Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Posture is secretly a supergroup who formed from the remnants of two Chicago bands (Bust! and Heart Shaped Hate) when two of their members (Kyle and Natali) moved to Seattle together. (That may not be 100% accurate, as I hear Bust! is actually still a band...but I digress -The Editor) They hooked up with Trevor Leonard (ex-The Reddmen) and a guy named Adam, who, given the pedigree of the other members, I’m gonna assume was in Night Ranger. And now they’re coming to Dreyfest to prove to you that even though your old projects may dissolve, You Can Still Rock In America.

Names. Ranks. Duties.: 
Kyle, guitar, uh
Natali, organ, organs

Seattle: Come for the __________, stay for the ____________.
Doughnuts, heroin addiction

In your past two bands, you toured Japan together. What were your favorite and least favorite parts of Japan?
Favorite: Jin & Shin.
Least favorite: the guy playing bass in Bust! (total prick).

You were both pretty involved with the operations of Cassette Deck Records while you lived in Chicago. Do you keep in touch and, if so, what are they up to?
No, nothing.

Kyle- you moved around a bit when you were growing up, and part of that time was spent in Laurel, MT. Do you consider it “home” at all? Do you ever miss it?
Growing up in the late 90s/early 2000s was a lot like growing up in the 70s. I hung out at the starlight roller rink a lot. Taco Johns is great.

Cats or cats?
Dogs specifically owned by DMX. 
photo courtesy of the paparamenzzi

Have you thought of any great band names or song titles lately?
Bongfucker. Susan Bitchin' Anthony. Narc Bats. Joint Division (reggae Joy Division cover band).

What else is your creativity funneled into?
Kyle - sandwich artisanship; Natali - crafts for satan

What can we expect from Posture live?
Dissapoimted [sic]

Final thoughts? Final Fantasy? Finals Week? What?
One time when I was 18 I got drunk in a bar in Coeur d'Alene Idaho then went to a state line strip club in Washington then woke up in a public park in Idaho on top of a minivan. It was "on holiday's." That's it.

...So that’s what you have to look forward to: inside jokes and references to things you have no way of knowing about. That is, if these questions were actually answered by Posture... Since the interview was conducted via email and it was signed,

K, one love.
-Jahstin Timberlake

it’s entirely possible that someone from a Jamaican dancehall boyband hacked into their email account and answered the questions this poorly in an effort to sabotage the band; especially given the fact that everyone knows that the bassist for Bust! on their tour of Japan was a diamond encrusted demigod who probably should have been paid copious amounts (or at least given earplugs) for having to put up with said band’s “music”. Thanks Posture!

See you at Dreyfest!

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