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Well, I guess it's time to get this blog in gear! The fest is coming up quick and everyone still needs to know about who is playing! Here goes:

We very purposely chose SENSORY! as the first band to write about for this year's fest. ...If you've been involved in music for a while, it can be easy, or maybe even tempting, to look at your local scene with jaded eyes; to act like, or actually believe, that you've seen it all. Or to find that you can't get enthusiastic about the music being made just down your own street anymore. You know what that means?

You're old.

Not your age, your attitude. Seeing a band made up of local high schoolers who are genuinely excited to be playing, to be a band, to be a component of the larger musical landscape of our area, is reason enough for anyone involved in the planning of this fest to be stoked to host them. Really now, man- you can sit around whining about how the music scene has changed and wishing for what used to be...or you can accept that things change and be thrilled that there will always a new line of creative, weird, fun people who would rather take action than sit around moping over the past. Come see Sensory! Or be outmoded.

Sensorial frente a un carrito de comida. ¡ORALE! 
Hi guys! Please tell us your names, what you play, and your ages:
Jared B - My name is Jared Benge. I'm 15 and I play lead guitar and vox.
Carsten - My name is Carsten. I am 15 and I play rhythm guitar. Wyatt F. - I play four instruments but I'm noted for my kazoo playing (drums). I'm also 5,000 years young. 
Jared F. - My name is Jared Farnsworth. I play the synthesizer and I'm 15.

Is it Sensory, Sensory!, or SENSORY! ?
None of the above... Its actually $3N$0RY!

How long have you been playing music?
Jared B. - I have been playing guitar and singing since I have been 8 years old. I also play bass guitar and a little drums.
Carsten - I have been playing music for 7 years.
Wyatt - I've been playing "muzak" for 6 years.
Jared F. - I had a mental breakdown in 9th grade which caused me to gain an interest in synthesizers.

How did you decide to form a band?
Jared B - Originally Jared F., Carsten, and Wyatt were in a band that mutated, adding me in the process, creating a surf and space rock influenced band we like to call SENSORY! We came up with the name by brainstorming for band names by looking around for things we use with the 5 senses and then I sort of just said SENSORY!
I would say we were mainly inspired to start a band by local bands like Megagiant, the not so local band The Reddmen, and Show For Nobody. Austin and Caleb had a huge part in helping us get serious about it by hosting shows at The Porterhouse.

Being new to the local scene, what do you think of it?
Wyatt - I had been going to the Porterhouse since the second show and I loved how everyone was friends with everyone else and how all the shows were free. Now that we've played show I love our scene even more.

Your first shows were at The Porterhouse, right? As of this writing, The Porterhouse has officially been closed. Aside from having your own shows there, do you have any favorite memories of shows or going-on there?
Jared B. - Carsten, Wyatt, and I really liked the show we opened for with Stranded By Choice, Halway Killed, and Hospital Job. Hospital Job actually called us the coolest kids in the 8th grade...which really only applies to Nels Jensen...
Jared F. - My second show with Stricture Divulsor, PCRV, and Mea Culpa was really fun.

The rumor is you guys are recording some music soon. Who are you recording with and when are you expecting to be able to give it out/sell it?
Jared B. - We have an unofficial limited edition lo-fi garage recorded demo (see link below -ed.), but we are currently recording a demo with Jordan Perkic, who is better known by his DJ name J Money-Money Swag.

Favorite after-school non-band activity:
Jared B. - I'll watch Portlandia or weird indie films and shows on Netflix and IFC.
Wyatt - Reading Women's Christian magazines.
Jared F. - Eating cigarettes
Carsten - I talk to the plants in my garden in hopes to one day become a plant like them.

Better decade: the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, or 10s?
Jared B. - Rivers Cuomo and Kathleen Hanna, yeah the 90's!
Wyatt - 1560's all the way!
Carsten - 80's is definitely the best.
Jared F. - 60's, Velvet Underground, Synthesizers. That's all you need to know...

Fear Factor time! Would you rather jump in a cactus patch or eat a live spider?
Carsten - Does a cactus field full of spiders count?
Jared B. - Does a spider field full of cactus count?
Jared F - Who's to say I don't already eat spiders?

The thought of a cactus field full of spiders is making us shudder. Ugh. If you want to hear SENSORY!, head this way:
And watch for lots more postings soon!


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