Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Oh boy! You know it's summer cuz of the unbearable heat and that familiar smell of hot tar wafting through Billings (along with the other regular scents: sugar beet stink and rotting west-end manure piles!). I'm gonna open up a rocket pop, blast the a.c., and listen to The Zombies' version of Summertime. Or just sweat all over the fucking place. While you do the same, please read about Colorado solo artist, In July! ...Quite a summer-y name, if I do say so!

I need a better lens...can't even see the nose hairs.

Hi In July! How the hell are ya? Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Derek Brannon, and I’m not really sure what I do…I mean that seems really open ended. I do a lot of things. In the case of In July, I write shitty sad-guy indie rock…or whatever.

You also are in Old Sport (Ft. Collins), and are playing partially because the band had to drop off the bill, correct? Wha-haaapon?

I am in Old Sport! I play guitar and shout less than the other dudes in that band. Basically, we were supposed to play Dreyfest, but Ross, our drummer forgot about a class that he had which runs until August 8th, ergo, we had to drop. But my side/solo project, In July is ramped up and ready to go. 

How is this project different from Old Sport?

Well, for one thing, In July is essentially my solo-project.  I had some songs that I had written that didn’t really fit with Old Sport so I recorded them with my friend Charlie (the drummer of Medicine Bow and the dude who recorded all of the Old Sport stuff).  While Old Sport pulls a lot from my influences in high school (Thursday, Brand New), In July represents bands that I got into during college (Kevin Devine, Jealous Sound, Pedro the Lion). Lyrically, it supposed to be fairly sarcastic and fun, unlike Old Sport, which has a pretty serious tone.

Have you toured with this project before or is Dreyfest your first outing with it? Nervous? Excited?

Nope. In fact, this is the first time we have played out side of Colorado. This is partially due to the fact that In July started as a recording project, so I had to enlist my friends, Colin and Andy to come with me and help me play my songs.

What, besides music, are you into? 

I’m in to Dota 2, Madison Marquer, and playing Dota 2 with Madison Marquer. In fact, I got him to name a song on one of the Medicine Bow albums, “Dagon Strat,” which is a reference to us playing Dota together. And we’re lovers…Well I love him.

Best and worst choices you've made within the last 5 years:

Best choice: Madison Marquer
Worst choice: Not moving to Tijuana. At my 9th grade graduation, one of my Teachers told me to stay out of Tijuana when I grew up. Big mistake.

Someone we know has a song with a title about "Brannon Magic"...what's the deal there??

THERE IS! IT’S MADISON MARQUER AND HIS BAND MEDICINE BOW. Essentially, me and Madison are best friends and he decided to write a song about me. He told me that it is about my lyrical prowess, something that he wishes he possessed. But he’s wrong, my lyrics are not very good and his are way better.

You have to give up one of the following; which is it and why: dairy, meat, sweets.

Well. I’m actually a vegetarian so I could cheat and say meat, however if I were to give up one more thing, it would be sweets. Cheese is love. Cheese is life.

Pretend I'm a stereotypical fan of these genres of music and explain to me what you sound like using language I'll understand:

I’m actually going to answer all three.

a.) blackened crust

I shower a lot and don’t really sing about the downfall of Capitalism of Christianity, so there’s really nothing for you to enjoy here.

b.) shoegaze

Sometimes I use fuzz and delay pedals. I don’t use any vocal effects. I saw Whirr once. It was okay.

c.) dubstep

I’m from Colorado. EDM and Dubstep shows are my Vietnam. Please don’t ever talk about them again.

What would I like to plug:

Get your pets spayed or neutered. And my mom. Wait, don’t spay or neuter my mom. Also I don’t want to plug my mom. I’m sorry.

Ew...thanks for that, Derek. How's that for summertime activities?! Now you kids be good and don't trip on the sprinkler hose. 


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