Monday, August 25, 2014


Hi Festidians! 

It's time for us to share a few of our favorite shots from this year's Dreyfest:

But before we do, this PSA from Abe: "When you attend Dreyfest, please remember to wear proper protection. This includes closed-toed of 2014's attendees had to hit the emergency room for a torn off toenail! Better safe than sorry!"

Henry of Show For Nobody 


Black Sparrow pit!

The Budgets

Ando Ehlers, backed by SS WEB

Muleskinner dance-o-rams
Julia Lou-yeast Dreyfest Fermentation Workshop!

Duchovny: putting the RAD in Colorado.

How many sleeveless Hawaiian shirts can exist in the same realm at one time?

Hard As Fuck to see what is going on in this photo.

YVBC crowd mistakes Michael of Show For Nobody for a gym class parachute!

Rowdy shit during I've Had Better!



Megagiant featuring Double G on clicks.

It must be the expression or the stance,
but this looks like a great standup routine!

Trigger Itch

Show For Nobody's last show (for everybody)

Spooky Action Space Captain
Brewery crowd for Halfway Killed
Merica Strata

ASSNYNE at the Railyard

Staredown at the Muleskinner corral


Black Sparrow Tattoo Club

Idaho Green plays their 2 song set!

Brewery patio: for those who have rocked too much.


Contemplating drinks, friendship, and how to relax without chairs.

"Say Dreyfeeeeest!"


intense moshface

Hansen Dan

Idaho Green

Garrett Griffin tells a highly inappropriate joke
for an all ages crowd during an intermission. We love him.



justinedrugs: amossings, evanyells

Last-minute additions, Sno Cone!

Surfing without a board. Watch for sharks.

Pit casualty

Oakland's Electrician

Trigger Itch about to bomb Airport Road!
Trigger Itch after bombing Airport Road.

Merica Strata getting it going

Megagiant. Johnnie says: "Oh my god- it's Caleb!!!"

The Budgets

What the-?!

Medicine Bow

Stop, stop! Too much awesomeness!

A man on stilts trying to catch a raindrop?

Part Time Ninjas

Gang Member

Mr. Dad and sheer fucking delight.

Hundred Heads

A lot of gel?


More pit casualties.

Reid Perry

Johnny Hoffman and the Residents

The two spirits of Dreyfest: Chillin and Rockin.


Halfway Killed

SS WEB (with Ando Ehlers)


We began with a kid, and we're ending it with a kid.
The Best Rocking award goes to: RAMONA!!!

And that will do it for this year, folks!

Photo credits: Yasmin Morup, Garrett Griffin, Monique La Croix, Kelly La Croix, Simon Bierbach, John Hergenreder, The Trigger Itch dudes. If we forgot to credit you, please let us know!

Thanks one more time for hosting us, volunteering, attending, and playing. Let's do this again next year!

See you at Dreyfest!

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