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Did you know that certain sharks can live until 100 years old? 

We're going to take that as a good omen for Dreyfest.

...Shit, maybe we'll all be like 87 and hosting bands of long-time friends!

And then we'll have a potluck consisting of creamed spinach and oatmeal! 

And then we'll have some fun activities planned; like, we'll all go swimming somewhere! And then a one-hundred year old shark will attack us and we'll all die! 

...That's what I was getting at...where did you think this was going?

Here's an interview with SENSORY!


SENSORY! How have ya been? Introduce yourselves for the readers:

Jared Benge: We've been weird. As always. I'm Jared and I destroy my voice and play guitar in the band.
Jared Farnsworth: Yo I'm the second Jared. I play synth and do all the onstage head banging.
Wyatt Farnsworth: I'm Wyatt, I guess I play drums, I guess I've been okay. 
Carsten Wright: Hey, I'm Carsten and I play bass.

Since you broke up last year, tell us all what you've been doing:

Jared B: Well, Carsten and I started a surfy garage punk band called Snow Bored with our friend Hayden. I tried doing an experimental project called Psyche Crisis that released a split with Wire Mother. Then my lo-fi acoustic project the Nostalgics put out two songs. I also had a crappy job at Pita Pit that lasted like 3 months.
Jared F: I've been experimenting with various other music projects by myself as of late.
Wyatt: Jared and I are working on a dark hardcore project called Bardo Thodol. Other than that, I've been making experimental music in my free time.
Carsten: Jared, Hayden Duncan and I started a band called Snow Bored. 

Is this a one-time-only thing, or are you guys reuniting for longer than a single show?

Jared F: To my knowledge there'll be more shows, but probably not very often. 
Jared B: This will probably be just a one time thing unless we decide to do it again. I don't know, it's not like we're yer ole dad's favorite classic rock band that reunites twice a year. We're definitely planning on starting a new band after high school or once we're like reunited somewhat permanently though!
Wyatt: Only time will tell but as of now, it's a one time thing.
Carsten: I'm pretty sure it's only a one time thing...

Twins! What's Spokane like? Enjoyable? How's the scene? Your school?

Jared F: Spokane's nice! I like living in a bigger city. The scene's really nice, because there's multiple venues that focus on all-ages shows. Transferring to a new school taught me that school just universally sucks.
Wyatt: It's pretty cool if you like a high homeless population and rednecks. There's a great music scene though, the Knitting Factory is pretty rad. Skool sux 

What can readers expect from SENSORY at Dreyfest?

Jared B: Expect me humiliating Nels. A lot. We've also got a few new sweet covers as well as some old ones we did when we first started that we plan to play. 
Jared F: I think I told someone that I'd bring some Taco Bell to our set.
Wyatt: A two hour long performance art piece filled with live art. Everyone in attendance must bring a blindfold and headphones though. 
Carsten: You can expect a roller coaster of emotions.

If for some reason, music did absolutely nothing for you when you woke up tomorrow, what do you think you might do instead?

Jared B: I've really been interested in the history of music and journalism a lot lately. I also sort of stumbled upon baseball recently and have been really getting into it, weirdly enough.
Jared F: I'd probably play video games (with the music off of course).
Wyatt: I'd probably just read 80's comics. But not DC, I really hate DC.
Carsten: I'd play baseball with Benge all day.

Cake or pie?

Jared B: Pie. The frosting on cake is absolutely disgusting.
Jared F: Definitely pie. Cream pie is basically just cheaper cake with ice cream.
Wyatt: Cake is superior. Pie would be better but I hate the crust.
Carsten: Cake

Best new music purchase/discovery you've made since last Dreyfest:

Jared B: Ty Segall was pretty prolific for me. He writes some killer stuff. I just recently found this garage punk band called Twin Peaks. And they are really rad. The new Wavves x Cloud Nothings album totally ripped too.
Jared F:  Shortly after we moved to Spokane, I found this band called Diet Cig and I became super obsessed with them. I now own their tape and I plan on buying their new 7" soon.
Wyatt: I bought a Missoula punk band compilation 7" with Humpy on it at a local record store. That's definitely my best purchase. My best discovery would either be Hop Along or Foxing. Both great bands.
Carsten: The Mind Spiders, FIDLAR, The Orwells. 

You have to lose one sense. Pick one sense to lose (and why), SENSORY!:

Wyatt: Smell because as modern humans, smell is pretty much useless. Plus there are some really foul smells I could go without.
Jared F: I think it's funny that we all want to lose smell. Does that mean smell just generally sucks?
Jared B: Everyone is saying smell and honestly I have to agree. It's not all that needed and it could be helpful not having it since when you have to visit your really old great grandparents you don't have to smell that really musty and bad smell that just follows them around. 
Carsten: I'd have to say taste, then eating vegetables wouldn't be torture.

Any last words?

Jared B: FUULS and justinedrugs will both be killer. Anthony Fantano sucks.
Wyatt: If you're not going to see Duchovny then you suck.

Before we finish, give us what we need to know about your projects (plugs):

Thanks for your time, SENSORY!, and thanks for your time, readers.

SEE YOU AT DREYFEST (in 100 years!)

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