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It seems like every region has a small stronghold of people who are active in their musical community and put a lot of their time and effort into doing something that's either fun, of a certain quality, or both. ...Like, not just "I'm in a band", but "I'm in 3 bands and I run a distro and make screen print posters for shows and also book shows for out of town bands and am currently recording a solo artist in my bedroom". If you're looking at Northern Colorado/Southern Wyoming, it kinda seems like these guys- justinedrugs- and their friends are a big part of the stronghold for that area. These motivated, creative guys are making shit happen and that's pretty fucking cool to us!

On an important side note: today, I went to fold a piece of paper with my mouth (because I was holding something in my other hand), and I missed my teeth, and the paper slid upward, and I got a paper cut on my gums. 
How is that pertinent to this introduction? 
Well, I guess I just thought you might care
We never talk anymore.
You know you can be kind of inssensi-
I'm a WHAT?
I would totally yell something at you right now, but I can barely move my cut-up mouth. Plus I'm crying.

Here's justinedrugs: 

They went and pulled a Cusack!

Members of justinedrugs: you are active motherfuckers and we love you for it. Please tell us your names and make an exhaustive list of your current projects, musical and music-related: (feel free to send site addresses/links if you want us to advertise!) Amos (Guitar/Vocals): I'm in another band called Old Sport ( I was in this band with my friend Gabe who is gonna be doing stuff in Boise now and the other members are gonna do Fort Collins stuff in different capacities ( Solo music sometimes. There are also these Californian cats I heard about that play in Fort Collins sometime but they have nothing to do with me. Evan (Bass): I run the band's label called No Direction Records! I just put out our new EP on cassette and our best buddies Medicine Bow's new EP on a 7". Besides that I don't have any current projects besides jamming with some 40 year old dudes every Friday. Which is awesome.
Since you have so many other irons in the fire, what is the main focus/motivation/purpose of this particular band? Evan: We love to have fun and play shows and drink beer and stuff. Also we want to be able to tour as much as possible eventually. Amos: Be yourself and have fun. 
Netflix binge or youtube binge? And what's the best thing you've seen recently on whichever one you favor? Amos: Jesus Lizard live vids on youtube. Evan: Aqua Teen Hunger Force on Netflix. 
What do you all think of Fort Collins, where you are currently residing? Amos: There are a lot of cool people and the main gripes I have are that weed and beer culture can get annoying. But those things are not even that bad in the greater scheme of things. Evan: I think it is the shit honestly. Not many complaints on my end. I've grown up in Wyoming (I still live there) and ever since I've been playing shows in bands, I've only usually played a couple Colorado shows every year. This year, I've played more shows in Colorado than I can count, most of which were in Fort Collins, and they all have decent turnouts and cool people. But yeah weed culture sux
I know a lot of folks were/are excited about the legalized pot thing in CO...any feelings one way or the other? Amos: A+ Evan: I'm pretty indifferent on the subject as I don't smoke too much anymore these days...
Maybe not all the readers are aware, but Dreyfest is a part of a larger national trend where regional punk/indie festivals are a pretty common thing now. We heard that it's gonna happen in your area too! What's with the fest that you guys are going to be hosting? Amos: Have our friends' bands play and it'll be fun.
Evan: Yeah what he said. 

Best lyric sung by this band:
Amos: "My friends try to cheer me up, we meet up at the Pizza Hut, I didn't have the heart to tell them that was our place" Evan: "Why won't you wait for me when we're shotgunning beers?"
Best lyric sung by any other band: Amos: Same as above. Evan: Anything by Neutral Milk Hotel.

Best Coast: Amos: Wyoming Evan: So-cal livin aint easy 
Best friends: Amos: Y'all 

Evan: My bandmates
Best buy:
Amos: Danelectro FAB delay pedal. Evan: Booze.
Best Bye Bye: Amos: Bye Bye Bye by The Justin Timberlake Band Evan: Smell ya later!

My choice? C U on the flippityflop, dudes!
That's stupid and I should never say that?
Flippity flop flippity flop flippity-flo-
You think I should post this:
You'll see me where?


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