Sunday, July 19, 2015


Time is starting to get tight! These interviews need to go up, so again, I had to outsource for some help. This was done by my Uncle Frank. When he's not working 8-5 at the plant, he enjoys barbeques, sitting, and also barbeques. Thanks, Uncle Frank!

I spilled a little on my shirt, there.

So, uh, hey there. I'm supposed to interview you for this music deal my nephew is doing. The family is all real proud of him. 
So, uh, what's your name, there, bud?

Whelp Uncle Frank, my name is Madison (I’m also a man, pretty abnormal right) and I play in a band called Medicine Bow From Laramie, Wyoming! The national forest right outside of our little city is entitled the “Medicine Bow” national forest so I blatantly ripped it off when deciding on a name. Nature is p dope.

In my notes here, uh, it says that you have just released an album. That's very impressive for a young guy your age, you know that? That's real good, there. How old are you, there?

Oh thanks there Frank! We really appreciate the kind words! Madison is 22, Katherine is 21, Niko is 22, and Charlie is 22! But, were still yer old dads through and through, BOY.

This also says your album's name. What's a Vewadew?

Vedauwoo is another blatant rip off of a national forest area. It was a location named by the Native American of these parts and means something important (I’m just not sure what). We just like to climb the rocks there and I figured it was just about the weirdest one word album name possible, so why not go for it!?

You look like you could be a big linebacker or somethin. I bet you could really flatten them guys in a tackle. Do ya like football?

We like American Football, but that’s all. (Get it, that’s a famous emo band lolololol) Sports don’t really do it for yer old dads. Maybe esports (even though they are not real) Madison loves to nerd out on some DOTA (a moba computer game). He even entitled a song related to DOTA. What a lozerrr.

There is a wacky bird doing cuh-raaazay things off camera! What hijinx!

Now, my notes also says that you just got engaged to a girl. Is that right, there? 

Yesssss!!! It’s so incredible! It’s seriously such bliss; I’m the luckiest man in the whole wide world! Our love grows stronger and more passionate everyday (gross).

And what's her name?

Katherine Landvogt! But not for too much longer!

And you two are planning on getting married, there?

Yessssssss! We’re gonna do a wedding in the woods, rent a generator and have all our friends bands play us jamz. It’s gonna be pretty low key, but ultra radical. Were really excited!

And when is the date? I hope it's not during your music tour or your football things, because that could always get in the way and make that real hard, there.

Stop, you know football always comes first. But we haven’t set and official date yet L! Were so unbelievably broke that were just kind of waiting it out. Although if we had money probably pretty soon, that planning process takes forever though! I’m sure you know what I mean Uncle Frank. Realistically, Fall 2016 (we're also busy bodies)

You know, when me and Sandy got married, there, we spent all this time and money on this big presentation- you know, like the cake, the dresses, for the girls, there, and then the tuxes too, and then all these invitations, just the works, you know? And the sucker gets rained out! I swear to ya! Ha ha. Oh boy, ok. 

Ouch, I’m so sorry!! If we get rained out well just run around in the rain. We both love the rain!! Whoo! If you wanna come eat burgers hotdogs and play us some of yer signature kickass billings punx, you got yourself an invite right here!

Ok, uh, so, what are you doing then, with your summer? 

Writing more tunes, playing billions of shows, dreading the going back to the school grind for one last year. Our Drummer Charlie is on tour just about the whole summer!! Were really stoked for Dreyfest though, it is the best festival in the whole world and anyone who isn’t there is missing out super hxc.

I'm reading some of your lyrics here.  

I don't understand them at all. 

What ever happened to that song "B-b-b-b-b-b-b-benny and the jets"? You got any songs like that?

I’m more of a Rocket Man fan myself, but hey any Elton is my Jam! I mean John, wait. . . .   

Ok, uh, well, thanks for your time, there, Medicine Bow. You guys got a real future, there. Maybe me and my boys will come down and grab some hotdogs and watch you guys play; you gotta let me know when the next time you play is, ok? Ok, bye. You take care, bud. 

Deal! We loveeeeee you and all the Dreayfest crew Uncle Frank! Thanks for interviewing us!

OK, well, there, we got it all straightened out and told ya all about this band, there. OK, well, I hope you had a good time, there. We're gonna go down to the lake and cook a few brats. Maybe you guys want to come with? What's your dad up to these days, there? Maybe him and Lois can come down to the lake and have a few dogs, there. OK, well you have a good time, there. Be good. We'll see ya. Take care. Bye bye, there.


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