Friday, July 24, 2015


"NO!" shouted my bratty nephew.

"Well then you won't get any ice cream," I said firmly.

"AHHHHHH!!!!" he cried.

I waited.


I waited more.


Who knew it was so difficult to get a kid to put on his damn shoes. ...While I'm waiting, you go ahead and read this interview.

"I can't see my pedals...could someone get the lights?"

Hotdamn! Welcome to the Dreyfest blog, guys. For the readers, who are you and what do you do in the band, and who is your favorite superhero?

My name is Joey, I play guitar and sing songs and my favorite superhero is the one and only sent by the Chrimbus gods, Dee Vee. 

Are you all native Coloradans? 

Dillon and Charlie are! I was born in California but moved to Colorado when I was still a young calf. 

You recently came through Billings on your first tour. Please tell us about the tour experience. Where was your favorite place to play, how did things go, etc?

Tour was a great experience for the Lanedecay boys! It was just a week to test the waters, but it felt like a success. We met a ton of great people and just loved playing shows every night. I have to say Billings was our favorite place to play, you all have a great/supportive scene and ton of great people to talk to. I was shocked by how many people were there for our set and it blew away any expectations we had for our first tour. 

I noticed that Dillon seemed very interested in the large converted bus/living space parked in front of the venue (The Muleskinner) while you were in Billings...what was the fascination, Dillon?

Here is Dillon's response: I dug the bus because it embodies a minimalist way of life. Just the necessities. I also studied history in school and I always enjoy checking out older stuff, like the stove and some of the pelts. It's also cool meeting new folks and hearing their stories. Patch and I talked for a while about the bus and life in general.

I hear a lot of shoegaze influence coming from your direction...and going around the country a little bit, I've noticed a resurgence in the sound. What led you to it? Maybe some current bands I'm unaware of?

Yeah we all get along with that kind of music pretty well, so the influences definitely come trough. Mostly the wall of sound part. I cant speak for everyone but I fell into that kind of music because of its similarities to dream pop. One band I recommend, and it's the best shoegaze I've ever heard, is called DEAFCULT. 

What do you all do when not playing music? ...Is Charlie ever not playing music???

The only thing I've seen Charlie do besides play music is eat bread and plain spaghetti. I guess when Dillon and I aren't riffin' on our instruments we like to ride bikes! Dillon has actually taken that to the next level recently and he bike camps out in the big ol' rocky mountains. 

What does your name mean?

It's an anagram for puppies 

When you are old, you see yourself:
a.) gardening/knitting
b.) bitter and cranky
c.) dead

C. I wish I could say bitter and cranky, but we will definitely all be dead. 

Like Montana, Colorado can be tough to deal with in the winter. Three things that make the season bearable:

Coats, electric heat, and coffee

What are you guys up to in the near future, band-wise? Anything you'd like us to know about?

We have demoed nearly an entire album, so we would love to finish that up soon. We will almost strictly be playing our new tunes at Dreyfest and we cant wait to share!

You hear that, friends?! Get stoked! 

Also, my nephew never put his shoes on. He is still crying. ...Cryfest. 


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