Wednesday, July 15, 2015


HEY! If you've been paying attention, you probably know that some of the dudes in justinedrugs have done these cool things in the past year: put on Foot Foot Fest in Ft. Collins, CO, released a ton of tapes on a basement label, started new bands, played in several other bands (including the blackout drunk beach punk band Babes & Waves (for more info, ask Dewey)), and began more than one online art project. And they have THIS band, which rules. Wow. Makes you wonder why you aren't doing something besides reading this poorly written blog post, doesn't it? ...Don't leave, I need you.

The boyz of jdrugs were kind enough to take some time to fill out our first ever "band application" for Dreyfest. Here it is:


Last name: Drugs
Middle name or initial: Cool
First name: Justine

Birthdate: Sometime in August 2013
SSN: 666-420-6969
Address: us all as babe
Phone: Samsung Galaxy

Position applying for: Rock maestros 

Wage expected:

Schooling, name of school, and GPA: graduated school of disco with a 4.20 GPA and honors

What are your strengths? Muscles, abs specifically 

What are your weaknesses? Baja blasts and babez 

What does “customer service” mean to you? Keeping the customer extra satisfied. We strive to make music that doesn't offend or excite anyone too much. Just a happy medium of marketability served up fresh.

Do you have reliable transportation? We'll have to wait and see I guess....

What would you do if you saw a coworker doing something unsafe? Probably throw em the horns to show our approval as we are also young and restless.

You observe a customer putting company merchandise in their pocket. What do you do?
Let em have it if they want it. Smash capitalism!

Tell me about a good experience you’ve had when going the extra mile: the extra mile is the experience. We gotta go. Out there. As far as we can to escape our homes....

Name a time when you’ve had a conflict with a coworker and how you resolved the conflict: we're pretty chill with our co workers. My old manager from dominos threatened to beat me up once because I was ridiculing his men's rights activism.

How would you say your past boss perceived you? See above LOL, my other past Domino's boss was an asshole too. The one in Cody was chill tho. 

How would you your past coworkers have perceived you
? We used to smoke weed in the store and blow hits into the oven. My friend Chay was a fan of a band called "Big Cock"

Have you ever been terminated from a position? Terminate me now! I don't care. "I'll be back..." Get it!?

Have you ever been incarcerated for a felony?
If so, explain the circumstances:
One time I went to jail for weed but it was no felony. Same for Coleman. Small timers we are.

Can you lift 50 lbs.? Evan definitely can he's strong as fuck! 

What is your availability?

Relevant awards and experiences that are pertinent to the position you’re applying for: Most Buzzed Band FoCoMX 2015 (unofficial)
"Ideal soundtrack for dabs" - Nicholas Bairatchnyi

Three references: "here's your sign", "git er done", "you might be a redneck if..."

There you have it: the application that got justinedrugs the position! Come see them doing their job with gusto in less than a month!


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