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The reason they say "watch what you put on the internet"

Are you a square? So are a lot of us. 
How to stop being square, if you so choose: let your curiosities guide you and become well-rounded by the simple act of exploring the myriad of possibilities of what to do with your time. You'll probably still be a goddamn nerd (happens to the best of us!), but at least you'll be an interesting one. Let's shave off some corners with Dreyfest's first local comedian: Kyle Kulseth.

Who are you, where are you from, what do you do?
I'm Kyle Kulseth. I'm originally from Sheridan, WY. I live in Missoula now. And I'm a standup comedian and plucky, lovable anti-hero.

From what I understand, you're coming through Billings on a stand-up tour with Grant Geiger, who is a Missoula musician (or am I misunderstanding...this is all second-hand info). Is that right?

Well, right now, we're doing Dreyfest, of course, in Billings. Then, that next night, we're playing Whistle Pig Korean in Bozeman.

As for more of he and I inflicting our dumb bullshit on strangers on the road? Yeah, probably.
Woah- you guys are playing a Korean restaurant? I don't know if that sounds more like "fun" or "pretty bizarre". Have you played there before?
And is Grant also doing stand-up? Someone clue us in 'cause we have no idea what to expect!

Haha. I did a comedy/music show at Whistle Pig last August and I had a blast. It's both super fun AND pretty bizarre.

As for Grant, he's playing music.
Ah, I see. Well, you guys enjoy your 20 tiny bowls of marinated vegetables.
Since we're on the subject of venues, what sort of places do you usually, or prefer to play? ...I mean, it's not like there's a wealth of comedy clubs in MT. And do you like to pair yourself alongside music when possible? Are crowds hungry for music generally receptive?

Look--kimchi rules. My love of fermented ingestables knows no bounds.
Yeah, I usually do little  dive bars, all over Missoula. I did a living room show once! That ruled. I did The Crystal Theater up here for a competition a month ago. Played a show in the backyard of a bar in Great Falls last summer. I'm perfectly happy doing comedy in stage-having dive bars (or none stages having ones).
I do enjoy the pairing of comedy and music, yeah. I've sought it out in the past.

That's what she said.
(she is my grandmother)
(she is sitting right beside me)
(she is good with editing, and english in general)
(she advises me on these matters even when I do not request her assistance)
(she is upset with my failure to capitalize)
(both my income and the beginning of my sentences)
Hey, speaking of English, didn't you study English, or am I making shit up?

Jesus Christ, man...where are you getting all this intel...?

Yeah. English Lit, dawg.

Now, I've never performed stand-up, but I greatly respect the writing element of creating a joke. How much time do you spend on writing material? From sorting out concepts to editing to "final product"? And how much does the English Literature studying lend itself to your craft?

Probably not enough time, really. I'd like to try and become a more prolific writer of jokes in the next year.
For me, most of my stuff is story-based and pretty conversational, in a way. If I have an idea or just a funny story I wanna tell, I'll usually write it out, all the way, first. Then go back to trim the fat or add more "punch" I guess? Fuck.
Mostly, though, I think it's just about sharing your take on stuff with people, in a way that makes 'em chuckle.
If I may insert this intrusive probe further, how would you describe that take; specifically, to Dreyfest attendees who are interested in knowing more about your comedy, but aren't sure what to expect?

Ah man, I hate self-describing, I always end up sound like a total chode.
Eeeh...I'd say my comedy is both observational and story-based standup, focused on how weird everyday life really is, and on finding the humor in fucking things up.

tl,dr: I'm a goofy drunk telling stories to kill time
I'm heavily influenced by Matt Braunger, Kyle Kinane. Those guys.

Two identity questions:
Are you the "kyle" in Missoula punk band deadbeats?
If you had an alter ego, who would you be?
No, dammit, that's Kyle Davenport!
An alter ego? Like a secret, by-night identity (because, one of my D&D characters probably)? Or just anyone else I'd be (because, Louise Belcher, from Bob's Burgers)
Ha! I asked because I saw the frequency of your posts on their fb page...and judging by their own posts, they have a decent sense of humor, so I thought it might be you.
I was aiming more toward the secret identity thing, but let's continue!: Sheridan, Bozeman, or Missoula?

To live in? Sheridan's my hometown, so I love it. I could be happy in Bozeman. But I love Missoula, man.

Anywhere else you'd consider living?

I like Seattle quite a bit. I used to spend a lot of time in Winnipeg, Canada--it's a rad city.

Back to Sheridan- did you know the Fantasic SAMS guys growing up? Or ever attend the shows at the now-defunct venue (I wanna say it was a skate park or something) that hosted quite a few well-known punk bands in the mid-2000s?

I know OF The Fantastic Sams, but don't know them personally. I am friends with Larson and Rhandon from Dusty McQueen down in Laramie. I dunno if you ever played with Borderline Bandits or Nuke The Monster from Sheridan, but I sorta know those guys.
I thiiink the venue in Sheridan you're referring to is Scotty's Skate Castle! Yeah, I've been to lots of shows there. It's a dump, but I love it for that reason.

Funny story: in 2009, Grant was playing in a band called Good News From France and they were on tour. The second to last show of that tour was in Sheridan at Scotty's. Like...two hours before the show started, the guy called Grant and was like, "I totally fucked up the stage electrical stuff so...no show! Sorry!"

Sooo...we just got lunch and they drove home to Bozeman.

Ha! Bad News From Scotty. 

Hahaha. Exactly.

How would you feel about sharing any recent stories? I don't wanna put you on the spot or spoil any of your routine, but since that's your element, I thought maybe you'd want some space to do your thing.
There WAS this time, RIGHT after I moved up to Missoula, I was just walking around. And there was a dude on a bike, coming towards from the other direction. Shorts, no helmet, no shirt, no SHOES even. He WAS wearing shades cuz-ya know-take care of them baby blues...
Anyway he rides up to pass me, reaches up behind himself, no hands on the handlebars, pulls a cig and lighter, lights up, passes me and sorta looks at me and goes "pffft. Shiii-hii-hiiit."
And I just remember thinking "there's a portrait of the city, right there."
Been a hoot ever since.

Hahahah! That seems pretty spot-on! Fuck!
Alright, Kyle, thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to do this. I imagine you must've had other things to do. Is there anything else you'd like the blog readers to know or anything you'd like to plug?

Aaah...super stoked to do Richard Dreyfest, and to hang out with everyone! Thanks!

Feeling different? ...Changed? ...No? ...I don't know how to help you, then, Steven. I'm trying here.

See you at Dreyfest.

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