Friday, July 18, 2014


In this age of texts, Facebook posts, and Twitter quips, I've come to realize the importance of conveying only the most important information in the smallest amount of space. For instance, "Oh my god! I just remembered I have to do something; I have to go, but I will return shortly!" can be shortened to "OMG! BRB". Likewise, "Oh man- Jerome just slipped and fell, dropping his stack of papers all over the floor. What a complete imbecile." can be shortened to "Jerry! EPIC FAIL! HAHA!" And if you want to say "OMG! EPIC FAIL! ROGLMFAO! WTF?! TTLY PWND!!! LAWL!!!", you can change it to: "I'm a fucking moron, please punch me in the face". ...At least I think that's shorter.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because Billings' I've Had Better is a pretty simple what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of outfit, and they, too, understand the importance of brevity. Without further wasted space and words, here they are:

I don't know what is going here, but I don't like it!

What are most of IHB's songs about?
Josh Keele- The Western Meadowlark, Montana's state bird.
Joe Stockburger- Richard Greico's uncontrollable type 2 diabetes.
Zach Flynn- Songs are supposed to be about something?

You have a song with the great title "Critique My Death". Is that a reaction to/swipe at over-analytical negativity?
Josh- Possibly.
Joe- Yes.
Zach- Critique my death, please!

You guys have been involved in the local scene/going to shows around town for a long time here in Billings. Do you have an all-time favorite show memory?
Josh- Opening for Continental.
Joe- Getting to see Camarosmith for a dollar at the old Eleven. Still the best show I've seen.
Zach- I'd say when we opened for mxpx at the garage pub...fav show memory.

I might be wrong, but I think you guys all enjoy the occasional drink. What is your beer of choice and why?
Josh- All of them. Because.
Joe- Billy beer. Look it up.
Zach- Lately High Life bottles have been my go-to because it's the champagne of beers!

Describe your current life in 3 words:
Josh- Really really good.
Joe- feta cheese enema.
Zach- Busy, Stressed, Drunk

Rogers or Loggins?
Josh- Rogers.
Joe- Loggins.
Zach- Loggins for sure.

Rogers or Hammerstein?
Josh- Is this another beer question?
Joe- Hammerstein.
Zach- Hammerstein.

MC Hammer or Vanilla Ice?
Josh- DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, of course!
Joe- Take em' to the hole hamma!!!!
Zach- Thats a toss up Hammer had the moves and Vanilla Ice was too cool for school.

HAVE you had better?
Josh- Once.
Joe- Is this a rhetorical question?
Zach- I'l take the 5th.
What else should the Dreyfest attendees know?
Josh- The Western Meadowlarks binomial name is Sturnella Neglecta.
Joe- Richard Greico had in his possession the cure for cancer. Then he got horrible type 2 diabetes. End of Story.
Zach- It took us over a month to get this interview done!

Dreyfest is very near, now. I can sense it. Oh wait- it's a different Richard I'm perceiving:

But Richard Dreyfest is also near...

See you at Dreyfest!

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