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The Deadnecks might be the quintessential Billings punk band of the current era. Like, if someone asked me, “What’s up with the punk scene in your city?” I’d probably tell them to go to a Deadnecks show to get some semblance of an idea. There’s a few punk bands that play in various styles in our area, but they probably have the biggest following and the highest number of other bands/artists attempting to play in a similar style. They have the country influence you might expect from a bunch of guys from Montana, the who-cares-if-it's-P.C.-or-not sense of humor that this side of the state seems to breed, a showmanship attempted by many around these parts (but mostly not done as successfully as by them), and an appreciation of the more rough and angry side of punk. What would GG do? Probably listen to the Deadnecks. Then fling poo around. and die.

Names, ages, what you do in the band:

Steve Nicol, 28, Bass & Vocals. Luke Lindell, 25, Guitar & Vocals. Johnnie Lindell, 23, drums.

You guys are one of the longest continuously running punk bands in long have you been together now?
Coming up on 5 years.

Before this band, you guys had other projects going. Was this band an evolution from those bands or did you want to do something different with Deadnecks from the start?
Yeah we wanted to do something different with the Deadnecks from the start. When we started the Deadnecks we were all listening to a lot of old timey country and blues type music and wanted to combine that type of music with the punk rock that we've been playing for years.

Speaking of evolution: within the last couple years, you have started using a standup bass and playing some slide guitar in your sets. Is that from a specific influence? (If not, what led up to it?)
No, what we're doing now is what we always wanted to do. It was just a matter of acquiring the instruments that we needed to make what we wanted to do a reality.

Little-known fact: As this photo illustrates, the "dead" in
Deadnecks comes from the fact that Johnnie is a ghost.

You recently did a split with Tales From Ghost Town. I saw that you can order it on Farmageddon Records’ website. Is that self-released or did Farmageddon Records put that out? Also, out of curiosity, who runs the label and how did you come into contact with them?
Nick from Tales From Ghost Town actually put up the money to put the record out, but Farmageddon did a lot to help out as well. A guy named Darren runs Farmageddon Records and we know him from when he was a promoter in Bozeman Montana with section 8 productions and used to have us come up and play at the Filling Station.

Have you guys caught that local country radio commercial where they say something about how their listeners don’t like “that new country” and they show a shot of a guy in corpsepaint? Do you think that the people who made that commercial had caught a Deadnecks show at some point?

I have no idea. Probably not.

What’s your drink of choice?

Robotits....... Robotussin mixed with breast milk.

Little known fact #2: Dikembe Mutombo is a part-time photographer and loves this band!

How many Billingsians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Three- one person to talk about how they had the idea to change out the light bulb first, one person to talk about how much better the light bulbs are in Missoula, and one to smoke shards out of the old light bulb.

Well, it wasn’t called the meth capital of the U.S. for nothing*. Thanks for the answers and the good joke, guys. Until next time, see you at Dreyfest!

*In an attempt to confirm this conjecture, it appears that it was very popular for reporters in many cities and states to claim the title of “meth capital” for their area in the late 90’s early 2000s, and this oft-repeated line doesn’t have much in the way of factual support. ...Now “grassy camo shirt capital” I’d buy... -the editor

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