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The Part Time Ninjas are a punk band from here in the magic city. They consist of four good friends, two of whom are married to each other. They like to party a lot, and being close buddies, they joke around a bunch, and those can be big parts of being a band, but having that be the band’s whole identity would be a discredit to the group. If you listen past the yelling and snarling and look past the fun indulgence, you might notice that there’s actually delicate guitar lines here and there, that their bassist isn’t a root note rider (more like some kinda virtuoso!), and the subject matter of the songs isn’t just the thoughtless nihilistic rhetoric that punk bands often get dismissed as having. Instead, the songs are about the Ninja’s lives: their friends and families, their fuck-ups, everyone else’s fuck-ups. They could probably drink you under the table and then make fun of you about it for 5 hours straight, but the Ninjas are thoughtful and have heart.

Names, ages, band role:
Cody-Guitar(29), Ashley-Guitar(29), Robbie(aka Bacon)-Drums(27), Antione(aka Tione)-Bass(34)

Are there any qualifications to be a Part Time Ninja? 
I don't know, ask Nels's dad.

I heard through the grapevine you might be recording something soon...any truth to that? 
Yes, no, maybe so. In typical PTNFSU fashion we kinda wrecked a space we were using for a one time practice, that was lent to us by unsaid person, who is to record us, leaving that person a little angry. We left a lot of beer cans. Hopefully we can smooth that over though. I would like to record drums somewhere, shit anywhere, this summer, and then when ranching season slows down a bit, do bass. I would really like to get together and do what my favorite bands did and just pump out as many songs as we can afford to do live in a nice studio. The song list is getting very long so I don't see any option but to finally put it on wax.

Cody and Ashley- what are the difficulties and advantages to being a married couple in a band together? 
I don't think I know anyone, personally, that could play in a band with their husband or wife. It takes a lot of patience. Everything that has to do with Ashley and I's marriage needs to be kept separate from the band in a certain way. We could get into a argument, or fist fight right before practice and we have to shut that off. Completely. We don't treat each other like a husband and wife when we have guitars slung over our shoulders. We're hoods in the same gang ya know, we have to have each others backs. Bacon, and Tione have seen us fight at practice. Usually over a palm mute, or a upstroke. It can be challenging at times, but I really think it's worth it, for us and our band. 

You throw very fun occasional basement shows. a.) On behalf of your attendees, thank you for that! b.) Any shows on the horizon? 
Stokin' the neighbors!!! Umm, well you’re welcome. I don't have anything planned. My neighbors are circling like vultures right now. The last show pist a few people off, and got a little bit away from me. People are starting to get the wrong idea. I have some young kids that may think my house, is like, some kind of party house, not just a place where bands can play a few songs and that's that. Also, I was pretty bummed after the last show of the unwillingness to donate any money to a touring band from Texas. I'm not a promoter, or a profiteer. When I set a cover, which is very, very rare, 100% of that money goes to the touring/out of town band. That being said, it will probably be September. That's usually the start of our show season, to coincide with football games at Daylis Stadium.

Donnie or Marky Mark? 
Magic Mike.
"Grasshoppers, move quickly and the camera will
not capture your features; Ninjas must hide
their identities at all times"
Some people are coming to Billings from out of town/out of state for Dreyfest. Do you have any recommendations for things for them to do while they are here?
Bwahahahahahahah, um, check out the beautiful refineries, or Skypoint. I don't know. I can only give advice anymore on what's family friendly. Depending on what direction one is traveling, I would always say just drive through Yellowstone Park. I would recommend that they fish and golf. I think Montana has some of the best of both.

What’s on the turntable/ipod/discman at the moment?
In the old 6 Disc right now: 1. Cut Cut Paste, Paper Moon EP 2.? 3. Rancid, Life Won't Wait (It never comes out, ever.) 4. The Dave Matthews Band, Crash 5. James Brown, Greatest Hits Collection 6. MegaGiant, S/T EP
iPod- Cheap Girls, My Roaring 20's
Turn Table- One Man Army, Rumors and Headlines
This is taking me back to the old MTPunk days, dang. Go!

What is your favorite thing about being in PTN?
Is this a for real question!? I get to make music with by best friends, duh! I also have an excuse to horde musical equipment. Also, the Satan worshiping. 

What are you looking forward to? 
Quitting my job. Oh, you mean the band. Everybody that read that is like, "Duh, no shit, me too." Um, really, really want to record. I won't be sheepish about that. It's all I want right now. Our drummer Robbie is going to be a father this December, so were all excited for him and Katie, were collectively looking forward to that. Oh yeah, and all the coke and whores we'll get when Jay-Z signs us.

Thank you to The Part Time Ninjas for participating; we’re stoked on them and the scene they help uphold with their shows.

See you at Dreyfest!

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