest is inclusive and fun and everyone wants to have a good time, but you mostly make it a not-good time...because you're a jerk to everyone. So your mom and I have decided that maybe instead, you could sit at home alone or maybe go to an abandoned waterpark to sit by yourself or something.

Here's an interview with Byrgeau Noil for you to read...Maybe you could do that instead of actually going, huh? ...Sure, that's my champ. ...You go get 'em, slugger. ...By "get 'em" I mean "stay here", of course.

  • Byrgeau Noil: (l-r) Max, A guy who might be Coleman, Invisible Bassist

    Byrgeau Noil! Who are you and how do we pronounce your name phonetically?
    My name is Byrgeau Noil or Max or Burger Nail. Phonetically it's LINN-ERD-SKYN_ERD

    Bands/artists are often times products of their environments... Without stating the actual name of the place you are from, describe it to the best of your ability so we can see things from the vantage point you're at:
    I'm from a nice swamp where there are nice critters. Its moist and damp and dark but p chill.

  • Are you a pizza or taco kind of guy?

    Definitely a taco bell kinda guy. But I'm open to pizza. I can throw down on the 'za pretty hard

    I am a dog. Describe your music to me (as if I understood english).
    woof woof cry cry sad boy jams. (I Also speak dog, so I got you babe)

    Best thing to happen to you this year:
    I got arrested with the coolest cutest girl ever, Olivia from Oh, Rose last week and it was great and gnarly. I got tackled and handcuffed and kept asking the cop if he liked camping.

    Best thing to happen to the greater U.S. culture this year:


    You are stranded in a city larger than the one you live in and are looking for something to do. You only have enough cash to do one activity for the night. What do you choose to do?
    Inevitably drinking and hanging with cool hangers.

    What other bands or artists would you recommend to the Dreyfest attendees (as in: other bands that are playing)?

    Definitely not justinedrugs. I'd say BAD HEX (shout out to the super cool homies), white cat pink and lanedecay .

    What are your top three most visited websites?,, and or really just Ashley Madison. And xvideos. Or or

    Speaking of sites... Where can we hear your tunes?
    And we got some sick videos on the YouTube too! Heart u babies see you soon.

    Hey buddy, I was just kidding; your mom and I want you to go to Dreyfest!

    ...Just don't talk to anyone, 'cause whenever you do, you act like a prick! Ok, Bud? Alright, then.


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