Thursday, July 30, 2015


You've heard the cliche "The grass is always greener on the other side"... 

Well, I have no idea if that's true or not...

or what it even means...

I have very low reading comprehension


What I do know is that that phrase has the word "green" in it and so does this band's name...

I think...

Seriously, reading is not my strong suit. 

Anyway, here's an interview with Idaho Green!

You have no one but Megaloads to blame.

Idaho! Hello and how are ya? Names, occupations, description of your scent on a typical day:

Great! Another glorious day in Huntley, Montana. Austin plays guitarimbar, Jordan plays drumsabub caleb plays guitaramibar, jenni plays trumpetstuff , garrett plays saxamaphone, Phil plays bassamabuff and dan plays bassamabuff and tromboneamabone. We smell like a bucket of vinegar doused in axe dark chocolate body spray. Except Jenni. Jenni smells like a self respecting human being.

It has been a busy year (as is the norm!) for Idaho Green. Fill everyone in on the highlights of what the band has done since last August:

Well, Jordan moved to Columbia, Austin moved to South Korea, philth hasn't showered, Jenni swam the English Channel, Garrett became your old dad, and Caleb started receiving mysterious love letters from Shakira, Psy, queen Elizabeth, and your old dad. Austin met Mariah Carey though, so not all is lost.

How many lineups would you guess Idaho has had over the years?

As many tots come in a bag of ore-ida tater tots. Probably about 10-15. We like to think of ourselves as a soccer team- our lineup depends on our most effective makeup given who we're facing, as well as who isn't strung out on street drugs or has to drive to their girlfriend's house in Livingston.

Austin, you recently took a death-defying ride in Johnnie Lindell's El Camino (Johnnie is local venue owner (The Muleskinner) and drummer for local acts and St. Christopher). It sounded like it may have been a life-altering experience. Has this changed your mind about Brenda (much-beloved Idaho Green touring minivan)?

The El Camino is the perfect car in that it is a car in the front and a truck in the back. Brenda is great, but she's a minivan in the front and a minivan in the back. It'd be great if Brenda was either a car in the front, minivan in the back, or minivan in the front, truck in the back. It'd also be great if Brenda was Johnnie's El Camino but you can't always get what you want. We still love Brenda for who she is because that's what love is.

Did you know that in Black Foot, Idaho, there is a potato museum?
No one but Jenni knew that. And Jenni says that it's not nearly as good as the potato museum in Bonner's Ferry or even the one in Ketchum. Jenni also says the potato museum in Nampa is worth every penny.

Best spice:

Girl spice. The eternal spice. It's also known as cayenne. And cayenne is also known as Posh Spice, who is David Beckham's wife, who was former teammates with LA Galaxy midfielder Robbie Rogers, who is from Washington, which borders Idaho. Coincidence? I think not.

What are your plans for the rest of the calendar year?

Not drop out of college and not fuck our lives up. And for Jenni to break her addiction of betting on major league baseball games. Quit while you're ahead Jenni!!!

I hear there may be a move in your tell.

We're all moving to New York City by next summer, against our will. We wanna play hip clubs like CBGB and Max's Kansas City with hip bands like The Ramones, the Velvet underground, and Guy Lombardo.

I think everyone knows, but for those who haven't seen you: Idaho wears costumery. What was your worst costume choice?

Our regular clothes. So obvious and overthought. We were so insecure back then.


Ear plugs, shower plugs, spark plugs, butt plugs, plugs for dogs, plugs for pugs, pug butt plugs, pug plugs for pugs, pug butt plugs, uggs for pugs, pug shaped butt plugs, pug shaped butt plugs for pugs, pug coffee mugs, a fire plug, and Medicine Bow's new EP, it's really good.

Words to live by:

No one owes you shit.

Nice try, Jenni- you can say "no one owes you shit" in an interview,  but you still owe me 80 dollars on that bad baseball bet.


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