Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Halfway Killed is Billings's resident indiedancegoodtimin'partyyourassoff band. Every show that I've witnessed them play is fully populated with people having a good time, dancing, singing, smiling, and generally getting funky. They are playing Dreyfest, so you know the fest is gonna be a blast even if everything else goes to shit! Also...they have some news to reveal. Read below!


Please tell us, who/what is Halfway Killed?

HK is a good time. Nothing else. Just Caleb, Taylor, Hayley, Kenny, Jordan, and Austin doing drugs and sucking dicks.

To a 13 year old girl, what is Halfway Killed?

The old man in the distance coaxing her into the van. 

And last, what is Halfway Killed to a 58 year old adult male?

The girl, foolishly accepting his candy. 

In my opinion, you guys are the epitome of a great party band. Was the intention always to be entertainers?

Caleb: Hell Yes! No no no no no, hold on, wait... Yes! Having fun is the big idea of this band. To us it is better to make people dance than to make people think the same as the singer. He's just one guy in a sea of people that think their own way.  
Kenny: I Say! Let the people express themselves! Rather than us telling them what to think!

How long have you been playing synth/keys (addressed to both Kenny and Caleb)? What sparked your initial interest?

K: I've showcased my bits since 2012.
C: I Just bring the candy. Bands like Metro Area and ESG have shown me what it's all about.

Are there any instruments you don't play that you wish you could?

K: I wish I could play the synth.
C: "   "    "    "      "     "   guitar.

Caleb, you are a resident at the recently shut-down Porterhouse (a houseshow venue here in Billings, MT). Please tell us your favorite memory of your time there.

C: One time, I kissed Austin.  I kissed my Austin on the lips!

What freaks you out?

C: What if there where spiders as big as your T.V. that wanted to eat your food, and every time you wanted to eat they told you to fuck off? That would really suck.  
K: Interviews.

So why the name Halfway Killed? Why not All-the-Way-Killed?

Caleb: Well, the band started out with just Taylor and I. We're half brothers, but we love each other all the way. SO! It's almost like half of us has been killed leaving only the part of us that feels the g's. Thus, HK was born.

Complete these sayings:

...And the Album Of The Year Award goes to__________.

C:Nirvana: Nevermind
K:Philip Glass:The Hours

The best way out is ___________.

K: your own opinion.
C: In a barrel of octopus gorillas.
K: Octorillas.

Don't throw the baby out __________.

C:Your heart.
K:The window, please.

I heard that this is the band's last show. WHY? What will kids do without the dancey grooves?

We're moving to the Turtle House. We want to pick up our training so we can compete in the next martial arts tournament. Goku doesn't stand a chance! The kids will find their own groove. We did.

Can you leave the readers with a parting word of advice?

Lighten up. Nothing matters as much as you think it does. Stay goofy. We love you all.

HK play their final show at 5:30 on Friday at the YVBC- be there, smiling!


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