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You know, Festafarians, sometimes you're in the middle of reading something intriguing- like, say, a National Georaphic magazine about the habits of living predatory carnivorous birds- when you remember that you have to interview a band for a blog site. It can be tough to switch gears in a hurry, but leave it to the professionals to do it with ease; it's a talon-t. 


Hey look- it's Snow Bored: Billings's premier surf/garage rock band! 

There is a serious lack of meat-eating birds in this photo


Jared: "Drinking game: take a shot every time Snow Bored becomes Snowbored, or vice versa." - Mia Soza
Hayden: We are who you think we are. I personally wanted the band to be called "Late for Lunch", and yes, you can call us that. As long as you're having a good time, words (and names) don't really matter. 
Carsten: Neither

Pretend I'm an owl: WHOOOOO are you?

Jared: Who who, who who! I'm Jared. I shred my throat up on vocals, play cliche solos on guitar, and try to compete with Nels on drums. 
Hayden: I am the wind. I am the rain. I am love and music. I am the curious gaze of an owl perched on a majestic, ancient tree. I am just a humble human being who loves creating things and learning as much as I can. 
Carsten: I'm Carsten and I slappa da bass. 

Now pretend I'm not an owl: I'm not an owl.

Jared: Okay, Pete Townshend. Whatever you say...
Hayden: Very clever, Jared. You are not an owl, Kelly, you are, in fact, the pure embodiment and essence of Pete Towshend's badass arm swing things. 
Carsten: Wut?

Aside from your musical contributions, what would you say you bring to the band?

Jared: My contributions go as follows but are not limited to: excitement about the X Files reboot, the occasional government conspiracy, socks and sandles, uniquely designed geometric ductape, and last but not least, the Bitch Squad (as that amazing hat so perfectly states). 
Hayden: The following vibes: Painting with Bob Ross, 80's work out videos, watching Jerry Springer re runs while eating pizza rolls and cuddling with your honey bear, baby bald eagles, and occasionally, a coronal mass ejection of nuclear energy. 
Carsten: I have no idea how to follow that up. 

In general terms, what are the bulk of your songs about?

Jared: They're mainly about me losing my mind over girls, depression, boredom, and wishing there was a better scene in Billings.
Hayden: Your guess is as good as mine. My songs just shoot out of me like bullets. I play music to try and express some of the tremendous amount of emotion inside of me, and most of it is just love and compassion. So I guess you could say that's what my songs are about. Appreciating beauty and loving unconditionally. 

What was the best moment of this past year for Snow Bored?

Jared: Wiener Records, a sub label of Burger Records, just asked us to release our album through their label. I pretty much couldn't speak for a good hour or so. We're still pretty stoked about that.
Hayden: Every single moment was beautiful and awesome. 
Carsten: Being asked to release our album through Wiener Records was really rad. 

Is it just me, or does Owl City suck?

Jared: Owl City is a close second to Smash Mouth in the category of "bands that I shouldn't like but somehow do". So hey, if that says something...
Hayden: I don't think I'm qualified to answer this question. Why don't you ask those 10 million fire flies? You might not believe your eyes....or your ears. 
Carsten: Yes, it's just you. 

If you weren't in this band, what other kind of band do you think you'd be in?

Jared: Hayden and I want to start a party band called Suburban Moms that sings really messed up nursery rhymes. 
Hayden: Yeah, what Jared said. Also, I really want to play more bluesy and funky stuff. Perhaps a Stevie Ray Vaughn cover band? I just want to be half as badass as he was. Also, a disco band.  
Carsten: Being in an '80s hair metal band has always been one of my dreams. 

What are your thoughts on owls?

Jared: Owls are p cool. There's that one emo band, Owls. Except, wait...remember that movie The Fourth Kind? Nevermind...
Hayden: Mysterious and beautiful creatures. I think the owl just may be my spirit animal. 
Carsten: I think it's cool that they can turn their heads 270 degrees around, but other than that they're just okay. 

How many questions about owls should an interviewer be limited to asking in any given interview, especially in light of the interview not being primarily owl-focused?

Jared: Honestly, every question should have to do with owls.The real question is when should an interviewer's questions not be owl focused?
Hayden: I think the standards on owl related questions have yet to be set. You're really setting the bar high, man. Pushing the envelope, as always. 
Carsten: I don't have a problem with questions about owls being asked. In fact, let's keep this going. 

Do you think I should throw in the tOWL?

Jared: These jokes hurt my bOWLs.
Hayden: Fuck throwing in the tOWL, we should smoke a bOWL and listen to bOWLing for Soup. 19....19.....1985. 
Carsten: These puns are way too much for me to handle. 

What does the coming year look like for you dudes?

Jared: Well, we're just finishing up an 8 track album that we recorded with Caleb Addy at Stella's Stakeout. So that should be out on Wiener Records soon. We also have written a whole new array of songs. I think about 10-15 new songs. We're hoping to start playing those songs live this Fall and hopefully record them later on.
Hayden: More living, more loving, and more music. We'll be releasing our first album and hopefully playing a lot of shows. 
Carsten: We're actually going to have a pet owl as a mascot that will be amongst our line up soon. So get stoked Billville!

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Thanks for your time dudes; that was a hoot.

Screech you at Dreyfest!

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