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YES, FESTITES! It's nearly time. The venues are confirmed (announcement soon), the slots are just about set in stone, and the final Dreyfest meeting is on the verge of taking place. We'll have lots of news for you in no time...and, of course, more interviews (like the one below!)!

And now, please take off your hat/jacket/shirt/shoes/pants/undergarments, grab your partner and/or self, and relax as the Richard Dreyfest blog presents an evening with Bozeman's Gang Member:

Have you guys ever noticed that weird smudge on the ceiling?

Gang member is:

    Gang Member isn't something you go to see…….it's something you are at, something that happens to you. Founded by Kix(Nick Hagen) and Arlo(Nick Orris), two years after the breakup of their most recent collaboration, DemonSteed. Kix(Tales From Ghost Town, Stench, DemonSteed) the Founder of Montana-Based 'Sxratch Native Records' and Publisher of the Underground Magazine 'Stolen Goods and Other Contraband', along with Arlo(Spewdom, Pipe Bomb, DemonSteed) were actively looking for a third member for their group that did not yet have a name. After heavy consideration they recruited Travis Clark(Eyes), the former Rhythm Guitarist for the recently disbanded Bozeman Based Punk Band, 'Enemy of the Gypsy' and Frontman and Co-Founder of he short lived Hardcore Punk Rock Band 'Hippie Banana Rocket'. After a few close calls, like 'The Inner Child Molesters', The three eventually decided on Gang Member. It is half a Distorted reflection of the Police(biggest gang around according to them) and a shadowed hierarchy of the Executive Branch of Gov't. The other half speaks for itself.

Are you guys all originally from Bozeman?

     None of us are from Bozeman. Arlo is from Princeton on the east coast and holds the current world record for Deep Sea Dead Body Rock Snorkeling. Nick came from space where his parents were owners of a Law firm specializing in Defense of Public Urination/Intoxication, or in lorem Ipsum terms, fun. Travis is a disheveled transient lady boy from Bratislava where his biological parents were eaten by feral wolf-orphsans just after his still-birth in 1948. Fortunately he was magically resurrected by a wandering Gypsy named Jumanji the Amphetamine Child who dabbled in sodomy and communicable disease contracting.........also fancy blasphemancy. The intense physical love of the gelatin goop that comes in spam cans was the whole reason that penguins eventually grew to hate typewriters……

Bozeman has at least 2 venues that host shows pretty regularly right now, right? What are the challenges for the scene there at the moment?

     The Legendary Filling Station (Home) has been host to years of Bluegrass and Independent Country, and chest ejaculation receptacle with scattered "Hardcore" performances. One of the most challenging Challenges that challenge our hardcore scene in Bozeman is communication and promotional problems. We often rely on superstitions that if you book it they will come. Instead of Flyers we rely on witchcraft and wind to promote our shows. Honestly, though, there is only a handful of aggressive show attendees and we are lucky to get one show a month at the Filler due to a solid schedule of the same genre of music. Sand. Banjos. Hot acoustic/mandolin bands. Cool. Once in while a kickass touring punk or metal band passes through and we get to play a set.  The attendance is minimal due to lack of support from local production companies who don't like to pay, or promote local punk and metal bands. So, we rely on our independent record label and the Family of Artists that Represent it, Sxratch Native, to bring in loyal friends and Musical Family, who are all totally ripped and sweet. The Hauf is our favorite venue. No pretentious stage separation, no fucked up promoter that only gives you 25 minutes to setup, play, breakdown, do your own sound, and feel cheated. The Haufbrau is a family owned, generally good hearted, supporter of the somewhat elite, diverse, and independent music scene in Bozeman, MT. Thank you Haufbrau for very intimate crowd participation.

Some of you guys were also part of a metal band that some former Oxide guys used to play in right? I wanna say you guys toured a little bit(?) Care to talk about that band at all?

  I think you mistook Oxide for DemonSteed.  The Steed was totally metal that came complete with a riot at every show.
It was rad.

One of the Nicks in the band also plays solo stuff as Tales From Ghost Town (who played last year's fest and is also on this year's Dreyfest bill). How was your experience playing last year's Dreyfest?

 It was most triumphant!!!!!  Felt right at home surrounded by skateboards.

Is there anything you'd like readers to know about Scratch Native Records?

     We are completely independent. The do it yourself thing came naturally, as a small group of social misfits, we don't exactly get, or want, too much help.  We have lived this way as fans of music and carried on the tradition of doing everything ourselves rather than rely on some corporate money suck machine to spread the word about our bands when we started playing music. 

A short list of things you love the most in your life:

1. Rocking out.
2. Skating .
3. Orgasms.
4. Standing up after holding our breath while sitting and passing out from lack of oxygen. Head rush.
5. Shit that's hesh.
6. Long Walks off of short Docks.
7. Being irresponsible.
8. Our friends in Bozeman.
9  Saint Christopher, The Deadnecks, The Helligans, Hell City Kitty!!!!!!!
10. Warm, smelly, things that make you sticky and stings a little at first, but then feels good.

A short list of things you love to hate:

1. Sexism/Sexists
2. Intolerance dicks
3. Cops
4. Discrimination
5. Black Licorice
6. Lame Music
7. People
8. Shitty Attitudes
9. Finger Cramps
10. Non-triumphant stuff

One thing you WILL NOT eat:

A recently fingered chili bean, stuffed with wet dog, severed on a bed of lightly tormented starfish. 

What will Gang Member be doing for the rest of the year?

Gang Bangin'

You like your punk dirty and raw and full of angry ... uh ...anger, tempered with a sense of humor that makes your mom uneasy, look no further. 


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