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No Cigar: Billings’ newest hard rockers with a pop edge are primed to hit the stage with a sonic onslaught of epic propor

When my parents have grounded me and I’m feeling down and out, I put in my earbuds and hit “play” on the latest single by Montana’s No Cig

If No Cigar were a Jelly Belly, I think their tastebud-stimulating flavor would proba


...Here’s No Cigar:

Whatcher names? Wuddaya play?

Chris Reeves – Guitar & vox
Nick Miles – Vox & guitar
Zach Reiter – Bass & vox
Colton Gabel - Drums

How did you guys meet?

“Nick and I met almost 10 years ago. He was in a band called Struck Down and I was in a band called Gojeera. We played shows together. I was Zach's boss when I met him. I met Colton when another dude and I were looking for a drummer. That project didn't work out but I'm glad he's drumming with me now.” –Chris

“Like Chris said I met him about 10 years ago when I was throwing shows at the Yellowstone Perk. Billings is a small town and he and I have been in bands that play together forever. I met Zach and Colton in high-school. Turns out they come as a team. It’s always nice to have a bass player and drummer that have musical chemistry.” -Nick

You’re a newly formed band- how have your shows been so far?
“I’ve played drums all my life, and the first show was actually my first time singing in front of anybody besides my band-mates. I was nervous as hell, and felt like I was about to play the 8th grade talent show all over again. It turned out amazing and every show since has been nothing short of great fun and good times. We played with The-Front from Casper, WY whom I played drums for a short stint in around ’05 – ’06. All the shows have been  awesome and we look forward to every one of them. We get to open for Teenage Bottle Rocket tomorrow, and another band I played drums in, the Photo Atlas on July 12th.” -Nick

Assuming you’re not already taking prescription drugs, what do you think a doctor would prescribe to you if you were?
"Seroquel" – Chris
"I hate doctors and prescription drugs" - Nick

No Cigar? Yes Please!

Will you be my valentine (wink wink nudge nudge)?
“Awwwww. *kisses*” –Chris
“Most of us do need dates for Richard Dreyfest.” (wink wink nudge nudge) -Nick

You had a kickstarter going to fund the release of your first album (congrats on reaching your goal). Tell us about that.
"It started out like any other idea, a quick scheme to get some cash… turns out Kickstarter is a lot more work than it sounds like it is. I spent over a month worrying about reaching the goal, posting twenty times a day on Facebook and other social media. I bugged the shit out my friends, my family, my bosses, not to mention all of my band-mate’s friends and family. Although it was a lot of work, it paid off. KULR8 took notice and did a couple interviews with us. We reached our goal within hours on the last day of the campaign. It was a very humbling experience, and we can’t begin to express our gratitude to the people who pledged. It’s like they believe in what we’re doing and want to be a part of it. Now we’re hard at work finishing up the album and getting artwork and specific details worked out." -Nick

What else is in your forseeable future?
“We plan on touring sometime this summer and releasing the EP to our Kickstarter supporters in July. The EP release show should happen in August.” –Chris

“What Chris said.” -Nick

Please describe your band with a four-line poem:

“We have come to stay
Don’t get in our way
We love Richard Dreyfest
Come watch us play”

What will the fans’ decision be on No Cigar’s genre-bending coma-inducing cutting edge sound? Easy: they are as beloved to their followers as a bee is drawn the nectar of the purple chrysanthemum. But what about the industry’s take on their monetary viablity? For that, only time will te

So, as you can clearly see, No Cigar have touched the hearts and minds of the Now Generatio

Having fully savored both their delicious melody and their succulently nutritious rhythm, I can say that No Cigar has everything you need in a hearty, well-balanced rock ban


See you at
the symphony

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