Monday, August 5, 2013


Well, folks, we’ve got to hand it to you- you really helped make Dreyfest something to remember. After a couple days off to slow our pulses and take in what happened, we’ve come to a couple conclusions:

a.) Richard Dreyfest 2013 was a resounding success! We’ve received an immense amount of positive feedback and we’re extremely happy that you were all a part of it- artists, venues, attendees, curious onlookers, and the guy in the tutu: please give yourselves a hand. Oh sure, there were a couple of hiccups- but nothing that would prevent us from doing this all again in the future...


b.) Yeah, you heard us- we’ve already agreed: this is going to be a yearly deal! So get in the garage and start practicing, save some money for band merch, and shape your hair into a grey shark fin & scare the kids at the pool in preparation for Richard Dreyfest 2014 next summer! Hell, there’s even talk of Julia Louis-Dreyfest being a smaller event during the winter...but I digress.

c.) Later this week, we’ll be throwing up some photos of the fest. If you have some pics- camera phone, pro shots, Kodak Funsavers, whatever- we’d love to see them! Send ‘em to us or tag us on facebook or hit up our email account:

d.) Van Halen bailed at the last second! I suggest you send them irate hatemail in response to their complete disregard for their contractual obligations. Also, for hiring Gary Cherone.

e.) There is no “e.)”- What else do you want from us, you ungrateful jerks!? 

Check back in with us soon about those photos, and- 

Thank You for Participating in Dreyfest!

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