Saturday, June 29, 2013


The Budgets aka les Budgettes aka The Fucking Budgets are a long-running Billings rock band who rely on solid rhythm, harsh yelling, and Coors A&W Frosty Root Beer. One time, I was told that they were “expanding their horizons” because they added a bridge to a song. Shit was complicated (by complicated, I mean: they added a fourth chord). If you ask them something, you will get a non-serious reply, but it will be given in such as way that you’re not sure if they are serious or not. What else do you need to know about the Budgets? We aim to find out below.

Who, what, where, when, why, and how?
Who: Let the dogs out?
What: Who? Who? Who?!
Where: Who let the dogs out!?!
When: Who? Who? Who!
Why: Do fools always fall in love (with outed dogs)?
How: Come you guys are so handsome?

Are the Budgets ever going to release a full-length?
We talk about this every few months, but that would require effort, time, and effort... and money. We had merch to make money once, and then that douche-sickle Kyle (from Bust!) told everyone on stage that they (Bust!) were the Budgets, and that all their merch (actually our merch) was free. Fucking asshole. So really, if anyone is to “blame” for the Budgets not putting out the full length it is The Farthest Edge.

Are the Budgets ever going to practice?
Who the fuck ever gained anything from practicing?

How many lineups has this band had?
It started out with This Guy and That Guy... then it was This Guy, That Guy, Some Chick, and Some Other Guy. That didn’t work for some reason. So, back to This Guy and That Guy for awhile. Then, Another Guy joined... things got good. We invited That Other Dude to play, so now we had This Guy, That Guy, Another Guy and That Other Dude. But, Another Guy moved away, so we played as a three piece for a bit. Then we stopped playing for awhile. That Other Dude joined the Marines, and at about the same time, Another Guy moved back... we loved that second guitar, so we asked A Wise Guy. And that’s where we are today. This Guy, That Guy, Another Guy and A Wise Guy.

"I thought it was your turn to pay the power bill." 
"No worries- your amp actually sounds better this way."

Never have I ever: _________________.
Explained how much we love doing interviews.

I was once around when the age old question “Beatles or Stones” was posed to you and, of course, you picked Stones across the board. What’s your favorite Rolling Stones song?
This Guy: Day Tripper
That Guy: Penny Lane
Another Guy: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
A Wise Guy: Black Shuck

What other bands are you excited about seeing at R. D-fest? 
The Farthest Edge

What are you doing to me? 
I like French Toast.

Please help me think of a question to ask you. I’ve been asking so many questions that my brain has turned to mush.

Please tell me that this is over.

So there you have it. In summation, these are the things you need to know about the Budgets:

They rock hard.

They enjoy bad
beer soda pop.


C U @ Dreyfest! 

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