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     One time, while working as the rib guy at Texas Roadhouse, a manager got mad at the kitchen for being slow or something. I don't really remember. However, I do remember the response to the abuse by one of our broil guys, who gave one of the greatest comebacks I've ever heard-

 "Yo, I was making steaks when you was in your daddy's ballsack!"

     Of course, the manager was twelve, but that's not the point.

Crust since dust!

    As far as high-plains punk goes, the same retort applies to Bismarck Crust Punks Systems Victims. Mick, Sean, Adrienne and Steve have been playing since 2001, which is the year P.O.D. came out with Satallite (something must have been in the air...). Since then, they've been playing religiously all over the state and they've gone on two midwest tours, one in 2004 and one in 2010. Staying true to the roots of hardcore-punk as well as death metal, they create a sound that blasts you to a garage in the early 90's, with empties and cigarette burn marks littering the floor.
    But enough from me! Straight from the horse's proverbial mouth (or is it the actual horse's mouth? Maybe it's just a proverbial horse? A horse that can talk?), I asked Mick, the lead vocalist, a few questions.

A: Oldie but goodie- how did you guys get started?

M: Well, we always had instruments laying around and we would just jam whenever we could, it wasn't always the same people but then me and my friend Karl started this Misfits/Danzigish type band called SADDEN around 2000, then we had a few line-up changes which included bringing in my sister Adrienne (Snot) in the band and my brother Sean.

Eventually, the band got boring for us, and some tensions grew with our lead singer, and I personally wanted to start a crust punk band after seeing a few locals, so I took the other guys and Karl's brother Steve was around also, and he seemed like the perfect fit for a guitarist, and we started fucking around in different jam sessions, then it became Sean on bass, Adrienne on the skins, Steve on guitar and me on vocals.

We had a few practices here and there and had our first show on 9-25-01 in Minot at a killer venue called the Liberty. The next 6-7 years were pretty non-stop for shows, we would play every weekend and we did a midwest tour in 2004 which had about a week and a half worth of dates. But, all in all, we've been raging ever since, with a few kids along the way, our touring has been limited a little bit.

A: Describe your sound and influences using the words "chesty" and "topnotch".

M: Our sound would definitely come from a lot of CHESTY bands like Misery, Extinction Of Mankind, Destroy, Decrepit, and Consume.

 I think we were influenced by a lot of local bands that we saw at different shows which kept us amped up to keep playing, and ever since, our drinking has been TOPNOTCH and our sound has been fun!

A: Do you guys ever go horseback riding at the old Mandan village? Or do plains-type stuff in general? Fishing? Camping?

M: I don't think any of us ever rode horseback at the Mandan Village, but me and my girlfriend and sometimes the other guys will come out fishing with us. I like to fish a lot, and I think we have some plans to go camping a lot this year. Drinking on the river is probably my favorite thing to do, nothing beats the peace that it brings.

A: Who are some of your favorite bands from North Dakota?


Some are old and some are new, but those are the main ones who stuck out in my mind.

Toxic Shock Syndrome

A: Any one band you wish people had heard more of in particular?

M: Probably Toxic Shock Syndrome. They had something going for them and they
were fucking amazing live. I just remember towards the end, they were playing to a lot of dead turnouts. I think it's something I took for granted.

A: What's your guys' favorite place to play outside of Bismarck?

M: We used to play Minneapolis quite frequently, but as a favorite place, we usually don't have one.
We still have a lot of ground to cover and every new city we play has something different to offer

and crazy fuckin partying sometimes. So maybe in the next ten years, I might have an answer.

A: Any cool Montana/Billings stories?

M: One time, Me and Sean were staying in Billings somewhere, and we drank at this bar, I think they had some tainted beer or some fucking thing, cause every time we drank it, we got really sick. I don't know why we went back the second time cause we got sick again! Worse than the Beer Shits! Ummmm, everytime we have played there, nothing too crazy has happened, besides bands asking the crowd to spit on them, then the crowd spits on them then the band is wondering why they're getting spit on.

A: Do you guys have a favorite Dreyfuss movie/moment?


A: Is Systems Victims more likely to move to Novosibirsk, Russia, or Lagos, Nigeria?

M: We plead the Fifth. 

A: What kind of people would dig your guys' set the most?
M: Anyone looking to hear some punk and having a good time, during and
afterwards. We love to hang out after the shows, and like to meet anyone
so come out and fuckin' rage!

    Again, thanks to Mick for being a good sport. More interviews to come soon, as bands send in their registrations and we go through our rigorous application process. Just kidding. See you at Dreyfest.

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