Thursday, July 24, 2014


Things that come to mind when I think of Trigger Itch:

comfortably weathered
beer after work
maybe gray hair...but only like 10.
beer after practice
beer after beer
burritos...but that may just be because it's close to dinner and I didn't get a snack today.

Trigger Itch is Boise, Idaho's resident high octane no-nonsense rock outfit. Short solo bursts between riffs and charging tempos. It's on!

Hulk smash!

Poking around online, it looks like there are several 21+ venues and at least a couple all ages venues for music in Boise. Is that indicative of a strong local scene?
Yes and no. Lotsa good folks trying to bring rock to the people. Not a lotta people to rock for.

Is the local community supportive of your brand of fast, dirty, fun rocknroll?

The ones who like us reaaallly like us.

Since we're talking about Idaho, do you support Walt Bayes or Harley Brown for Governor?
We're in negotiations to do the theme music for Harley's new reality tv show.

We found out about Trigger Itch through your drummer- Billings-ex-pat and former drummer of Coldsnap-9 and The MT Law. Cody- do you miss Montana at all, and what (if anything) are you looking forward to doing while in town?
Although Montana will always be home, I don't necessary miss Billings ..but absolutely miss everyone that's there. I am Excited for Dreyfest, I wasn't able to make it last year and stoked to see and play with so many great bands all while hanging out with friends. 
Next on NOVA: Through the Eyes of a Dog. Why can't Fido perceive color?

What do each of you do when not playing in the band?
Sailing, diving, Tourette's. We're taking a vacation from our problems.

Do you enjoy any sports? Rugby? Hiking? Couch Surfing?
We sponsor a nude mud lacrosse team.

How do you see yourselves dying? (pretty dark all of the sudden!)

On our feet
As the dawn breaks on an all-night game of Texas hold 'em
A cool mist veils the field of honor

What would you like people to know about your band?
Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

...Do you ask that of all your prey?

Catch Trigger Itch at Dreyfest NEXT WEEKEND!!! AGGHHHH!!!!

See you....there.

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