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We played a few dates with Laramie, Wyoming's Caged Bird Songs last winter on tour, I remember they were really good and reminded me of a Mastodon a show I went to, although I'm sure that's way off. They were definitely one of the the nicest, scary band we played with all tour. Or maybe that's scariest, nice band. I'm not sure. Either way, they are very nice. And scary, if you think Mastodon is scary, I guess. I asked them a bunch of annoying questions that they graciously answered. BEHOLD!

You guys are probably one the youngest bands in the general area that I know of that tours regularly. What's the motivation? Do you guys ever feel like you're wasting your time? (I'm projecting here, obviously)
Actually, this is something that we've intentionally tried to do. CBS has only been a band for around 10 months but we've never seen the point of waiting around to take this band the places we want to take it. We wrote and recorded our first full-length this year, Dead Pursuits, and we will have done two tours before we hit the one year mark. We think that touring/writing at a breakneck pace is the only way to go. In a sense, I think we're trying to foster a tireless work ethic as quickly as we can because this is all any of us have ever wanted to do. Sometimes it can feel like we're wasting our time, just because we are a young band with a lot of room to grow, but anytime we connect with someone out there that genuinely seems to enjoy what we're doing, it instantly becomes worth it. 

I couldn't help but notice all the homages to Dale Earnhardt on your equipment when we played with you guys in Denver. I don't follow NASCAR at all but I've always sort of admired Dale. What does The Intimidator mean to you?
Dale "The Intimidator" Earnhardt is more than just someone we admire at this point. He's become our deity as well as a major inspiration for our lifestyles. Dale is the light and the one true way. #3 forever. 

What's the Laramie music scene like these days?
To me, the scene is thriving. One of the reasons for that is that kids are not picky about who they support. Heavier shows, like our upcoming tour kickoff with Cult Leader, have seen as much support as shows that maybe aren't as heavy, like when Medicine Bow or justinedrugs play. I think the reason for that, is that kids here know that the scene can't survive if they don't support every single band, which is great because its made the scene diverse, and something that I'm constantly proud to be a part of. 

I'd try and explain in deeper terms what your music sounds like, but I'd probably butcher it and humiliate myself. Could you explain your music to me in a few ways? First, try to explain it as if I were-
(a) a third grader with Attention Deficit Disorder
(b) an angsty high school freshman that casually listens to the Insane Clown Posse.
(c) a 30-something female professional that has tried online dating
(d) Kevin's grandmother
a. Our music sounds like how you felt when your parents split up. It'll make more sense when you're an angst-ridden teen, though.     
b. Are music is how you felt when loaf and jug ran out of faygo and you realized that your parents "just don't get it".
c. Our music sounds like the feeling you get when you realize your career, friends and lifestyle don't fulfill you. 
d. Our music is the devil himself yelling into a microphone. 
Hardstylin... Vegas style

If a contractual obligation forced Caged Bird Songs to add a 
(a) Accordion Player
(b) backup dancers
(c) hype-man
or a
(d) children's choir
to the live show, what would you guys add, and why? (And only one! Because obviously you'd add all four)
In a perfect world, the hype man. Because who the fuck doesn't want one of those? In reality, probably the children's choir, because 14-year-old me was stoked on the Chariot record that had a children's choir in the background. 

Anything you'd like to say to any intrigued Dreyfest attendees?
Bring us Dale Earnhardt memorabilia, and be sure to watch justinedrugs and Medicine Bow. 

There it is! They've got plenty of Dale Earnhardt memorabilia at the antique store in Laurel. Just saying.

See you at Dreyfest!

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