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Hello, Laramie, Wyoming's stoic.! Please tell us who you are and what you do in the band:

Cole: My name is Cole Janzen, I play drums and ruin my throat. 

Jacob: I'm Jacob Watson, I play guitar and also do vocals.
What's Laramie like? Is there a dedicated hardcore following? What kinds of bands have been forming/playing?

Jacob: Laramie's alright, there's not much to do unless you like drinking. Aside from like, a small group of mostly our band and our close friends and their bands, there's not really a hardcore following. There's just kids that come to any show that's happening because it's something to do, and it's usually all ages. The scene is really diverse, with heavy bands like Reproacher and Caged Bird Songs, emo/rock like Medicine Bow, punk from Redbush and Shotgun Shogun, and so many more. Honestly I haven't heard of a lot of different bands forming in Laramie. I play in a new punk band called Old Haunts, other than that I haven't heard of many new ones.

Cole: Laramie is a giant drinking culture surrounded by ice and mountains. Our local DIY spot, Babe Haus, warms us up though. There's not a specific hardcore following, just a dedicated scene of kids who listen to and support almost everything coming through. The kinds of bands that play are all over the place, from psychedelic rock to hardcore to metalcore to singer-songwriter stuff. For how small we are, we've got a lot of diversity. As for forming, Old Haunts is the newest band to my knowledge. I'm trying to either get a goth-y solo project or post hardcore band going sometime this fall.

What else is worth doing in or near Laramie?

Jacob: Near Laramie we have skiing close by in the winter, and places like Curt Gowdy and Vedauwoo for camping and hiking. Other than that, there's a lot of drinking. It's a big bar scene, which sucks because that's all that there really is in town.

Cole: Jacob and I once got lost in the woods outside of Laramie for 2 hours in the dark, and walked up on a moose and definitely could have died. Other than that, our Taco Bell is super reliable and know us all by name, so that's nice.

stoic., touring of the set of the first TMNT movie, Paramount Backlot.

Please describe your band to me as if I were an 85 year old lady who likes baking pound cakes and cookies.

Cole: We put the pound in pound cake. 

Jacob: Well Grandma, we're just kind of mad and it sounds like we're mad and doesn't really make sense.

Since we're talking about baking...what's your favorite sweet treat?

Jacob: Ooohh sweet treats...Fuck there's so many to pick from (can I curse on the air?) . If we're talking home made, it's vegan chocolate chip cookies. If we're talking like, the gas station, it's Skittles(TM).

Cole: Vegan cinnamon rolls.

Please describe your band to me as if I were a 5 year old boy who likes monster trucks and legos.

Jacob: We're the reason that monster trucks crush shit. 

Cole: We stepped on a lego barefoot and wrote songs about it.

Since we're talking about toys, what was your favorite toy as a kid?

Jacob: Batman action figures. Hands down. Don't shoot.

Cole: Those like, little BMX bikes, like tech decks for bikes, and then the whole tiny skate park set up. Those were seriously the coolest and I want one back.

What new band would you recommend the readers check out?

Cole: There's this super heavy band called Languish that's like a Southwest supergroup that's worth checking out. Death of Lovers is still a kind of new goth-y shoegaze-y band that shares members with Nothing/Whirr and is super great. For bands that I've just recently discovered, Beastmilk is excellent, and then the new Ceremony, Blacklisted, and Coliseum records are incredible.

Jacob: Well new to me would be Exalt from Canada and I really like Biocrisis from Mexico. I've also been jamming a lot of Cloakroom lately.

Any plugs you'd like to add?

Cole: We're hitting Dreyfest on the final leg of a very long, not-yet-announced summer tour, so y'all will be a sight for sore eyes. We'll finally have physical copies of our 7" split with Oldneck from California with us, and we'll be playing a ton of new songs. All of our stuff is up for free download on Bandcamp, and we have extremely cheap merch right now on our Bigcartel. Check it out! //

Where does he work?

I cain't say.

Where does he work?

Sir, I ain't at liberty to give out no information about our residents.

Where does he work?

Did you not hear me? We can't give out no information.

P.S. Thanks for everything y'all at Dreyfest do, we love you :) We'll get you tons of "No Country" stickers when we come through.





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