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I knew that we had to put Haints in the Holler on the fest when I saw that their first four letters of their hometown were "Rich". This is also true of any band that we added from Dickinson, North Dakota. And Dreyfoos, Texas. ...But I digress.

Richmond Virginia's Haints in the Holler: friendly hands passing along easy comfort, and occasionally a little bit of haunting unease, with the sticky warmth that you might expect form the hilly south. Indiefolk folks touring through Montana who just so happened to need a show on in Billings on one of the days of Dreyfest! 

...I wonder if anyone from Festus, Missouri needs a show...

"Saaay "cheeeeese" ... No, not you two, just him."

Hiya Haints! ...If you'll excuse my ignorance, what IS a haint?
Well, a haint is an old Appalachian term that means ghost or a spirit. Some people say if you paint your porch ceiling blue it keeps them away....

What are your names/ages/instruments?
Julie-guitar, vocals- 28
Dan- drums, vocals- 29
Son- bass - 27
David- violin - 25
Adam- guitar - 34

Describe your music using only words that start with the letter "d":
Hmmmm... dismal, depressing, dark, dope! deep. 

I noticed on your site that you posted about being excited for a Propaghandi show. It seems like a lot of folks whose first loves were punk or indie have become interested in Americana/folk. Do you have any ideas about why that is?
Yeah, I feel like a lot of our friends who grew up on punk have been really into folk music in recent years. I guess a lot of folk and punk deal with similar subjects like lower class struggles and coping with the world in all of its ridiculousness. 

Richmond has a pretty rich history of all kinds of music, but since we're on the subject of punk, were you around for Avail, Fun Size, Sixer (who made a popular trip or two to Billings about 10 years ago), or Ann Beretta?
Yep! Those are pretty much household names around here. You definitely see plenty of Avail tattoos around town. I guess  Fun Size got back in the saddle a couple years ago and are still doing some shows.

Do you have fond memories of any other artists from the area (in other genres too!)?
Going to see Municipal Waste when I was a teenager was always the best! There shows would get pretty crazy. Funny enough, I saw them open for Propagandhi at Best Friends Day in Richmond a few years ago. We saw Battlemaster play a sweet house show a few years back in a kitchen, and saw some folks do dives off the refrigerator.  

What do you do when not hangin' in hollers?
Gardening, going to the beach, skateboarding, playing in some other bands, hanging out with cats...

Do you have any persistent or recurring ailments?
Julie has migraines and Dan's back hurts

Is this your first time to Montana? Is there anything you're looking forward to while you'll be in Big Sky Country?
We have never played in Montana before and are super excited about that! Stoked about seeing the Rocky Mtns...and it would be awesome to see some wild horses.

Do you have any plugs or info you'd like to pass along to folks?
YES. We just came out with a new ep which we posted on our bandcamp ( and anybody can listen to it for FREE...and if you really like it, you can give us money! Also, we have an indiegogo up right now to help us out so we aren't completely broke after tour...if anybody is feeling generous! You get some super sweet prizes!

Okay guys- we want them to come to Billings, so NOBODY tell them that the rockies are several hours away and that wild horses are nowhere near where we reside!! As a consolation, maybe we can band together and get them to watch a Colorado Rockies game on tv while the Stones' Wild Horses plays in the background? Or a better idea might be to help them with that gas money- that way that other stuff might not even matter! What are you waiting for? Go listen to their music and donate!

See you at Dreyfest!

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