Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Extra-curricular activities and other info!!!

credit: Rob Smith!

Thanks for introducing us, Harold! Now folks, here's the non-musical stuff that we said we'd post about for this year's Dreyfest:


12pm - Soccer at North Park! 
Everyone's welcome- bands, fest attendees, people who happen to see the game as they're heading to the Sinclair for smokes! Afterwards, head to the YVBC at 3pm for the show and probably refreshments cuz you'll be hot hot hot!


11am - Julia Louyeast Dreyfest fermentation workshop at Pioneer Park! 
Yeah, learn some stuff, dummy! An instructional how-to for fermenting food/drink! 

12pm - Potluck at Pioneer Park!
Eat some food with other attendees and bands and weird guys who hang in the park all day! Everyone is invited, whether you have something to share or not. FREE FOOD, bozo!

1:30-ish(?) - Kickball at Pioneer Park.
You've learned how to make kombucha, you've stuffed yourself to the teeth with beans and burritos, now run around in the sun until you feel sick playing kickball!!! After the game, head to the show! 

This is gonna be a blast, everybody. 

Three other things of note:

1. The shows are $5 PER SHOW or $10 FOR ALL THE SHOWS (way better deal!).

2. There was a last minute schedule change, and Idaho Green are now playing Black Sparrow and Part Time Ninjas are now playing the Brewery - the "schedules" blog post reflects the change!


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