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This morning, while munching my Cap'N Crunch, I cut my mouth open. This shouldn't be a big surprise, because the Cap's cereal is well-known for it's rough and sharp quality. ...The thing is: if everyone seems to already know that, then why doesn't the company in charge of making the cereal just change the shape? 

I'm writing an angry letter to the Quaker Oats Co./PepsiCo as we speak (with my right hand...the left is typing this), so I don't have much in the way of an introduction to fucking cereal this interview assholes!!! Please instead, change your bands to highly energetic show with lyrics that reflect corporate jackasses laughing at the bloody frowns of every customer on their way to a fun, sweaty basement! Hopefully, this reaches all the readers and to you, dear Madison, I offer multicolored crunchberries at least, for fucks sake! His positive attitude and your suits in their ivory tower of puffed grain grinning heartily, to the delight of Wyoming and Montana crowds everywhere drowning in milky, milky money!! So, enjoy "soft crunch" doesn't count because it was clearly a specialty interview with Louisiana-by-way-of-Wyoming's Medicine Bow. ...And bring back the Sog Master!

Dude, we'll never be able to hear you if you don't sing into the microphone

Your newest release is a 7 inch that 4 labels all had a hand in putting out. One from your neck of the woods, one from California, one from the UK, and another from Ireland! How did you come into contact with all of those labels? Honestly I just got really lucky! Evan Kallas (the Head of No Direction records) from Cheyenne, Wyoming is one of my old friends who obviously willing to help me out so there was no surprise there! Evan ended up getting me in touch with one of the Lost State Records (from Atascadero, California) heads Trey Hanawalt who I couldn’t believe was so pumped to invest in my record! I met Gary Sleith and Ricky Stevens of Good Post Day Records (located in London, UK) through bandcamp by following their music. Eventually we connected on facebook and had become acquaintances far before the idea of a “Tree” record came to fruition. When the time for me to find labels for the project it was rad that those guys were willing to contribute to the record! The last label that helped with the project was Little League Records which is based out of Carlow, Ireland. Callum Browne (the label head) and I got in contact randomly on the internet. We both share some mutual friends and listen to similar music so when our paths crossed on the internet we just kinda started to chat and become friends! I honestly can’t believe I got all of these fantastic people from all over to contribute to my dream! Printing this 7in” is probably the most important thing I’ve ever done and I’m so honored to have worked with such great people! I’m so lucky to have support from around the globe and I know I have made some friends for life with this venture. It really leaves me speechless! 

Your song Fortune Cookie is lyrically constructed from several short, poetic or wise-sounding sayings. Did you compile a bunch of fortunes and put them in a song or write the sayings and found they sounded like fortune cookie fortunes? (...Either way, "Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been" is a terrific saying!) Hey thanks so much! I think this song is really, really, cheesy all the time, but there’s actually a lot more meaning behind it. The song is compiled by I think 10 - 11 fortunes in total. I handpicked those out of far too many, it was intense. The song has meaning to me because I attained all of those fortune cookies by eating Chinese food with my mom on Friday nights. When I would go back home in my first couple years of college after; we ate she’d take some fortune cookies and hide them in my car. Yeah kinda odd, but I think it’s funny. 

You are making a return trip to Dreyfest this year. How was last year's event for you? Any highlights? I can’t believe I get to play Dreyfest again this year!!! I am SO excited for it. A little fun fact is that Richard Dreyfest last year was my first show ever as Medicine Bow!! This year will be a little different though, last year I was playing as a two man act with simply guitar and drums. We also weren’t as well practiced and well prepared as we should have been! Overall the show was a real blast though; I would say the highlight of Richard Dreyfest last year was either Noise, Noise, Noise’s last set, or Weather Control’s set. 

I notice that your last name is french and you are from New Orleans. Do you identify as cajun/creole? No not at all! I defiantly know about culture, but I’m not involved in it! 

Living in Wyoming, do you miss the cuisine of Louisiana? Oh yeah all the time! Luckily for me I get to go down there a couple times a year to see my blood. My mom also makes some pretty good ettufe and gumbo. I’m glad I don’t live down there though because it literally is so good I’d weigh like 2,000 pounds.  

In last year's interview, you had said that Laramie didn't have much of a music scene. Have things improved at all? Oh yeah immensely!!! I almost can’t believe it. Everyone who used to be in the Cheyenne Wyoming music scene moved up to Laramie and now it’s really taking off! There is a really solid house show venue that has lots of awesome DIY acts and even some bigger bands even! Last night cult leader played so that was pretty insane. There are also a few bars that can be booked in Laramie (although all the good shows/bookers avoid them). The University of Wyoming also hosts local shows as well as some bigger touring bands. This year we had Touche Amore, Caravels, and Special Explosion all come though at some point. I certianly think Laramie has a really awesome scene right now with some really crucial bands (Stoic. , Caged Bird Songs, Reproacher, Dusty Mcqueen, Harriman Exit, etc). Ft. Collins also has a really awesome scene right now and because of that Laramie and Ft. Collins have kina been growing off each other, it’s great. If someone reading this needs a show out in Laramie let me know!

What are you going to school for there, anyway? Future plans with the degree? I’m currently studying Secondary Education with an emphasis on Social Studies!! I really love the program that I’m in here at UW! Working with high school kids is really fun and a great way to absorb information if you always want to learn new things like I do. I have two years left of college until I graduate and then I think I’m going to take a year off and explore the world, while maybe doing a little substitute teaching every now and again. I don’t think I will jump into a solid teaching job my first year out of college, so I’m kind of just playing it by ear right now! I can’t wait to be a teacher in the future though; I know it will be a blast. 
What's next up for Medicine Bow? As far as Medicine Bow goes I’m working on writing all full length that I plan to record (obviously) probably starting in October and just see what happens! I’m not really setting a goal or anything, I just love to play shows and have fun! Music is my stress relief and expression; I’m not in it to really make it a business or profit off of my art. All I really want to do is keep playing shows with all of my buddies and having a good time. Playing a rowdy show is one of the greatest feelings in the world, as I’m sure you are well aware. So yeah, I’m just kind of going with the flow!

If you had to end an interview, how would you do it? A handshake, a smile, and a wink !

Thanks to Madison and to you, you terrific profits-over-people concert-attending sugar-peddling Gordon Gekko-worshipping fest-ers! I hope you choke on your own Quisp and, seriously, have a lovely time here in Billings, Montana!

Who says men can't multi-task!

See you at Dreyfest

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