Sunday, June 23, 2013


KaNcErUs fact sheet:
  • Modern metal.
  • Female vocalist.
  • Billings, MT-based.
  • In addition to drumming for KaNcErUs, Lucas plays guitar and sings in local alternative rock band Idiot Kid Arsenal.
  • Among others, the band has opened for Today Is The Day, MDC, Black Tusk, and Primer 55.
...Also, one time I saw Chad get tackled for hugging Josh Homme.

Here’s a brief visit with KaNcErUs:

Names and what you do:
Chad Dvorak- bass/backup vocals
Lucas Speed -drums
Josh Schleining - guitars
Katy Robertson -vocals

You guys broke up for a bit, then reformed, right? How long have you been a band now?
Yes. Chad, Katy, and I (Josh) formed the band in late 2006. Katy originally was the second guitarist. In late 2011, our drummer left the band. Katy took a long break to have her son and we officially started playing shows again in September 2012.

I know you've traveled with the band once or twice, any good stories?
Oh yes, there have been many road trips. Probably the most fun we had was going to bodog battle of the bands in Seattle. We kind of trashed the hotel room, met tons of cool people and behaved like annoying tourists. I got pooped on by a seagull.

Katy- Have you found being female singer in a genre primarily dominated by men to be challenging?
Yeah, a lot of male musicians look at a female metal vocalist as a joke at first: A sexual object or so and so's girlfriend. Then they see what I can serve up. A female has always got to be at the top of her game, whereas a male can be sub par or even awful.

Did KaRcInOgEnS make you KaNcErUs?
Yes they did. We call ourselves carcinogenic metal. A funny question we often get: "are you guys pro cancer?"

Who are your favorite local bands to play with?
Favorite local bands to play with...anybody and everybody! We have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with basically every original band in town. We always make it a fun experience!

Guys, I told you: the gate is on the left.
Bachelor/Bachelorette number 3: What would your ideal date be like? I think I speak for all of us when I say a nice romantic meal followed by a death metal concert.

What are your hopes for the near future?
We would like to record another CD this summer and we have our first week long tour in the works this fall.

...And if that last statement’s not enough for you, I also hear that the band is currently recording a new song for the second installment of the Richard Tryfest compilation. Watch for it reasonably soon! Thanks to KaNcErUs for answering these questions...especially the silly ones. And...

See you at Dreyfest!

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